Thinking on it now, I can’t imagine that Annie would be very stable, considering her conditions. I have no idea why I thought otherwise.


Something tells me that this girl isn’t the right person to be helping Annie’s first foray into this place. Honestly, she knows that this is the first time Annie is there. It’s only natural that she would be acting like a “phycho outsider”.

Also, how does Annie know that they are real people? For all she knows they could be an advanced computer intelligence.


Annie doesn’t know much about computers, and she’s probably jumping at any chance she has to see other people. She doesn’t strike me as someone who would consider something like that.

Mr. Random

By the looks of things, a good amount of Outsiders probably ARE that image. (Seriously, not many people could remain mentally stable for nearly a year of near isolation.)


We know Annie’s unstable. 🙂

Some Smartass

It seems kind of sad that a newly logged in Outsider being excited to see other people is seen as unseemly.


Not terribly surprising, though. Most of the people who have been around wouldn’t want the uncomfortable reminders that 1) they may have once been in pretty much the same situation themselves at one point, and 2) it’s really only luck that they aren’t themselves in the same situation.


what’s the alt text for us mobilers?

Iron Ed

“I really like how the art came out on this one.”

Poor Annie. Wait a minute. If all she’s ever found are dead people, does this mean folks have had to partake in Donner parties? 🙁 I know the central leadership/cities send out that yucky nutrient solution to survivors until such time as they’re recovered in real life, but until you log into LIFE, you’re presumed dead/nobody knows where you are. Kind of odd that you should have to log into a game, but I guess it’s to prove to them that you’re alive, and the log-in details(after they trace it) probably give them some clue as to your location so… Read more »

Not all that odd, I think. The level of destruction means getting a real death toll is probably impossible, along with scouting every inch of the once-habitable world for survivors. If the only means of communication you have is a VR system, then there could be hundreds or thousands out there unaccounted for. Maybe other groups found each other in different ways… ham radio, for instance, that the cities using Life simply aren’t aware of. No one has the resources for search and rescue.


From the looks of her, Annie seems to be caucasian, from the country of the golden milliard – the fact that she managed to log into a computer game doesn’t contradict that, too.
So where she found dead people, she should have found plenty of food, too. It’s easier to kill humans than to destroy all kinds of their food. What was the reason of everyone’s death? There must be _some_ sort of food that survived that, and for the sole survivor one mall is probably more than enough to last a year.


Of course, that begs the question of why that nutritient solution is needed at all… meh. I dunno.


Well, I’d say Nutrigoo is needed because a) not everyone is going to be where there’s abundant food. Such as the Lilly family, whom we know to be trapped under rubble. And b) unless there’s a way to grow vegetation or raise animals, which there probably isn’t if volcanos are shooting ash into the atmosphere and breathable air is in short supply, then the food supply will eventually go bad. Aside from a few dried and canned goods, but even canned items will eventually deteriorate (if not start growing some botulism.)


We don’t know what that nutrient paste is made from, how do we know it’s NOT dead bodies?

Also, I stand by my theory that rampant paranoia caused mobs to kill everyone with practical skills, including but not limited to programmers, dentists, and farmers


Well she’s not necessarily caucasian, Sandra mentioned that there’s only the one skin tone in Life for whatever reason.


Something I wanted to point out, they ALL look Caucasian as L.i.f.E has only one skin color.

From my understanding there were two parts to this apocalyptic setting; first, the death robots. Second, a shortage of oxygen in the atmosphere. So she could have food for quite a while, but they’d need new food eventually. You can’t survive off canned stuff forever.


Actually, we already know that Li.F.e. only offers 1 skin color choice; we know this from Sandra’s comments, and how her avatar looks on her home city’s personal server room-meadow-thing. For all we know, Annie might actually be from the heart of Africa with that gorgeous blue-black skin, or have chocolate-bar-brown, or she could be golden-tan Thai, or… So she may not be Caucasian.

…It is a starting point, though, for guesswork on her location, since as yet she hasn’t commented on how pale her skin is. *shrug*


All right. I’ve seen enough to be convinced. Annie’s story totally needs a webcomic of her own.


I resent the image that we outsiders are mentally unstable and have multiple personalities!

I will have you know that I do NOT have MPD, however -I- do. And so do I.


Panel 4, orange haired chick. Dat forehead..


Eh, Annie shook her so hard, her image lag-warped…


Now that I think about it, this comic’s rather sad. . . I mean, poor Annie, being alone for years, and then finding out about L.i.F.E only to misunderstand and think that EVERYONE else in the world is together in the same place, and that she’s been all alone eating dead people.


Oops. I meant “finding”, not eating. I had cannibalism on the brain, I think.


Well, she might’ve been eating dead people, depending on how well stocked the local food stores are…


Oh, of course, of course! A definite possibility!


Small typo in panel 3. It should be something like [ “Outsiders” are those of us who… ]

Hmmm, psycho outsider. Are those a thing? Interesting….


No, I’m pretty sure it’s fine. It means the label “outsider” refers to those of them who… etc. At least to my ear, it implies she doesn’t like the terminology, though that could just be my extrapolation from the tone of the rest of her comment. Do some people consider “Outsider” insulting?

Stomme poes

AIR QUOTES!! So fun to draw