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I wonder how much he’s figured out about her motivation…


*Pkes around in archives* Ah, here we go. If you start reading from 379, it’s obvious he’s figured most of it out – how she wanted a Hero team, that she’s trying to prove to the world she’s not a bad person, etc. He’s just playing dumb about knowing who she is so the rest of the world doesn’t go all death-by-vengeance on her…


Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing how far Kat can push things while “being nice”, but I’m getting the feeling with her around, we won’t get to see Bandit’s full explosive capabilities as a Demoli, or the brutal and lyrical antics of Jane… I hope there’s a way to find a fair ground, because I like all 5 of the main characters for different reasons, and want to see them all excel…


The plot thickens… dun dun dun….


Some of the text boxes aren’t marked with any color. Shouldn’t they be green?

Dragon Master

I think those aren’t whispers but the thoughts of Kat and Bandit respectively.


I think they’re in-game ‘whispers’


Colored: igm whispers.
Not colored: thoughts.


The green and pink ones, sure. Colorless ones are just thoughts.


I love Bandit’s pleading expression in panel 3. Oh man, I’m still cracking up!


If this weren’t a post apocalyptic redemption dramactionedy, this would be quite the ship fuel. Who am I kidding? It still totally is. At least, for me it is.


You’re not alone ^.^

I think while Bandit may have plenty of knowledge, he isn’t as outright smart/ creative as Kat. He is a blunt instrument, and I will admit to playing games in a similar way, but Kat is very smart. Her solutions – because she has choosen a ‘pacifist’ path – have to be more creative. Bandit’s direct ‘overpower all opposition’ methods – and his OWN assurance that HE is always right (battling egos…yay) – will only mess up her ideas. So, she is right that he isn’t needed for her resolution of the problem. Dani and Dude are more willing to… Read more »

That last thought is one Jake’s _definitely_ wouldn’t want Brandon to know about xD


But it would be enormously funny to see his reaction…


So true!


This page is so cute I had to come back the next day and post about just how cute it is. I’m glad you added this interchange back in!


I just encountered this site, and after reading through your archive in one sitting, I think I’ll be following it. Just so ya know!

Really like that first panel with DudeDude. 🙂




Random thoughts…
Jake, iirc, is demoli. He’s tied up so he doesn’t do un-nice things.

D is an AI.
D has inititive – he actively looks for things to do for Kat.
This island belongs to Kat’s father.
Kat’s father is supposedly dead.
His avatar is supposedly run by a program his father wrote – see
Art in that page implies that D is that program.
What I don’t know is whether her fathers avatar is a gun for Checkov, or simple back-story.

Jake is a plotter.
Kat thinks his nice will lead to a trap… His trap or someone else’s?


I’ve wondered about the AI running the island as well. At this point I’m content to wait to find that out.

What’s more interesting here is who’s trap she’s referring to – one of his or of the other group’s? Or does she know something more about traps built into the island??


Um, D and that AI are of different colors. I’m pretty sure they’re two different programms.


i like how she was considering it.