*A constant Work-In-Progress page since new characters keep popping up.*

This is a simple and non-spoiler list of the main(ish) characters. Clicking on the character's picture will take you to the first time they show up in the story.

Also, since there are several settings, characters may have more than one appearance.


Kat V9L.i.F.e. version

Name:Kleya Smith or Kat

Info: A quiet, stubborn girl who wishes to be known as a noble hero instead of her not-so-nice past. Has exceptional programming skills. In the Game, she goes as Kat. She used to use her own (horrifically drawn) avatar but thankfully, now uses Paddy's creation.

Name: Danni Morretti

Info: A natural loner and too blunt for her own good, Danni struggles to keep friends. She vehemently avoids talking about her Reality situation. For the Game, she uses her first name since she sees no point in having multiple names to remember herself by.

Name: Bandit or Jake

Info: Cocky, arrogant, and good at pleasing fans, Bandit exploded into the Gaming world and intends to become even more famous than Saisuke. He might not be all that he appears, though...

Name: Dude or Brandon

Info: A good friend of the Bandit and very laid-back. He's in the Game mainly due to the Bandit and just wants to have fun.

Name: Jane or Mary/Bloody Mary

Info: The Leader of Kleya's Game Group, she's known to love violence and has no loyalty to anyone. Since she's an Outsider, it's rumored the toil of surviving has slowly degenerated her sanity.

Name: Mina Lilly

Info: First friend of Kleya's in L.i.F.e and often self-centered, Mina wishes to become a famous singer, bask in glory, and oh, provide for her family. Mina has zero interest in playing in the Game, but she loves to Watch it, especially Saisuke and the new cute guy, Bandit.

Name: Sandra

Info: No-nonsense, straight-to-the point, business woman, Sandra is Kleya's sponsor as well as her Game Manager. She doesn't like Kleya but seems to have an agenda desperately in need of her programming skills.


Name: Paddy

Info: Sandra's husband. He changes his avatar frequently so it's never known what he's going to look like next. He designed everyone's most recent Game avatar and is in charge of the Group's Channel feed.

Name: Dr. Grace

Info: Works at TENka, probably has a lot more control than he should, and has his sights on Kleya. There's a hacker he's after and he's hoping he's found her at last.

Name: Many names. Kleya calls him "D"

Info: He (technically an 'it') is an AI who does a lot of stuff in the background and interacts with Kleya quite a bit.

It's blurry for a reason

Name: Saisuke

Info: The most popular hero in The Game. His real identity is shrouded in mystery. It's known he is searching for someone. Most believe this 'someone' was a special person he knew in Reality and who he hopes is still alive. First seen on the big screen, in low quality resolution.