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Scene change once again!


And I got fan art! 3 of them! Whee! Check them out at the bottom of the page here!


Also, this week, I'll be at Salt Lake City's first Comic-Con! I'll be on several panels (one on Thursday, two on Friday, and two on Saturday. I think...) as well as at my booth. Since the place is huge, here is a handy map to find me. I'll be in booth A3.


If you're in the area, come and say hi!


I can see the maniacal desperation in The Dude’s eyes in the last panel!


If the Dude wants an Esone, why doesn’t he get the one from the floating jungle? The villager told Jane she could have it. (Though Jane didn’t seem to consider that an attractive enough option. Maybe a “wild” Esone isn’t easy to snag.)

Anyway, whatever the kid is holding might be the real prize of this mission. I’m still kind of puzzled as to what the “good” outcome is supposed to be.


The Dude doesn’t want the Esone he needs it. Esones allow players to equip specials and possible other things as well but specials for sure. Dude only attacks with specials. No Esones no attack (which might mean some fun running away scenes for us). I doubt that Dude wants to run into a monster infested forest to retrieve a wild Esone. That by video game logic is guarded by a boss monster. A virtual catch 22.


That line of reason does follow. He is flailing trying to get his precious specials. Or something he can rely on in place of them. That is why the desperate hunger when he spies the card, he likely knows it will help him a lot.


I don’t get it. He went from asking for “the kid”, to asking for a tower. Is it called a kid as well as an Esone or something?

Funny that I was expecting a temporary party member, and everyone else was saying he would be a slave.


Bandit asked for the kid, The Dude asked for the Esone.


I guess I’m getting characters mixed up then.

Orange Blossom‘s Violist
Orange Blossom‘s Violist

The Bandit asked for the kid after defeating the Fiendi; The Dude asked for the Esone before encountering the Fiendi.


Possibly he has defeated the fiendi and wants his payment, since we seem to be seeing parallel events here, but I think you may be right. He may be asking to be paid in advance, which is incredibly un-heroic. 😉


I stand by The Dude getting his rear handed to him on a platinum platter by a level 1 weak fiendi!


Wow, That village won’t give up anything to the people who save her will she?
also, I assume the skin thing is because the npcs live in what appears to be eternal sunshine…


What if they just asked for nothing in return?


Well, that would be the *heroic* thing to do….


They might get offered something then by the woman or her kid. I guess we won’t know unless we see it with Kat or Danni.


Wait, just realized something. How does Kat have a popularity rating if she doesn’t allow people to subscribe to her?

Kansas Kid

They can subscribe, she just doesn’t allow them access to her. They can only watch her in the came, not outside of it.

Hum. If I follow, Mary & the two guys are all going for the kid or his card/talisman. Our dancer is probably going to go a similar path (players being shepherded onto it by the wisps) but wont know what reward to ask for, so the game may be forced to sugest one, so may get something more neat. Kat is forging ahead on her own path — a path she probably created herself years ago. People watching can’t help but notice that Kat is on a non-traditional path… Perhaps a path not taken by anyone previously. Will this get… Read more »
Librari the Wizard

The first day of Salt Lake Comic Con was pretty fun! I got to meet Aneeka and pick up some swag from her booth. There were three of us standing there at one time, proof that there are at least three fans of this, rather than one person using shape-changing. 😛

I can’t wait to see the new page go up!