Dude the Great vs Kat – 13

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If you're not familiar with Dude the Great, go here. This particular storyline starts here.



Heheh… Wouldn’t it be apropos if Dude runs away screaming (again!), but the monster is revealed to be.. a kitty-kat.

Certainly looks like a kitty to me… but then I -do- need to wear glasses, and I could be reading the image at the back of the cave all wrong.


Looks very feline to me, and I have my glasses on today, so… 😉


That is the creapiest laughing face I have ever looked at…. please accept my deepest regrets!


Ooooh, it really IS a Kat monster! ^^ Yay for Avenue Q!
“Finally, I get to teach (you) a whole lesson, all by myself!” 😀

Alright, I know its a random question, but its still bugging me… Does the Game somehow speed up the brain? The impression is that time passes on a roughly equal scale in game to out of game, but it seems like our intrepid heroes have spent a LOT of time in game in the last segment without resting – at least, if L.i.F.e. is counted, anyway. The impression I got was that they were in L.i.F.e. prior to uploading into the game for a fair while, making it seem odd that they could spend THAT MUCH TIME in the computer… Read more »

Speeding up the braining referring to speeding up the perception of time, not speeding up the actual brain activity… although if it DID speed up brain activity…


I had originally started to address the possibility that you had a valid question, when I remembered that back when Kat (v7) was being interviewed after first combatting and defeating Bandit (here and here”), the strips in question had images from both Reality and LiFe, thus showing that time was proceeding at a similar rate in both and, as there are Watchers in The Game that could be viewing from either Reality or LiFe, all three ‘states of being’ (Reality, LiFe, and The Game) must be proceeding at similar rates.


Loving the alt-text on these. Also, please be a unicorn!