Self Sacrifice is a trait of many heroes, Kat.
Also, Pride goeth before a fall.
Plus… can’t people dodge in this game? Well, okay, Dude panic interferes there… but still!


Danni has a bad leg and can barely move as it is with the gravity.

The other two are badly injured and still partially entangled by Kat’s vines.


She’s going to have to eat one of the hits, I’m thinking, and let the chimera take the other. It’s about the only solution I can see that will work. Now granted, there’s sieve-like holes in this plan, but Kat is Kat. If anyone can make it work, she can.


I wouldn’t be so sure….

Even the best strategist in the history of the world would lose a battle against 100,000 battle hardened soldiers if all they had was a marmot with a baton.


Not if that’s a ninja marmot, with upper ground, and dead sneaky…


On the other hand, if it’s a normal marmot and a balsa-wood baton, well, you’ve got problems.

J Nasil

Ninja marmot will assassinate you for doubting its abilities!


Everything about this page is amazing and I think this might be my new favorite page, its just so dramatic!


…So block both anyway. With, umm, yourself?


Love the odd shapes in the last panel, a the despair on the opposing team members’ face, by the way.


No no, with grass! Grass is clearly strong enough to block that thing. Yup. Definitely.

I have so many thoughts right now: – Wait, why can’t Dude and Danni dodge the attack but Kat has enough time to get in-between them with her Chimera from all the way over there? – But since those attacks deal more damage than their targets’ HPs, shouldn’t this be yet another trigger for the Dude’s Special what with there being excessive violence again? Or could he at least use his luck card to get them both to safety? Or am I once again being too optimistic, since I keep hoping that he’s actually going to reveal his hand any… Read more »

I think Kat is gonna send the Chimera to block one while she jumps off to facetank for the other pair.


what if she only controls the chimera while riding it…


Lol, that’s the first time I’ve seen someone use the word ‘facetank’, it cracked me up, I like it. XD

But yeah, that could happen. Not sure about taking it to the face, though. She was able to block a sword with grass, so she might be able to shield herself again.


I feel like you may have hit a plot point.


Which one?


HAha! Bandit will not be scolded! This is the way he plays himself dude! Like a chaotic neutral smirking guy who needs to be able to trigger his special and has a televised history of giving our Erbana a hard time. Good game Bandit, but don’t hurt the dancer! Cuz, umm, Paddy would be real upset..


I see a sacrifice …




I know I shouldn’t be ‘encouraging’ her, but she should have split up with the chimera. have it block the enemy party, while she takes the hit for Danni. The opposite also works, but the only way she’s keeping that 100 is if she walks the walk and takes the rough, literally…

I’d wager that Danni would be fast enough to dodge if she wasn’t hurt and also in a tree. The other two two were rooted an instant ago and are not in an upright position. It’s also possible that the projectile is very slow, but homes in on the target and thus can’t be dodged, but easily blocked So Kat can’t allow anyone to perish around her, but does that apply to herself dying too? Imagine the image she will get in the eyes of the spectators if she gives her life for preventing anyone else to die. Yeah I… Read more »

So you’re wondering if she would lose Erbana points for dying? 😀 I think those points won’t matter much if you die. Or did I misread you somewhere?

But this just reminded me:
Why would anyone really die from that blast? Don’t they have Esones to absorb one blast? Man, that would make Bandit look even worse. But since Kat is thinking it it has to be true. I need an explanation.


That’s what I was wondering; Danni and Dude both have their Esones, so won’t they live regardless?


Danni no longer has her Esone after she took the hit back on page 471. (She even makes a comment on page 478 that if she takes another hit then she is dead…)


maybe the esone just revives you or something from a game mechanic perspective and it still counts as a “death” for the purposes of erbana rating?


I wouldn’t imagine it any other way.

Alexander The 1st

As Psiberkiwi above states though, the esone can’t count as a death – as otherwise, Danni would’ve affected Kat’s score.


Okay, I’m thinking Kat’s gonna throw herself in front of one while the Chimera blocks the other.


So im kinda thinking of trying to knit a Kat v7 plushie. With the big head and everything.do people approve?


Neemz? Okay phone, thats one way ti spell Neekz, syre


I approve heartily!!!


Chimera to block one, jump in front of the other herself.
Only way she can protect everyone is to sacrifice herself.
Which is really going to suck. And then I am going to scream and yell.


Seems to me that BANDIT is the one who needs to learn something and grow up. How many people will HE screw over just to make a point?


I generally like the Bandit, but this was a jerk move. One, he does not know enough of the big picture of Kat’s life to make a call like this (I am not sure anyone would); two, he is sending 2 players out of the game for which they have to renter via game trials (AFAIK).

Nate Brown
You know Jon, I would have to respectfully disagree. If the reality pages and flashbacks are anything to go on, then no other living person in the world had a better grasp of the big picture here concerning Kat than Jake here. He practically grew up with her family. He was there when get dad was teaching her never to let rules hold her back. He was one of the few people quick enough to keep up with her and probably the only person her age. Bottom line here is that he is willing to stick his neck out for… Read more »
Nate Brown
You know Jon, I would have to respectfully disagree. If the reality pages and flashbacks are anything to go on, then no other living person in the world had a better grasp of the big picture here concerning Kat than Jake here. He practically grew up with her family. He was there when get dad was teaching her never to let rules hold her back. He was one of the few people quick enough to keep up with her and probably the only person her age. Bottom line here is that he is willing to stick his neck out for… Read more »

What if she must be in contact with the chimera to control it? Then she can’t just split from it to block both.

Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about. Otherwise, it’s the obvious solution. It will cost Kat her Esone, which is a nuisance (and may take away her Bag of Plant Holding until she finds another Esone), but I don’t think self-sacrifice should lower her 100% Erbana rating. I don’t know if she has enough blocking ability, though. The chimera is huge. Kat is not. As for what counts as a “kill,” given how everyone is reacting, losing an Esone keeps the character from having to leave the game, but still counts as a “kill.” Danni and Dude have Esones. We’re not… Read more »

The guy who made the evil chimera was controlling it from far away before Kat intervened. So, I’m thinking since Kat now has the cards he used, she could easily control it without being in contact.

Also, as I understand, and Esone is basically and extra life. So if you have multiple Esones you have several backup lives and if you have no Esones, it’s Game Over if you die.

I think it’s due to splash damage from that attack that even if someone else takes the brunt of the hit that the others in the area with insufficient HP would die anyway. It’s a good thought that others think she can take the full hit and save other people but let’s be realistic. This attack looks different from the one he hit her chimera with so it looks like it will explode and deal area of effect damage instead of direct damage. If The Dude stopped panicking for just a couple seconds and drops out of the tree holding… Read more »

Kat needs to block the shot heading for Danni, let the other group get hit, then send the Chimera to EAT the Bandit for being such a jerkface. Seriously, he’s done nothing but try and trigger her since they met. Just kill him, kick him out of the group, and invite the surviving members of the other group to join them (since they were all at least partly hero). Then with Danni turning Kesti they will have a hero group, even with Jane.


Aww, but with that scenario, Kat would lose her 100% Erbana…..


Yeah, but she can get it back with time. The bigger issue is getting rid of Bandit, who is actively working against her.


Betting time…

I’m betting that Kleya takes one of the hits herself. She may not want to get hit, but allowing someone to die will destroy her 100%, and I notice she said nothing about *her* dying if she got hit by one.

I’m thinking Kat is going to have to make the very touch decision to save Danni & the Dude, and let the alternate team die, take the hit to her rating…and hate the Bandit for what he did, of course. I do think that the Esones give you an extra “life” (because a game with a one-death-only would actually be incredibly frustrating to play with the Morto who HAVE to kill to retain their rating, and the Demoli who can kill from a distance, etc, etc.) but I also think the Esones only absorb so much damage, then it spills… Read more »

*You* have enough hitpoints, Kat. Take the hit for one group, & your pretty new pet take the other, and you keep your 100% allocation, just not your 100% health.




Okay, Aneeka, you’ve just freaked me out. How am I supposed to wait until the next update now?

Best. Web comic. Ever


Clearly this will not be the end for Danni. My guess: The dilemma (trilemma?) will be salvaged in part with the unexpected help of someone besides Kat.


Hmm, couldn’t she have the Chimera take the hit for the prisoners / Use the Chimera to drag them away, while tackling Danni & Dude out of the way / use the Chimera to rocket herself to make them off balance, due to either hitting the tree or branch? (She doesn’t even really have to take much damage, if she can pull it off right; flip in mid-air, like a cat, and pretty much kick the tree/branch.)


would consider the oposite, Danni and Dude are in a tree, the chimera can jump there, but I doubt she could get there on time, she could, however, run toward the other group in time.


Remember, gravity is 41%. Kat had no trouble making it into the trees just before this encounter.


I love this page!!! I can’t can’t can’t wait for the next!!!

So, this page has made me think a whole heck of a lot more than any of the more recent pages. I can see several different scenerios coming up. There are two I don’t think will happen because they would completely change the course of the story in a direction that doesn’t seem to be Aneka’s goal, but I think are the most realistic given the character’s personalities. I will share these two first. The first scenerio has Kat saving Danni and Dude but not the other team. Her percentage drops below 100%, Bandit succeeds in ruining her perfect run,… Read more »

i think i wall-of-text to much…


Is it just me or is Kat more concerned with losing her 100% then the threat to her friend?


Not just you, unless she has already decided that she isn’t letting Danni die.


send the fast, and bulky chimera to jump in front of the allies in the tree, run and jump indront of the other 2


There’s one big problem with what Bandit’s been doing here: He’s turning on his own team.

His motivation for it doesn’t really matter, the audience (the literal audience, watching the group playing the game, right now), has no d*** clue what’s going on and why their guy is suddenly going after his own teammates. He’s going to have to find some way to explain this when the dust settles.


That’s exactly why I was so confused the earlier page. How is he going to justify that he attacked his own team mates without revealing the “why”? Which is to make Kat less “perfect”, but why would a rational person want to ruin their own team mate’s percentage? There’s just absolutely no reason!

It’ll be interesting to see what happens after the dust settles

El Lugubre
My take on it Bandit’s move was justified not only from an “in the know” POV, but also from in-game. He is trying to ruin her perfect image to prove the people in charge she is not who they are looking for. And from an in-game one, Kat and Bandit goals are diametrically opposed. He wants to kill, she wants nobody to die, and someone has to lose. He also knows that she will prefer to save her own team under this situation, so unless Kat makes a new plan he has no chance to fail. He is going to… Read more »

Well how is he going to justify attacking his own team that will cause damage?

At most Kat just disarmed Bandit, but she never hurt him.
Bandit is actually sending an attack that could possibly hurt his team


Wonder if using yourself as a human shield would work (and shock bandit)

I can’t help but wonder where Jane is. I can’t say I can see Bloody Mary outright wanting to save anyone is completely in-line with her character, but the fact that she has been gone for so long during this fight and was shown coming back before it implies she will make an appearance. Not to mention… she IS the leader of the group. Like it or not. It would be an interesting turn/plot twist for Bloody Mary to come in and cover one of the blasts. We do know that Jane is in league with Sandra, who has incentive… Read more »

Don’t forget that Kat also has the CARDS now. So maybe she can use one of those to take-out one of the fireballs.