‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 258&259


EDIT: If you're on the main page (fixed this) or are seeing the image cut off, please go to this page! Thanks!!

EDIT#2: If all you see is an 'L' on a black page, your browser isn't loading GIFs or animations. I can't fix that on my end (or at least, I'm not aware of such a solution).





Hey look, it's a double-page spread! A first for me. But I wanted the Game to have a major entrance. So: big spread! 😀

I'll admit, I'm a little worried this might break my site... So let me know if it shows up rather wonky and I'll see if I can fix it.

Aaaaaand...I should be out of any possible RSS summaries but if not, umm, spoiler?? Go see the comic already! Then read the rest:

Isn't the animation cute?? Heehee, I couldn't resist the joke (yes, the animation is a joke--it's not canon). If you didn't get what that was, I was trying to recreate the graphics of really old games. Like the original Mario game or the first King's Quest. (KQ4 is my fav!--you should totally play it!)!

If you missed out on the animation or just want to see it again (or you just like my comic--that also works), you can vote for me and you'll find it on loop (ie: repeats itself over and over).

Also, the Deletables are now up in the Extras section, down in the Hiatus area. And as requested, you can get the final panel of the last update as a wallpaper here.



Kind of reminds me of homestuck honestly.


Well, when i saw Loading, I admit that I did initially get that sinking feeling I would get in Homestuck, thinking I was going to have to wander around to open chests and wonder if I have really gotten through all the available dialogs or whether you missed something since didn’t go all the way back to person Y after becoming person X. :/ Fortunately, the resemblance disappeared after the Loading screen. 🙂

Nice way of loading -us- into The Game, an it was an interesting idea to do it all as a gif.


It showed up fine for me. (Which surprised me, since I have NoScript on.)

I’m not sure whether or not to hope that she uses glitches for something resembling a speedrun. On the one hand, that would be funny to see; on the other hand, that would imply either flaws in her coding or that she put the glitches there intentionally.
(I’m specifically thinking of Ocarina of Time.)

Although I don’t see any other comments up as I write this, if I remember how this works then this probably nonetheless won’t be the first comment.


This. Is. So. Cool.
When the “loading…” picture showed up, i thought “oh, maybe she is uploading the new comic now?” and then “WTF IS GOING ON?”



So excited.


I do like the little lampost on the floating island.


I totally fell in love with the Kat sprite. XD

And also absolutely LOVE such a grand entrance into the Game, too. Now I want to play it…

Sir Read-a-Lot

The animation works fine, but when on the main page, the double-page spread is stuck in the normal sized window, with a scroll bar. On the permanent link it looks fine, though.

By the way, the game looks beautiful.


I am using safari on a mac (os10.8), the page seems to be stuck on the wrong size div tag,
but only when viewed from the main page.
On the comic archive page that is now up (commenting redirects to such), it seems to have an unsized div tag that allows for full viewing.
(I should double check the html before being certain that it is the div tag, brb)


After checking the html code the resizing error happened between the ‘Main’ tag and the ‘webcomic’ tag on the main page.
I felt that checking your site’s code further than that would be rude (unless asked to further test and find the specific bug)


Oh wow. This is amazing.
I’m assuming the ‘Stars’ are other, unexplored locations too.
(Animation works fine, Nailed old game look too.)

Hope the rest of ‘Game’ is like this!


Awesome! What a perfect way to reveal the game!


Very impressive! The best artwork displayed yet!
You’ve come a long way in your artwork, I must say.




Ack! I can’t see anything but a mini white “L” on a black page…please fix!


A gif? Very cool.

Seros Senric

Is the image meant to do anything other than show an L?

Seros Senric

OK, I got it to work, and cool.
I was using Firefox, and the problem was that in about:config, image.animation_mode was set to “none”, so I just changed it to “normal” to watch the gif before changing it back. (I usually like gifs not annoying me)


Really nice page. First it looked like a Sprite Comic, then we see the real Fake World.


Oh, you tease! LOL

Nicely done. 🙂


Also, I love the idea of a mini-tutorial game using the low-rez Kleya! Even just a trivial maze with some very basic representations of the six alignments that the player walks over to choose would be fun. 🙂 It should be easy to program with an HTML5 game creator like Construct 2 — let me know if you’d like some help….


It looks gorgeous. And what an interesting page!


I can totally see the loading animation + end landscape used for banner ads.

Martin Eden

It’s beautiful Aneeka!


It’s awesome and beautiful and stuff! Maybe a few of these would be nice.


Is the loading screen part of the double spread, or should there be a double spread after the loading screen. I see only a single width page after the animation finishes.


No, she means like in comic-form the image would cover two pages.


Is it the right aspect ration for that? I seems too narrow. Also, if the middle infinity-sign random comic button is an indicator of where the crease will be, won’t it cut into the edge of the island?


I loved the little intro animation and I’m a big fan of older games. KQ5 was my first and will always be my fav.


All I see is an L


pretty colors *v*


It occurs to me that Kat is going to be a Mary Sue, in the Game.

Always “Nice”, with everything always going her way (hackervision), and if she ever runs into a problem she just pulls a new Special out of her bag of tricks to make everything “nice” again.


AMAZING, Aneeka! You keep improving! It was very creative of yours do that! I liked! 😀


At first I was thinking “I would have sworn Flash was disabled” then I saw the your comment below the picture. Awesome Animated GIF. Bringing it back to animation without rights compromises developed in. A+ Aneeka


It’s pretty awesome that the first page of the Game is posted on my birthday 😀 Keep up the great work, this is one of my favorite webcomics!


The only problem with the loading screen is that it’s a bit high resolution for the style of loading screen; Kleya-avatar doesn’t have to be a sprite but should at least be visibly pixelated.


I’ve got rpg makervx ace… I could recreate some of the game from the next pages.


Thankyouthankyouthank you… for not using Flash. I also have NoScript and was also surprised when the animation continued. I love it when people don’t use lazy coding. 🙂


Aaaaaaaaand now i’m excited… I mean I was excited before sure.. but now i’m fangirl excited… That is a rare for me and for it to happen 3 times in the same year… just means this years has been good.


Loved the gag, love the actual page, love the comic, love the artist, I LOVE YOU ALL.


Absolutely awesome! O.O


Even as a sprite, she looked so pissed.


When I first loaded the page I thought I broke the comic or something, but then I realized it was a gif and what a cute on at that!
I especially loved the two-page spread of Kat in the game, it’s so cool!