Nick Cooper

Even though that isn’t D in panel 1 it is close enough to D that maybe the dad used a bit of his daughters code to make the AI for his character. Would also make Kat’s reaction make sense. “His AI is so perfect!” “His AI, that is my AI he just re purposed it. Or it is the reverse Dad made his AI and Kleya made D based from that AI, but better. So maybe the reaction is to the AI being super smart, and she thinks well it is okay, but nothing compared to D.


If I remember it correctly, it wasn’t Kat who actually made D.

I assumed so too because Jakey had a flashback of when Kleya said that she back doored her dad’s program, the flash back was at the same time he was dealing with the smiley face AI; but it could just be that the phrase “What can I do for you” was the trigger for that memory and that both viruses respond to that phrase. Alternately it could be that the smiley faced AI is not D, but I find that unlikely because of where Kleya is looking in panel 2 of page 208 and referring to D. Actually I am… Read more »

Your link to page 208 got somehow linked to the current page, page 208 is here.

Rowen Morland

The sunny smiley face? I’d be surprised if that wasn’t a ‘sunny’ D. The flashback might just be establishing that Jake is still on Kleya’s friend list, not that the smiley face is one of her dad’s programs.


Aww, say it ain’t so Aneeka. There is no way that someone as lame as Kleya’s dad made D (the best character).

Also, while I never thought about it before. I don’t find it surprising that Sasuke would make sure to pick quests that heightened his popularity. As often as I tend to few these actions as real, this is still just a game and it’s clear that crowd approval is super important.

Going and failing something like this, or, worse getting killed, is not practical.


ACK, I didn’t read the image blurb. Well, glad to find out that it wasn’t D after all. How-ev-er why did you make it look so much like D to begin with? Can’t you make different creatures so we can tell the various AI’s apart?


It’s of a different color!

The “design” of that AI does bear more than a slight resemblance to “D” (although there are some differences – so whether it and “D” are the same or “D”‘s a later model, so to speak, is unknown). So Kleya’s dad designed a lot of The Game, while we also know she herself was involved in the coding (the tutorial section, at least). Combined with the information we already know, there’s likely to be pre-Ending components to Tenka vs Kleya (her dad left or was taken away, she successfully got the Hakido working [originally a Tenka product], dad later fronts… Read more »

Have a look at the hover text.

Alexander The 1st

Nothing says that it’s not what D *used* to be… <_<

It would fit in with the character interviews earlier – his creator was red, Mastermind was yellow, so he's orange.

Dragon Master

That’s a good point and a really intriguing theory. I like it.


Is something wrong with the page’s image? I can load the previous pages but not this one 🙁

Andrea K

The story beats suggest Saisuke is the actual villain of this story.

Techno Gray

I like to think that this comic implies that all sufficiently advanced AI are dragons.


If I could reconfigure my coded appearance, I know i’d be.

Kessy Athena

Ha! I that should be Aneeka’s First Law: “Any sufficiently advanced AI is indistinguishable from a dragon.” As I recall, someone earlier referred to the Virus frying people, which fits in nicely with the old adage, “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.”


Go get’em, Morto! That should keep you busy and your teammates relatively free of your attention. (I wonder if the AI can turn her dolls into little saplings.)

Huh, I I also wonder if Jake wants to seriously threaten the AI to see if Grace will tinker with it to keep it going–as a way to find out just how much Grace knows about it. Since he wants to bring Grace down, this may be a way to poke at Grace to get him farther into the light.


At last, we have a clear image of him!


Well… sort of


Ooookaaayyy… so groups have teamed up to take down that AI and failed and after saying that they are thinking about whether or not Saisuke’s group would be able to take him down?
I am starting to think that Snowman’s group isn’t quite as pathetic as Mina’s sister said they were. They’re probably formidable opponents against anyone except Saisuke.

So now that he became an actual topic, someone has GOT to mention the 2 days of game playing he was supposed to do before Kat’s group would be able to login.


I believe the two days have already gone by. says “The next day” so at least one day has gone by.


The two days have already past. This happened between the first meeting and the aliment choosing. It is now 3 days past the first meeting.


I guess you guys are right. I did some more thorough research, resulting in these:
The day from page 384 probably doesn’t count because of the blackout, but it can be assumed that Saisuke was already done by then anyway.


I think Saisuke might actually be Kleya’s Dad looking for Kleya and/or her mother. Perhaps some kind of political break occurred between Tenka and Kleya’s parents that she was too young to understand, or her part in the Ending was used as a cover for the activities of more nefarious actors.


Looks like there first mission is underway. The attempt alone will get attention. And if they succeed… there group is probably going to be one of the most popular groups. It will achieve ledgend status from just that mission alone…


So in other words, instead of Jane going after Danni, they can just announce that as soon as possible they’re going after….”that guy”.

Of course, the real trick will be letting Jane do what she seems to enthusiastic about, while keeping Kleya to her “no nearby deaths” rules. (I’m sure they’ll find a loophole somewhere….)


“The AI”, “That Hacker”. Getting a certain Voldemort feel for the characters here. “He whose name should not be spoken” and all that.

And it looks like they get to sick thier psychopath on the guy that hates erbana player, to help the erbana players.
Roy Greenhilt could not have done it better with Belkar.


So we have two characters who we never see clearly. Both are revered, but Kleya likes neither. One is apparentlyyyyy dead, and his AI avatar is still on an island. An avatar that the other character refuses to fight.

My guess is that Saisuke is Kleya’s father, and he’s gotten his fame as a way of broadcasting his face and gaining connections to have a wider reach over the Game and L.I.F.e. as a way of finding her. She thinks he wants to find her for negative reasons. I’m unsure of his motivation.

Time will tell.