Wait, you mean it’s not the usual “tank-healer-3dd” setup? They are so inefficient.

Just kidding.


There are plenty of ways to be a productive team member without focusing on DPS.


true, the stereotypical healer is not seen as a fighter in any sense. and the meat shield doesn’t usually have much offensive power, just stands in the way of the really big attacks. maybe support? there to add buffs and debuffs to the appropriate targets ^^
just lots of ways she could do it. problem is we don’t know how the game works, so we don’t know if any of those apply.



lol, no weapons. Maybe she doesn’t realize that she’s in a fighting game… where fighting’s supposed to happen?

Professor Harmless

Oh well, someone had to be the healer.

Professor Harmless

Or come to think of it, a strictly defensive “barrier” or “tank” type of archetype would seem to suit Cleya’s thinking just fine as well.
Both of which are perfectly suitable to a team environment. I honestly see no difficulty with her wanting this.


It must be pink and yellow only. If you insist, I’ll wear pants – *this time*. Also no weapons. Ever. I can’t attack.

O_o Poor Paddy.


Yay new page! Spotted a spelling error in panel 4. “Deversify”

C. C.

I’m sorry, but… the Dude’s face in panel one is simply PRICELESS! Can I have an icon with JUST THAT FACE in it?


Hear him out a little Kat. At least let him give you a quarterstaff or something, that’s like a staple of pacifist characters.


I think Danni’s confusion here is because she think The Dude is using that sound “dude” like everyone else does. She needs to think of him more like one of those sidekick animals that a group would have in a kids show… the ones who add some noise like “meep” onto their sentences all the time so they get named based on that (like “Meep” or “Meeper”). He is probably called The Dude since he keeps randomly adding a “dude” sound to his sentences like that! :3


It would be funny if they changed his name to “Duder.” Something about how it rolls off the tongue makes me giggle


Dude, stop calling other dudes “dude” before Miss Dude kills you, dude!

Seriously, though, that second panel is hilarious.


Man, I can’t wait till they all get their new avatar!
And miss Dude, is the Dude anticipating something?


It is perfectly okay to ‘self-defense’ people. : (


while you are right, its very possible to set up situations where “self-defense” is an offensive action rather than a defensive one. I think she is trying to cut out any chance she might convince herself falsely. afraid of relapse it seems.


While not military myself, from what I can tell, the dude managed a perfect salute, despite your concerns. It looks like a perfect 90 degree arm to chest angle with the index finger just touching his eyebrow, which is where the saluting hand should rest when the individual is saluting without a cover (aka a hat). So aside from his demeanor and appearance, he would fit right in on a recruitment poster.


She’s going to get into a situation where her allies are down and one of them is about to be K.O.’ed and she’ll have to attack. I wonder why she isn’t aware of the fact that heroes use violence in defence of others?


look at it from her perspective. she has engaged in lots of violence in the past. she may be a wee bit tired of it. scared of being who she was before. and having ridiculous standards on what it means to be “good” and a “hero”. very obvious she has no clue what she is really doing, but by whatever divine element you wanna swear by she is gonna do it, dern it! XD


No weapons huh, that could still work.
Go full Batman: bolas, nets, tazers, ‘sleeping’ gas, etc.


Still violent and people do get hurt with those.


Well, I just found this comic last night, and it’s fairly addicting. It’s also very interesting how the art style varies so much. I love our protagonist, and I can’t wait for the update. <3

Squire James

I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a pure Specialist. No weapons, but MAN those Specials…


They could have her as pure support/buffs and healer. Well, depending on the format of the game. I wonder if it’s like World of Warcraft?


-That- is the big question right now. how exactly does the Game work? cause how it works will make or break her on this decision on being non-violent. not to say she is a pacifist…I can totally see her kicking some shins.


I thought he was called the Dude because he called everyone else dude.