Well, that confirms that yes, Kat’s father was a major manipulator. And apparently, he really liked to annoy his wife.


omg, you know I thought from the pages this week that we were going to hear something about Kat’s father. However, it was so off-the-wall that I dismissed the idea.

So, I was still suprised.

Good job Aneeka πŸ˜€


As someone who is married, are there any husbands who don’t like to annoy their wives?


Well, I like to tease my girlfriend every now and then, because her reactions are so cute when I do it. And sometimes a running-gag evolves and I only need to say a single word to get the most splendid reactions. πŸ˜€

But it’s all in good fun and she’s teasing me back, too. ^^

A Nonny Mouse

All husbands I know like to do some things that slightly irritate or annoy their wives. “Irritate” and “annoy” seem too strong for the ones that have long and happy marriages, though. Each one knows just how far to take things before his wife gets actually annoyed with him. They keep it all fun for them both.


Mind. Blown.


Looks like its time to re-read the comic to see all the forshadowing ^_-

I know I might. πŸ˜€


Here goes the obvious Star Wars reference: I’m your father, Kat. πŸ™‚

Wait, he wanted to make 1/3 of his forest into tree-turned characters? So he doesn’t actually transform the characters into new trees, but moves them into existing trees instead?


I think more like expanding the existing forest?


Could be, but then I would’ve expected Bandit to have said “make 1/3 of his forest from tree-turned characters”.


No, look, if he makes a tree-character for every 2 natural trees the forest had at the beginning, then he will have effectively made 1/3 of his forest into tree-turned characters. This, in effect, means he is making a tree-turned character forest that is half the size of his regular one.

Also Aneeka, So what is the NPC+10 meeting? Is that the donator meeting I heard you been doing? ?-? Do you think you ever might add the topwebcomics to the webpage like on a sidebar? It would make voting for you comic easier ^_^; Also you still at number #5 in the charts πŸ˜€ (P.S. Sorry I been so busy for so long that I only just finished reading through all the pages I missed tonight. I started back from the beginning just so I could read, it as on larger story. ^_- ) Sincerly, neoshadow aka n30sh4d0w aka dusky… Read more »

There’s a topwebcomics link on the left side.


Yes, this is the donator meeting mentioned on the AneekaChannel.

Personally I’d find it really nice if there could be a few meetings where everyone could attend to. Maybe just 2-3 per year or something. I mean, when I look at twitch and younow I predict that this would attract quite a bunch of new readers.

It would be nice to do an all fan meeting though I do feel like I have been a thing where Aneeka stream before. πŸ˜€ It was like the first or second one. If Aneeka did do it would be cool if it would be more than just donators and a few people like me, Alex. As for twitch and youtube well… honestly… it has been kind of amazing to see how popular this comic has become eventhough there is no deviantart, facebook, twitch.tv (public), or even public younow page. πŸ™‚ Honestly, I think it’s a testament to how dedicated… Read more »

Wow, that’s impressive. Now I see why Aneeka said she has a few things in common with each of her characters, because this is totally like Kat. πŸ˜€ Though Kat is more extreme, because Kat ignores E-Mails and deletes some of them unread.


Oh I didn’t read this until now. πŸ™‚ I understand what you mean, because I’m like that, too. I just thought that since you’re already doing a monthly Google Hangout, maybe you could do 2-3 per year for everybody?

As for knowing what to say at mass fan meetings: Well, what are you saying during conventions? πŸ˜‰


I always expected Kleya’s dad to be a morto, but I guess mani makes more sense. Also why do I get the feeling that the Dude was about to say “Kat’s dad”? If the Dude does not blurt out Kleya’s identity, then the Bandit’s sideways glances sure will.


Lol, those sideways glances are hilarious. Actually bandit does that alot more than you would think re-reading the past comics. I think its like his poker tell. πŸ™‚

I think that the only one’s who don’t know or at least suspect at Kat’s real identity is Danni Morretti and Sandra/Paddy.

Also who else thinks that the ai or person running the character for Danni’s father will be someone we have met before?


Ohhhh, interesting facts are revealed! Very exciting! πŸ˜€

Also, a question: I’m not an English native speaker, but the Bandit’s description sounds someway the wrong way round. Shouldn’t it be “… he aimed to make a third of his forests OF the tree-turned characters”? The “into” sounds as if he was turning trees into characters, not characters into trees.


The “into” works. It just makes it sound like the forest already exists and he is converting existing trees into trees that have players in it.

Kessy Athena

The way it’s phrased does leave it a bit unclear how exactly this special works. Which I’m betting was deliberate. Aneeka seems to love being cryptic. Personally, I think she’s secretly a Vorlon. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, the way I read it is that Iemis started with a forest of trees that were just trees, and that as he turned characters into trees they somehow took the place of the pre-existing trees. My guess would be that either the character trees replaced the pre-existing trees, or that the special combines a character with a tree.

David D

I read that as “secretly Voltron” at first.

Rereading your comment, now I’m disappointed. :-/


How about some Voltron Volorn?

comment image

Volorn. n. Someone who speaks nonsense or in riddles. Something that is characterised by a habit of speaking in riddles or nonsensical phrases. Popularized by Babelyon 5.


Of and into in this case are interchangeable. While of would be proper grammar and what you would have been taught, into is more commonly spoken in conversation.


eh? I don’t think they are completely interchangable. Of tends to be more object-related than person-related. than other prepositions.


It should be “from” since characters are “”real people”” in these sense of sentience, not just avatars. (Well at least that what it feels like the author is going for here). “Of” is strictly for objects. By not using “of” you emphasize the human-ness of the objects and thus emphasizing the need for the reader to make a moral judgment.

Technically though “into” work as well.


“you know who”… he who must not be named. πŸ˜€


In a strange twist, Lord Voldemort himself plays the Game to unwind after a long day of trying to murder Harry Potter and likes to turn people into trees. Who knew? It’s not the only game he plays too. He’s also a big fan of pwning newbs in counter strike.


He’s also gets out of cells and killing the guards by sing “Marry Had a Little Lamb” as an evil magic chant. ^_-

Read more at: http://hpmor.com/


Haha, your name is relevant.


It is?


I wonder if Kat will stay true to Erbana or if she’ll trv for a little vengeance. If she doesn’t kill Iemis, there might be other ways to be spiteful, but none of them would be very heroic. I guess she could wander off to gather some plants while Bloody Mar… um, I mean… Jane does what she does best.

Alexander The 1st

There’s a simple way to stay Erbana, but it’ll *really* annoy Jane…

…Set up a Special that’s the counterspell to the turn-to-tree Special. Seems more like Kleya’s style anyways, considering she prefers winning by whatever loopholes exist, not by being the most powerful.

All of a sudden, 1/8th of a forest for Jane to deal with to get her 90% Morto.

Killaini and Alexander 1st, You know that Erabana’s are probably less peaceful then they seem. Think about it….. 1) Erbana always reminded me of the word, β€œErebus”. In Greek Mythology, Erebus was primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness; for instance, Hesiod’s Theogony identifies him as one of the first five beings in existence, born of Chaos. Erebus is used to describe the place that souls pass through immediately after dying. I don’t know about you, but the word Erbana never really sounded like sun shine and rainbows, but has always struck me as a dark form of pacifism. There… Read more »

*sigh* You just listed Technical Pacifists, martial pacifists and thou shall not kill.

I think the group being villain they are afraid she will be an obstructionist pacifist.

But I’m sure she will be a bad*ss pacifist.

Here’s Tv tropes to understand the tropes better.


Batman is the most famous Erbana of them all. He kicks a** all the time but doesn’t kill people. Examples: https://youtu.be/seBpXt8_6xs?t=1m10s ( http://goo.gl/xVGi2T (Despite Superman’s infinite powers, Batman actually defeats Superman — until he throws the fight, stopping his own heart, faking his own death, and living to fight another day, still in the shadows) In the Robin comic book, while the Robin is training with a super secret paramilitary soldiers, one of the members asks why he and Batman don’t use guns. Robin replies that, unlike the cops and the military, Batman and Robin can’t appear in a court… Read more »

Batman isn’t a pacifist the trope that fits him is Doesn’t like guns.


Kat might want to work on her poker face. She’s got some of the biggest tells ever.


Actually … what has been interesting is she really used to have a good poker face, but as the comic has progressed she has open up alot more and we see a bit more of the face expression.

What is more interesting if Kat realizes that she is subconciously showing more emotion than during the first arc of this comic. What?

Alexander The 1st

I wonder now…is it possible the AI that controls Kleya’s dad’s avatar is D, hence why it no longer casts that spell?


My thoughts exactly, but hmm… you think the Kat might for D to “not give her special treatment”

From earlier hints we’ve been given, I strongly suspect Kat’s father is still alive, just not normally connected to the networks. There seems to be assumption of risk involved, and the risk most TENka employees seem to fear is the Virus (a.k.a. D) so I guess everyone assumes that if Kat’s father logged in, D would get him. On the other hand, I can really see that Kat may be worried that he WILL log in if she’s in his old stomping grounds, or that there will be other tricks and traps she’ll have to avoid to keep from alerting… Read more »

Succinctly put. Dr. Grace should hold his cards a little closer–he may be upping the ante a little too fast. But maybe that was his mistake the last time.

Well said! I feel like we might have even seen Kat’s father alive before. However, I could be getting character’s mixed up. However, there have been alot of hints that one of Kat’s parents is still alive. At first, I honestly thought it was the mother, but actually the father would make more sense. I also think Dr. Grace still suspects Kat especially considering what that lady asked about Kat when the server was shut down. I also always get this feeling that one day some strange fragment of humanity that escaped from the apocalypse because they were in space… Read more »
Tim C

It could also be something a lot less malicious. Maybe Dr. Grace (or whomever was in charge of placing the group) just thought that it’d be more interesting to drop the first Erbana they’ve had in a while into Isola.

The Game is, after all, and entertainment piece. This placement doesn’t have to be part of the conspiracy.


IT could be both, killing two birds with one stone so to speak after all.


Wait, if he wants 1/3 of the forest to be trees made from people then, what is the other two third made from….

oh g-d… O-O O-O;

Aneeka! Kat’s father is a sick b**tard!


Umm…trees? What else would they be made of?


I thought Kat alluded to her dad being alive and not wanting to be caught by him?

I still think Dr. Grace is her dad.


I would really love to see an anime of this series

Mr. Someone

Yes! We just beat Mare Internum. Keep voting, people.