Fan Art

Yay! I get fan art! I think it's amazing to see how others draw my characters, so feel free to send in your fan art (aneeka at navcomic dot com) and I'll post it up for everyone to see (unless you don't want it posted, of course. I'd still love to see it, though!). If you want me to link it to somewhere, I can do that. Just let me know!


Listed in order of received. Click to see the larger version.

By Jackswell

By SweetSylvia

Sweet Sylvia is also known as Corneille-Crow on Deviant Art!

By SweetSylvia

By Wolfbane

By Legomaestro

By LamePudding

LamePudding also has a DA page.

By Ax_colleen

By Osaaru

Osaaru also has a DA page

By ShadowRainLion

ShadowRainLion also has a DA page.

By Roxii

By Osaaru

By Osaaru

By Andriana

By Arti

Arti also has a DA page.

By Osaaru

By Stomme Poes

By Stomme Poes

By Stomme Poes

By Sweet Sylvia

By Cloud

Cloud also has a DA page!

By Osaaru

By Tiff

By Osaaru

By Eternaleagle

Eternaleagle also has a tumblr!

By Osaaru

By Idola

By Idola

Idola also has a DA page!

By Emily

Emily also has a webcomic 'Prevent World Peace'!

The Merry Lurker

The Merry Lurker also has a blog and webcomic(s)!

By Martin

By Martin

By Merrydaze

Merrydaze also as a DA account!

Inuneechan 13.06.29

By Inuneechan
Who also has a DA account

By Kandlelover who has a DA Account!

By Death_G_Reaper who also as a DA Account

By Death_G_Reaper who also has a DA Account!

osaaru 13.10.11

By Osaaru!

sjph sean 13.10.15

By Sean!

By Papercraftdragon who also has a  DA account!

By Papercraftdragon
who also has a DA account!



just wanted to say you comic is awesome. very few have stories that drag me in as yours does and make me wish you could update fast just so i could see what happens next. very very good work man.


I’ve actually made another fan art. This one’s waaay better than the last one I did. I actually spent about thirty minutes on it, and I used ArtRage 2 Deluxe.comment image


I want to sent you fan art but every time I try to find the link I fail 🙁 I hope you can give me an e-mail or something .I love your comic, by the way.