Ok, that’s a nice turn of events. Finally something is starting to clear up. 🙂

Also I have a question:
How do you feel about Saisuke? Since he had barely any screen time in all these years, I wondered if you’re having second thoughts about creating a potentially Sasuke-like character.


I kinda got the impression that Saisuke was one of Jake’s characters like the Bandit.


Where would he find the time to run both characters? Demands on a celebrity’s time are massive, so that wouldn’t leave nearly enough time to play a second avatar.


I just think that Saisuke’s vacation is well timed.


Although, a couple of things that I thought were hints at them being the same turned out to be hints about other things.


Ah, I was wondering if someone was going to be able to put it together. It seems pretty important for him to realize she was horrified at the thought of being in a villain group. I wonder if he’s going to get what is going on with her right, or more likely how far off from the truth he is going to be.

kit ramos
I was wondering that too. I’m also glad he’s still holding out some home that both she hasn’t gone insane and might not doing these stunts maliciously. even though everyone one else believes either or both is true of the “cyborg girl” I do think the hospital bombing wasn’t her idea, especially that one. I do wonder just how much she was involved in it. it could be that that one was done by someone else and just used her as a convenient cover as she was already being seen as the resident super villain by then, so it wouldn’t… Read more »

Seems you understand what happens when people start to panic. They stop being an organized group of individuals and start being a mob and the mob says destroy anything that is perceived as a threat, regardless of whether it is or isn’t. Mobs don’t have morality or the ability to reason. Mobs are just the will to survive taken to a horrible level.

Alexander The 1st

I definitely look forward to seeing just how much extra mileage you get out of panel 2.

Especially since, IIRC, you used it as part of a voting incentive earlier.


whelp, hashing ideas and theories out with a co-worker helps get new insight into a situation yet again…it’s always good to have someone you trust to talk to so the secret stays safe…ish. in a digital world there’s no telling how secure something really is…except her location…she is the absolute best at security so nobody can sneak up on her.


It’s not so much that she is good at security, rather she has a pet AI that is constantly watching EVERYTHING and can change anything that can hurt her. Hmmm. I wonder if D knows about this conversation.


Link to this comic from previous ones is nonfunctional.
also, time to see what Bandit does with what he’s figured out. I wonder if he’ll try to make the group a hero group or just start poking Kat about morality in general…


The last panel turned out well too. And kudos to him for finally noticing.


Funny, that’s not actually what she asked to D to do. However, D would have been well aware of how upset she was about those results….


I had the impression that Kleya’s command to D had to do with undoing damage she’d just done to her “fans” in L.i.F.e. Losing the Tutorial results was just a convenient side effect of D’s usual broad interpretation and wide action. I suppose Kleya might have given D an additional command about the trial results, after the crash….


I think D acted on his own, wanting to help Kleya. Her only actual commands were “stop me” and “stop what I did”.


Yeah, I agree that it if the data wasn’t just the victim of D’s widespread purge that it was likely an action undertaken by D to appease Kleya without her consent. But more likely is that D, who Kleya has noted tends to overreact, just choose the easiest way to solve the problem. Need to stop a series of troublesome commands, making sure they don’t reach their destination or spread otherwise? Purge all new data.


Yeah, people called it. Really interesting if Kat did this on purpose or this was D’s initiative or an accident… and really interesting what Jake can or can’t figure out correctly.


So that’s where did that panel come from.


Heh. Time to figure out Kat’s wish and change alignment, eh, Jake? 😀


So, if Danni and The Bandit change alignment, I wonder how Bloody Jane (sic) is going to take this.

Alexander The 1st

I forgot for a second that The Dude was Hero alignment (Via Cardista), so I was picturing The Bandit telling The Dude to go Hero alignment and The Dude being all “No, I’m not making Bloody Jane angry over this!”.

Now that I remembered that he already is Hero alignment, I’m picturing The Dude being severely conflicted over whether to go Villain alignment or not (“On one hand, I don’t want to anger the Cyborg Girl, on the other hand, I don’t wan’t Bloody Jane to get angry either…I can’t win, either way!”).


I was just thinking… If Kleya has a neural HID, and D is somehow connected to it, doesn’t this mean that stray thoughts might have really dangerous side effects? It doesn’t seem like she is completely in control og D at all times, but it seems to appear when she is agitated


Definitely not a good idea to have someone with a superiority complex and a quick temper to have a neural link to the entire world’s networks and a pet AI that can do almost anything possible.


“It doesn’t seem like she is completely in control of D at all times”
My thoughts too.

It seems D has purposefully destroyed the Bandit’s game data so he has the chance to choose a good path, just like Kat is trying to get the dancer to switch.


I love the Dude rescript…

Alexander The 1st

Just read it, and I’m actually surprised – given that he petitioned to get Bloody Mary off the team, he *might’ve* chosen a Hero alignment…though he might have decided to spite Kleya as a result of her not removing Bloody Mary from the team. That feels unlikely though, so I’m totally calling him out on it and agreeing with The Dude – dude just wants to take out the competition with regards to Kleya. :p

I find society in this comic to be hypocritical, hating “hackers” as the villains who destroyed the world, but adoring gamers with villainous characteristics. and the way that everyone has spent TWO YEARS with the same mindset regarding Kleya. If she had wanted to destroy humanity, she would have done so by now. Its always frustrates me to see this in the things that I read, but it makes for great and realistic dramatic suspense. I often wonder while reading this if they’ll figure out that it was an accident of some kind, or just a consequence of certain seemingly… Read more »

I haven’t reread this in a long time, but I think they don’t know she’s still alive.
(“they” being the general population and even most people in TENKA.)