‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 66


Apparently Brad wasn't expecting that.


And for the fun of it (and for the practice), I shaded Brad. You can see the results in the incentive if you vote!

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Cool!! (first post >.<!!) awesome comic, btw. Brad is gonna be really mad. How's Kat gonna pull off now? Plz keep updates coming!


Thanks! And don’t worry, updates will be coming faithfully every Tues and Fri!

Thanks for commenting!


I think this comic is gonna give me a heart attack! Lol


This tension is killing me xD
Lose, win, lose, win. Which one?!


Nice! Though I would think such a powerful person could just take the codes? I love Kleya’s approach though, haha. Nice shading on Brad too! And wait for it…you’re currently # 1 in the voting by 200 votes…booyah! Congrats and keep up the great work!


It helps that I updated the day they restarted the votes. Lol. I doubt I’ll be there for long, but it sure is nice for now!

Thanks to all who vote!!


I love you binary panel. I guess I’m going to have to see if they actually mean something or if you just randomly picked a bunch of 1s and 0s.


I’m just utterly curious what’s on that note in panel 4… the one you can’t read because it’s upside down. You can see it’s about her, which only makes me more curious. 😀

Cool! Now the bandit’s going to automatically lose and the win will go to her! Right? Am I being too optimistic? On the last page, in panel 6, you can’t see his left index finger. I wouldn’t have noticed except that in closeups of hands, I always do a finger count. I hope we find out who “he” is soon. I was curious about what it said in panel 4, so I copied it into GIMP and did a couple of Un-Sharp masks. It got really pixelated, but this is what I could figure out: “Kat (v7) Report Mimch(?) brown/… Read more »

For last page’s panel 6, it’s not the index finger that you’re not seeing, but his left pinkie, hidden by the text bubble.

And yes, you did butcher panel 4. lol. Commenter Reigheena did better. It’s not too important to the plot, though. Most of the info on the tablet is stuff you readers already know.


Ok, love the series, it is amazing, but being a aspiring programmer myself, I know that no code looks like that. Even if we were writing it bit by bit (something we would never do), we would at least write it in hex. having the binary codes is mostly useless, it is having the product, you’d have to do a lot of backwards engineering. I know all this is probably known, but it is still vexing for me and as someone who is taking a programming education, well, not saying anything was to hard.

Binay and hex are the same thing. One just takes 4 characters while the other takes 1 character to write out the same thing (b1011 = 0xB = 11). So, whether she wrote it in binary or hex, it wouldn’t matter. Now, maybe you might not think that she would actually write it in binary. I know a few people who are able to read and write binary encoded ascii as easily as they can read English letters. I would consider these people to be extremely good programmers and if Kleya is “hacker extraordinaire”, I see no reason why she… Read more »
Annaliese Lemmon

Trying to read the info on the tablet. Can you let me know if I’m right?
“Not much known. Game avatar drawn by user. Goes by Kleya Smith in LiFe. Uses generic female character. First logged in 30 days ago. If mama is be a penny. (?) Likely match 30%”


nice….I think you’re definitely right with most of them…The only one that doesn’t make sense is the mama one…the other ones seem pretty likely.


You’re pretty close! You got the first four lines correct. The last three lines say: First logged in 38 days ago. IP seems to be a proxy. Likely match: 78%


Oo interesting story you’ve got going here, I love the concept, but what a horrible character she made for an avatar. Can’t wait for the next update. Keep it up.



Thanks! And don’t worry, she’ll be getting a new character design. Danni would probably kill her if she tried to use this one again. lol.