Dude the Great – Title

NAV is on break. It will return June 17th.


And thus starts the Dude short story. This will run Mon-Fri until June 17th. I hope you'll enjoy it!

EDIT: Also, the April Hangout for NPC+10 will be tomorrow (April 26th). Check here for details and RSVP. Thanks!


As for the results of Annie's polling, quite a few figured out they can vote multiple times and it was quite amusing seeing the two main camps (remembering sky vs random glitching) go at each other. Luckily, it was easy to get rid of all the duplicate voting, so here are the more unbiased results:

A more color diverse pie chart.

A more diverse color pie chart.

Ironically, the two camps ended up neck to neck, with remembering sky winning by a handful of votes. However, since the win was so close, I think I shall try to pull off doing both ideas at the same time. I already have a good idea of how to do it and I think it will turn out really funny. But it's going to be a long while before I focus on Annie again. Must get Reality pages done! I'm almost up to five pages done so far. Yay!

There were also quite a few awesome ideas people gave in the 'other' option. Here are a few of my favorites:

other annie blue options

Thanks everyone for participating!