‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 90


Mae and Reality have issues.



And to my great amazement, Kevin found all five easter eggs within a few days, including deciphering the super hard sentence. Very impressive! He requested a sketch of Mae for his hard work.

For those that are interested, the easter eggs were:

-No Hacker sign

-Kat V7

-Blob people

-words "the Villain"

-and one long sentence


And I've done some housekeeping! Extras has a bunch of old incentives uploaded to it and I put up SweetSylvia's new fanart of Kleya!

As for the incentive, you get to see what Snowman's group was probably saying in panel 2!

And if you managed to get all the way down here, you get to hear some good news! This upcoming Monday, Oct 10, will be my webcomic's one year anniversary. If you swing by then, you'll find a surprise 🙂

Thanks for reading!!


I do love the glimpses of reality that we’re getting now and then. They always make me curious for more and it’s a lot more fun than simply receiving a long-winded explanation of what has happened to the world and all. 😀

I also want you to know that I’m still reading this – to the point of checking to see if there’s a new update even when I know there can’t be yet – and that I’m still voting for your comic. I rather like it, so thanks for all your work. 😀

Seros Senric
It’s the lines like “You aren’t still bleeding are you?” and “our building is already collapsing” that show so much about the world outside L.i.F.e. I think it was mentioned somewhere in the comments earlier about being able to walk around in the VR when in RL you are paralysed or something, and Mae here seems to have something just as bad, or worse. It really must suck if you effectively have to live inside a VR with no control over what happens to your real body. Some ways it would be better than say, being completely paralysed and unable… Read more »

…Hmmm…Now I wanna see how the real world is…


O.O I once again find myself thinking “What in the world happened in the real world?” I mean, something that took out 2/3 of the population was enough curiosity but now this?


That’s pretty sad. More hints to how messed up the real world is. Really liking this.

I need to understand though, how do they log in? Goggles or something? Or by laptop? Will you explain it later in the story?


i had no idea mina’s family was like that, no wonder she acts the way she does…she is desperate…still i dont like her but d**** lol

James Smith

Developing more of the setting.


How did THAT avatar get approved?


By that, I mean the snowman. How did the SNOWMAN get approved?


Absolutely amazing! This is turning out to be one AWESOME story!
High five Aneeka!

I do have a stupid question though. The speech bubbles that have a chunk missing from them, they are being spoken from somebody off panel right? In this case Kleya? So Kleya knows Mae’s current situation or why she was in pain?


Just wanted to say there are about 30 webcomics I check religiously, and this one just keeps moving up the list. I’d say it’s in my top 5 now 🙂


Kleya doesn’t look incredibly worried about this, more like mild interest/curiosity. I’m guessing part of that is because she’s already familiar to the Lilly family, but perhaps conditions like Mae’s aren’t all that uncommon? Just speculation.