‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 423

Colors by Jemma and Audrey. Everything else by me.


And Whisper finally gets introduced. Cue headache for Danni (and me).
Also, Miss Dude, for those that forgot that reference.

Random Background Info (cause I know it's gonna get asked):
Way back when the Game was first released, it also had a universal chat where you can basically "shout out" to the others in a given area via a group chat. But after the Ending and as the Game became more and more a spectator sport, that was done away with since the Watchers couldn't see it. Whispers were kept since it's a one on one thing, plus it has some cons (which will show up in the comic).

And Really Random Trivia:
The Whisper is one of the few things that carried over from the defunct novel version of NAV. Ironically enough, neither character in this page where in said defunct novel.