‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 90


Mae and Reality have issues.



And to my great amazement, Kevin found all five easter eggs within a few days, including deciphering the super hard sentence. Very impressive! He requested a sketch of Mae for his hard work.

For those that are interested, the easter eggs were:

-No Hacker sign

-Kat V7

-Blob people

-words "the Villain"

-and one long sentence


And I've done some housekeeping! Extras has a bunch of old incentives uploaded to it and I put up SweetSylvia's new fanart of Kleya!

As for the incentive, you get to see what Snowman's group was probably saying in panel 2!

And if you managed to get all the way down here, you get to hear some good news! This upcoming Monday, Oct 10, will be my webcomic's one year anniversary. If you swing by then, you'll find a surprise 🙂

Thanks for reading!!