‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 65


And we meet Mr. Hands!! (no, that is not his real name). Also, we get a glimpse of reality! It's not the first time, though, since the very first panel of this entire story was set in reality.

Oh, and an interrogation is still going on...


The incentive is a glory shot of panel 6 without speech bubbles! And there may be an addition or two... 😈

EDIT: I'm having troubles uploading the incentive. I'll upload it when I wake up instead.

EDIT 2: It's up!

I hadn’t even THOUGHT that the Bandit might be cheating. Neat twist. Is the agent’s left index finger underneath his other one? It looks like it might be missing, otherwise. Nice tricks with the security camera. I thought maybe the bandit just knew that his attack worked in 18 damage for each time he hit her head, and he just counted how many times he hit her. Poor Kleya: she DID only use it with random luck, she only made it EXTREMELY likely to happen at that point in time. Poor agent: he’s trying to force Kleya to admit to… Read more »

Which panel does the agent’s hand look messed up? I’m not seeing it :S

Glad you liked the twist though!


Hey ever consider that his hand was deformed in real life?


Never saw that coming! Hahahah! I love how kleya’s so rough in the interrogation – she aint lettn them push her around! I wonder if Bandit cheated, or if he works for these guys and they know he shouldn’t be beat then kleya comes around and does, so right off the bat they know “something” went wrong. Lol, I’ve been interrogated, wish I was like this, answere their question with a question – mainly I was cryn! Lol, memories


So, panel 6 is in reality? Is it the hands of the person that is recording the interrogation? Is it the same person as the agent or is it a different person?


It’d be bad if whoever wants to kill her finds her out because of this hack. That makes this interrogation more tense for me…

Looking forward to more pages, and interesting glimpse into reality.


“If you can’t prove you didn’t hack…” Witch hunt logic at its finest. There is literally no way someone who doesn’t know how to hack can prove they didn’t hack.

Also, I thought Kleya was the one recording. This is fine broadcast material.

It’s a bit of a weak metaphor since they CAN prove she didn’t do it by releasing her Special’s codes and verifying she can’t choose went to activate it. It’d be like if someone in real life threw a fireball and then claimed it was through an angel’s scroll instead of Faustian pact – they could prove it by showing said scroll. I’ll admit – i was surprised that the Bandit’s crazy accuracy might have been a trick. It just seemed like the kind of logic break video games often have. Like how siege weapon aiming works in conjunction with… Read more »

Just because I’m capable of throwing fireballs from a scroll doesn’t mean that particular fireball came from one. And if Kleya were to (hypothetically) show them the codes to a different Random Special that is completely unpredictable but has the same payload, or even one that is obviously far more likely to trigger when its user is low on health, that wouldn’t prove anything.


My hypothesis is that this Brad guy isn’t even an official Tenka employee. I think he is just a goon trying to steal Kleya’s codes.


I think kleya should pay someone to draw a character for the next rounds XD (yes, i think she will espace by, don’t know, changing the code as they speak?She has a non hack hero smiley spare code? she will kill brad? the guy watching will release her? please, post the page!!!


Ha ha. But she has no money!! And she only passed the DeathMatch. They got no money from it. So she’s stuck with drawing her own again. Danni might have a word or two of input, though…