‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 72


Kleya forgot about an important meeting she was late for. Yeah, that's it.


And for the vote incentive, I made fun of my first panel.

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I also did some housekeeping! I updated the Extras tab with a stash of old incentives. Now you can all go and relish over your favorite incentives (you do have favorites, right? Right? Well, I do, at least. lol).

Also, if you're wondering where the hiatus pages went (or wandering what they are in the first place), you'll find them in the Extras tab as well, below the incentives.  I moved them out of the archives since I didn't want to confuse new readers.

That should be everything. Thanks for reading!!


At this rate Kleya is going to lose at least one friend and quite possibly two!


So, in this virtual world the empty chairs actually say “empty” in front of them? Nifty feature.


oh man the digital s**** has hit the fan lol


Stealth Hi Bye, anyone?


Um, Danni’s left arm is invisible in the first panel.


Kleya and I have a lot in common :P.


“WE are avid fans of the Bandit.”


she wasted no time in deciding her friends mind for her, hmm?

I am wondering now how and why kleya is friends with that girl. they dont seem very compatible, and surely there are better ways to make money with her talents?

perhaps I am under estimating her paranoia.

in any event, im sure it all come out in the story eventually, hmm?



Just wanted to say i LOVE this comic so much!