‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 480

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


This isn't the first time Herve has used that special on this island. It will be his last, though.


Thanks to all who came to the Washington meetup! It was so much fun!

Also, I was invited by TopWebcomics to be a featured artist in their new Artist Alley. You can browse some of my art that is for sale there.

Oregon state fans: I'm holding a meet up this Saturday, April 16th, in Portland at noon at the Director Park (815 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR 97205). See you there!


Now we know what triggered that.

But what is it now?


Oh, the Dude has activated his Special and became a Giant. 😉

Kinda good to know that the trees seem to react to Specials only, because otherwise Jane would be in danger, too.

I wonder if Vize can last long enough for everyone to become untangled… nah, I think that group is done for. Man, I really wanted to see a card in action. Hopefully he will have to pay with his rare card for the freedom of his group, so Danni can fulfill her other quest, too.


Is there an alt text? I can’t seem to see it

PS: I wish I could’ve gone to the meet up, since I was at ECCC for thursday and friday :'(
Next time!


Just imagine Aneeka complaining about her feet-drawing-skills again or something. 😛


Yes, there is an alt text: ”Panel 3’s effect was fun to do”

And the meetup was awesome! Frozen yogurt and talking about NAV was the best. She even demonstrated how she draws for us and sketched us a sample.

Panel 3’s effect is really cool, but I have to say Bandit’s smug face makes Panel 2 my fav here =)



this island actually gives h***a advantage to Erbanas???? kind of???? between f***ing cool plants and punishment for destructive specials????


I believe you’re almost correct, because apparently Mani is the evil version of Erbana, i.e. they don’t fight, but manipulate and control everyone. Looks like Erbana can benefit from that, too, but I imagine that Mani can benefit from an Erbana island in a similar manner. So Kat’s parents would have benefits on the other parent’s island.

I wonder why killing the Mani A.I. is considered a Morto job then. Maybe only they can get a high enough power boost to get out of all kinds of trouble, because they have abilities that cost HP?


I’d say it’s because it’s _killing_.


Couldn’t a demoli take the whole island down ai included?
not easy ofcourse presumably they’d have to crash into it with a diferent isle or remove the esone


If Demolis could do that, would the Game last for very long? All islands destroyed, everything “living” dusted, all non-demoli and not-so-powerful-demoli hating the Game to the point of wanting to make it cease to exist along with it’s owners…


No popup text yet? 🙁

I’m wondering why players just don’t create a new character if they end up tree-ified. After all, the character is dead for all intents and purposes. Or is creating a new character detrimental in some way? Like not having enough items? Restart at level 1?


I suspect this character is no longer usable, which means starting a new character through the Game Trials. (Probably Kat could figure out a Special to undo the effect and “heal” the character, but I can’t see a motivation for her to do so.)


Especially since most people that end up as trees are evil aligned.

kit ramos

Because not just any character can be in this game, only ones that made it though the game trials and those aren’t taking place anymore. so thus no way to make a new character. Least not until they have tryouts again.


The clot thickens. 🙂

Aaron Lehmann

So, can Herve’s player leave the game and respawn someplace else, or is that identity gone forever?


I have a sneaking suspicion that character is now a sneaky spying squirrel nest now. Unless there’s a way to turn them back. That said, IF you can, then the player would have to take control of it right away or it’ll be a sitting duck…

…Or we get to see someone carrying their mate to a safe place tucked under 1 arm… 😛


I wonder… The AI for the ruler of the island was written by Kat’s father before he died, to replace him when he did, right? Is there any chance of the AI realizing who Kat really is?

Christopher N.

Oooooh, good idea


It was great to meet Aneeka in Seattle last Saturday. A large and lively group that could not get her to reveal any upcoming plot points. 🙂 Keep up the great work!


I’ll be there at the meet-up in Portland, looking forward to it. Hoping you might bring some buttons as well. Please and thank you! ^-^

I thought about making some tree puns, but I decided to leave that to someone else. Would love to meet Aneeka, so I’ve been keeping my eye out for any mentions of being in the Eugene/Springfield area. I didn’t post a request for myself because the way things have been lately, I never know what days somebody is going to grab me for something, or have to spend the whole day in the ER with a family member, or whatever else blows up unexpectedly. Small explanation seems to be in order. My daughter has asthma, and not only is this… Read more »

Don’t you mean you didn’t know if it WOOD have worked? =D


Panel 3 – Guess what else is also still in effect.


Okies, wot is the THUMP thing? I can’t tell what’s happening on that one.


Panel 3 looks like a wooden bust just fell out of the sky and landed in Bandit’s lap.


That’s what I thought too, but a closer inspection, those are his pants, one knee is raised and the other is laying flat. I’m guessing something large just stomped.


Well, I guess Herve can no longer “act like a tree – and leave”…
I wonder if that has to do with the bark throwing
If so than the bark is worse than bite…
Sorry, someone invited tree puns


Does this mean another pun chain has taken root? Or will it branch out into other types of tree jokes? Only age rings will tell how long this lasts…


The poor girl, she just wants to be nice and now everyone is going to think she can turn people into trees.


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