Here are some of the old incentives used for voting at TopWebcomics. You can find the rest in my AneekaChannel/Patreon. But in the meantime, enjoy these old ones and make sure to catch any of the new ones when they show up!

Hovering over the image will tell you which page the incentive corresponded with.


Incentive for pg 45 Incentive shown with pg 46Incentive shown with pg 47Incentive shown with pg 48Incentive shown with pg 50


Random Hiatuses!

Apparently, even my best intentions of having a perfect schedule aren't good enough. Here are the pages of a short hiatus I was forced into due to a crashing tablet. They took place between pg 68-69 - yep, right in between that secret meeting!

Why you need a buffer!Not Here! Not here!Money makes the world go round!Flee!

Here's a fan comic done by the amazing Osaaru:

Fan Comic by Osaaru!Fan comic pg 2 by Osaaru!Fan comic 3 by Osaaru!Osaaru Fan comic ends!


Here are the Deletables, talking about the art study break I took just before the reveal of the new outfits.

Art studiesArt Study 2!Art Study 3Deletable. Old avatars vs new onesArt Study 5Art Study 6


If you're looking for the "Dude the Great" story, you'll find it by hovering on the "Extra" tab or by following this link.

If you're looking for the Q&A Sessions I did in 2013, you'll find it by hovering over the "Extra" tab on the menu bar or by following this link.


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