‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 511

Colors by Audrey with edits and everything else by me.


Kat explores a tree.


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Behind Kat in panel 1, but seemingly going in a slightly different direction. Potentially about to start freaking out over the fact she’s “dead”, which combined with the fact she basically knows nothing about the Game, especially how to respawn, could lead to problems. If NO-ONE else can see her to tell her what to do, not even other “dead” players, expect extreme panic…

Chiu ChunLing

Does Kat still have that exceedingly awesome card?

Did it drop as loot? Was it destroyed? Extensions of the same questions about the depleted Esone, though clearly she doesn’t have that.


I don’t think that tree likes being explored haha… man I wonder what’s going through Kat’s head right now.. probably imagining a million different ways to kill Jake lol


What’s going through Kat’s head? A tree!


i see what you did there ^_^


AUGH! WUT!? If that were any other weekend (well, not any, but most) I’d totally be there, but I will instead be several hundred miles away. And an ice cream shop, too.


of course, the weekend that I’ll be in entirely the wrong state. >.<


IIRC, in order to use specials she needs an Esone. one question though. since she was killed along with Danni, will that impact her 100%?


my guess is it won`t. they stated that if people die around her, then it will be affected. but if she is dead then she technically “isn’t“ there anymore. that`s just my take on it.


Kat explores inside a tree and randomly collects all the esone the person who was turned into that tree had before turning into that branchy form. And is more OP than ever…Or not, you know, whatever.


Oh no. Or it counted Danni getting Kat out of the way as Danni hurting the tree and thus Danni turned into a tree while holding Kat.


Treeing seemed a bit slower than that, its been less than a second since the blast after all. And I doubt the tree algorithm is that janky, considering who’s AI makes that happen. If anyone got tree’d here it’ll be Bandit. Speaking of which… we keep wondering what happened to Jane, but the last thing I recall her doing is slicing open a smug looking tree. She may be turning over a new leaf! (Sorry, had to!)


I think the trees only react to demoli attacks not morto.


She did slice up some squirrel things then slashed a tree’s eyes (3 pages starting here), however I kept poking & found “He should have known the trees can react to destructive Specials.”, so since it was just a normal physical attack, Jane should be fine…

Jake on the other hand, better have some sort of defense against the tree’s counter-move…


“… destructive specials…”

Ahh – I kept thinking it was destruction in general, rather than being specials-specific damage… and I -knew- it wasn’t class-related damage (there being no mention of class-specifics when Bandit made that comment).

Yep – he’s stuffed. 🙂


The art on these is really good… some of your best yet in my opinion. : )


Wait… didn’t they say nobody has played Erbana since the Breaking? And she’s the cyborg… not just in a pod… and she just flew through a tree? And aren’t the trees spies for her father’s account?

…hmm… Is Bandit a tree yet?


Float through the mage who got turned into one recently and see if they have an esone handy as polymorphed isn’t dead, just Grooted in place.


I wish I could like your comment. That’s awesome. And I hope Danni’s okay.


AAAAAAND cue the random attacks.


Good point. Yet another reason why this was not a very smart plan on Bandit’s part.

I like the idea of snagging the esone from the mage-turned-tree….


“Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!” *thud*


An explosion so powerful that even ghosts are thrown back by the blast?

Jake’s old girlfriend would be so happy right now!


Ah, that is a funny comment. Good job. Yes, I am sure Jake’s old “not my girlfriend” would be very pleased with him. Ya’ know, if it weren’t her being hit by the attack and all that jazz.