She’s going to be a bit sore when she wakes up…


So, am I correct in assuming that incorrectly removing a headset (Neural connection headset??) either kills the person or burns out their mind?

Removing a headset doesn’t do anything to the person – it just freezes the character where they are – hence why it’s recommended you take your character to a designated nap area beforehand (remember that LiFe itself is a form of MMORPG, except you’re generally playing a representation of yourself rather than a fantasy character). Annie’s problem is that her home environment isn’t very physically stable – she’s in a “miracle area”, the only survivor in sight, in a ruinous home, so LiFe is the only way she can see / interact with, well, anyone. She’s also suffered severe trauma… Read more »

This seems plausible.

But filler or no, another page of “Hey, what happened to Annie?” would be a bit much…. 😉

Actually Annie removed the headset last page. It wasn’t an accident. She screamed right after she took it off, so it can be one of two things: either the headset stayed in place and Annie fell or something, screaming while she got far from the headset, or Annie let the headset fall on the floor or something, it got out of reach and she screamed because her only way of communicating with humans just got away from her. (and yeah, it doesn’t do anything to the person – Molly, Mina’s mother, ripped her headset off on page 240 and nothing… Read more »

yeah you’re right. BUT I disagree with zigraphix. I have a burning desire to know what happened to Annie! You can’t just end a character with an AAAaaaa and a frozen avatar.


No, that’s what I meant. I want to know what happened to Annie right away, not several pages from now! 😉


My bet for what happened was that she was feeling around for the gloves, felt something gross, took the headset off, and screamed and fainted when she saw the dead body she’d touched.


That seems a bit too obviously unsafe for such a widely used device.


Except if the headset is from before the Ending, it’s probably not the widely used device that most users use now.

Xel Unknown

Bet this happens all the time with newer characters who do whatever it is that has happened.

Mr. Spoon

We’re…um…playing the trust game?

But shouldn’t you have caught her?

I knew I was forgetting something.


😀 Hilarious.


I wonder if she couldn’t have just said there were connection problems? How common would lag and connectivity be as issues in this society?


A perfect excuse. The trick is to think up the perfect excuse in 3 seconds while being stared at by other people. Carol has the same problem as me: can’t think up the good explanations under pressure. 🙂


The connection problems may be common, but I think the problem was that Carol knocked Annie’s avatar down. She says “oops” and all, so it’s probably something that shouldn’t be done.


I’m sure when Annie took off the headset, she saw a really biiiig spider. Enough for me to scream and hide somewhere in the corner before returning to the headset and the search for the gloves… 😉


I hope so. This seems like a promising story arc.


well considering you see annie in the physical copys of the book i’m pretty sure you’ll see her still 😀