Joe Vasicek

222 on 2/22? IT’S A CONSPIRACY!


I didn’t guess, but I really like Sandra’s avatar. And it’s nice to have an explanation for the monotone skin in L.i.F.e.

Tim C

I think it speaks well to Sandra’s characterization that this isn’t a big surprise. I honestly didn’t notice the change in skin color until she specifically called attention to it, and actually had to go back and look at the old pages, thinking, “Wait, what? Her old avatar was white?”


I’m suddenly seeing Sandra in a very different light. And wondering just what exactly the relationship between her, her city, and the administration of The Game is.

Sandras avatar looks more detailed than anything else on the page. In fact in many ways it looks more detailed than anything we’ve seen so far in the entire comic.


Considering that this is her server where she can control it anyway she wants, I wasn’t surprised to see her with a lot of detail.


Yeah. To both paragraphs. Enigmatic pretty Sandra.

Sandra could presumably buy enough processing power, so the minimal scene suggests she didn’t care – she just wants to talk privately to the players. BlooJane’s absence is suspicious – is the Game Manager trying to save her group from getting massacred, or seeking to reassure them that it won’t happen again?

Tim C
It’s a bit odd that Sandra always just refers to her city as “My City” instead of by a name. I don’t know that she can “buy as much processing power as she wants” though. Large sums of money actually might not get her very far in the setting. Buying “more processing power” might well mean shipping servers, which can no longer be manufactured, across an unbreathable hellscape – Offering to import Kleya was probably a pretty big deal. There’s a lot of “bells and whistles” in what she does have. Collision detection, realistic physics, and real time position updates… Read more »

its not suspicious. she is obviously trying to not bring up what the name is while being able to reference it as needed. names are an important part of language, hard to reference anything that doesn’t have a set name. also, I have no doubt she doesn’t trust the TENka twins :B


I’m getting the vibe that Sandra and her city might be synonymous for some purposes. And she/they might have political designs on wresting some degree of power from Tenka, or at least forcing a greater degree of transparency upon Tenka.

I’m probably way off, as there’s not much to base that off of. But suddenly she’s looking a lot more like someone with an deeper and more relevant-to-the-big-picture agenda than before.

And yeah, she’s now the prettiest character in the series by far. At least until someone else gets a major art upgrade.


Actually, I think Jane’s avatar had a similar level of detail. Not that this implies any relationship between the two– just that their character designs occurred after Aneeka had more art experience.

I really want Kleya to be able to trust Sandra, but that’s going to be difficult to portray convincingly, even if Aneeka does intend for Sandra to be trustworthy. It’s a great dynamic, and adding interest to Sandra by showing us a more detailed, expressive version of her makes it even stronger.


Sandra looks really cool here. Nice drawing skills, Aneeka!

And now I wonder why having a sponsor is so unfair… Can they buy her some kind of super equipment?

Mary Shoup

He may have just been whining “that’s unfair. I want a sponsor!” Type thing. Sandra pays for upload fees and the like remember? Paid for an apartment as well.


Wow… I’ve lived to see a few late patches during my gaming life, but this one takes the crown.


Really? It appears to be a new minor revision, not a patch as such, and a mere 513 days is nothing by vaporware standards, Duke Nukem Forever was late by upwards of ten times that long.


“And I prefer to look more like myself. If I were 200 pounds lighter. And had an attractive face. And was a woman.”



*Rereads last sentence of author’s comments*

Jane is going to show up?!?


I like how the greater detail made Sandra’s face more expressive. and how you could bring out such expressiveness in the first place, Aneeka ^^
always look forward to the next update of NAV, your story is fun to get lost in ^^


This avatar is much more vibrant than her other one. She seems to have slightly less of a pissed off attitude, but that just could be the avatar.


Wait, wait, so the default skin color is caucasian? Wonder what that was meant to signify- that L.i.F.e. doesn’t care about other skin colors? Really, really limited? Racist?
Anyway the detailed version of Sandra looks nice.

the pandaman

i think it was more decided on one simple fact, they had to get something up NOW, and forwent some polish like different skin colors to make that happen.
why the patch is nearly 2 years late, i cannot guess.


There weren’t enough complaints to justify implementing it.


Or they dont have enough programmers to implement it. They did kill most of them in the Hacker Hunts, and there are probably more computer related problems to fix.

Actually, I’m surprised that LIFE has not been patched. Not that different skin colors hasn’t been, but surprised that a different patch has not been applied fixing other things. Such as bugs.


Maybe they can’t implement it without breaking other stuff. It happens a lot, making one fix that will create a thousand bugs is pretty easy.


Her avatar is gorgeous!

Lady Elsanor

It’s the Dr. ! The question is “IS he more like he is now as her?” Or “is he more like he is then as him?”
You, Ms Aneeka, are sneeky. I will figure out your twists. I WILL!!! Mawahaha!
To be honest it creeps me out to be in a world were you can trust no one to be anything like what they are portarying themselves as, even if she says this is “more who she looks like”. But it does wonders for the ability to put in twists. Good job. 🙂

Stomme poes

Hah. My fanart of her had her all-out black, since to me it seemed she gave off this sassy take-no-crap feel that just… seemed to match her more than anything else.


Aneeka. Can you make more creative speacil a and NOT tell us how they work please? I want to guess at how they work


I wanted to mention how much I love Sandra’s hair on this page. Thanks for putting in the extra effort!


She looks very different from before. And not just in terms of color palette.