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Sandra doesn't like changes to her plans.



Repeat of news: As some of you have heard, Patreon has made some changes to their fees. (UPDATE: Patreon has retracted their proposed changes.) Namely, they're tacking on a 2.9% + $0.35 to each pledge, which basically means you're paying the fee Paypal/Stripe charge per transaction instead of me. However, this makes pledging more expensive for you. For those that have dropped your pledges due to the new cost or out of protest, might I suggest switching to my AneekaChannel. It's basically like Patreon, but run through my site and via Paypal. AneekaChannel and Patreon both help me to pay the maintenance fees for the site and justify the time I put into the comic, especially since ad revenue has dropped significantly. While the comic will always be free, I greatly appreciate those that help me fund NAV so I can keep drawing it. For those that don't like monthly billing, you can always drop a one-time donation with the DONATE button on the right sidebar.

For those that don't have the monetary means to help, might I suggest using my Amazon link when you do your Christmas shopping. Amazon will give me a slight percentage of what you spend at no extra charge to you. Also, viewing the comic, especially a binge-read of all 600+ pages, with the ads on is a help, spreading the word and helping me gain new readers is a plus, and leaving comments are an excellent free way to bring a smile to my face 🙂

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