‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 478

Back to colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.

Esone taking a hit.

The Demoli.

Blinding Light.


The blinding light can get very blinding. But if you want to cheat, I removed the light in the vote incentive so you can see what Danni can not. (Note: the voting site updates an hour after mine)


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Alexander The 1st

That’s quite the one-liner there.

But Danni – you’re supposed to say that out loud.

I can’t wait to see the response out of The Game…Danni could be quite busy soon.

She’ll need a manager. Like Mina.


You can do it, Danni!


i would like to point out that the Quest was ” non-lethally neutralize someone in their group”.. and if I’m not mistaken, Bandit once said that Quests from players have to be “followed to the letter”… so if Kat did not hack the game to change that Q, that Q is pretty much wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

Very true. http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-467/ Unless of course Langusto… er… Vize now has a concussion and is sort of neutralized already, but that would be one h*** of an anti-climax. Also he’s still standing. I really hope that some of them are able to put up a fight like their Demoli. Kat is currently making it look like a Kesti players’ strength is physical close combat, but at the same point it’s also their weakness when dealing with someone who is capable of magic. I do hope that Saisuke can prove that Kestis aren’t quite as terribly under-powered and thus broken as… Read more »

To the letter could tip in either direction- i.e. She non-lethally neutralized him for a very short period of time. in other words, it’s a literal genie, and it can err on either sides’ favor.

In this case, it took kat’s intent- and since neutralization is never permanant, made it temporary. since it was temporary, any length of neutralization counts. the projectile did the job.


Yep. That might have been a deliberate bit of programming to make quests easier to complete, and less likely to backfire/hinder a player.

Default to “easy” if the quest can become impossible, for the sake of the Kesti players’ sanity. ๐Ÿ˜‰


It’s still weird how Danni’s quest description is just “Non-lethal attack” and not something similar to “Non-lethally neutralize someone in their group”.

Actually I think the Cardista was about to attack with the rare card. As such Tree bark to the face effectively distracts the Cardista preventing the forth coming attack – neutralizing it. That would effectively complete the original wording of the quest. Or, this just occurred to me, may be this dead tree is a rare plant that slowly paralyses the people who inhale the bark fibers, and the Cardista was just walloped in the the face with it with another dose incoming. maybe it will hit the Demoli this time wouldn’t that be a laugh. Actually I want the… Read more »

Remember that vexing pixelation that some of us mobile users are seeing? The “Top Web Comics” frame didn’t have it. The process difference between those pictures is where to look at whats causing the pixelation. Before you spend any time on fixing it though, you might try a sidebar poll for say

On your primary device to view NAV on and is it not loading right?
– I don’t know what your talking about/I don’t have the problem.
– Android phone
– Android tablet
– Apple desktop
– Apple phone
– Windows desktop
– Windows phone

If you want the easy fix Aneeka, don’t use interleaving in your images. Personally, I like it but it’s causing readers problems. Judging from the meta information in the images, Problems started when a different program was used for the final save. If you want the tough fix, you might try loading and saving the image in different graphics tools and see what works for us. Windows paint should work (no idea about interleaving) Gimp, Adobe. I’ve had good luck with ThumbsPlus from Cerious Software for a similar problem about 8 years back, but I haven’t used it since.

Apple tablet for me. It hasn’t always been a problem, but lately I get the low-res version every time on the iPad. And I confirm that I don’t have the problem on the vote incentive page.


Ugg I totally garbled the question. You get the idea though. Id suggest leave it up for a couple of weeks.


I wonder if these pieces of bark are sharp enough to get stuck in the target when thrown hard enough…

Also. Bandit.


I just checked back and found her throws on pages 474 and 475 xD


Good catch, I didn’t see that, thanks for pointing it out! ๐Ÿ™‚


Well, I didn’t notice them at first either. You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚


Aaaaww, she completed the quest!

Is that… pieces of bark that she’s throwing?…


According to the page where we saw Danni’s Esone data, it can absorb one hit and will dissolve after the second hit. That was displayed after the slash attack by Jane. So does Danni still have her Esone right now? Can she still use her Special, whatever it is?

Also, that tree in the background looks really grumpy. I wonder if it objects to pieces of the bark of one of its fallen comrades being thrown? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Jane’s slash hit her leg. The esone is in her chest.




Wow that went off far


What are you doing






Boat man what are you doing here?


You go, Danni! I think I like her even better than before!


Lol at how Bandit looks like he’s basically *sunbathing* while Kat and Danni take the others out. I wonder if he’s evaluating Danni’s improvement as a player in general, at the throwing technique/aim (even as a potential Demoli if she’s improving her ranged hits), or perhaps not even talking about Danni at all, but about Kat.

And thanks for pointing out the previous throws, Nikary.

Also, I will be there in Seattle on Saturday, with my wife! Huzzah!


Lol. I wonder if the Game has beaches.

And you’re welcome!


Well, it does have at least one Mani be-atch, we know that much at least. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But yeah, a beach with girls in wet swimsuits would be a real treat. Nav’s rating would change then, though. ^^


Count yourself fortunate Danni, you don’t have to witness the cataclysmic power of Kat’s freakish smile.


Yeah, she’s VERY lucky indeed, especially since Kat was facing her directly with it.


Wow, that IS a lot of hard work “wasted”!! Panel 1 without the blind is awesome!


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