‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 253


First half is up! Hopefully everyone will realize you're supposed to read down first, then go back up to read the right side...

Also, Extras now has the fan comic of Osaaru. The Deletables will go up probably when I finish doing those. And this:
Outfit Reveal sample
is now available as a wallpaper.

Thanks everyone for reading!

EDIT: Full page is now up!

The normal height range is about 5'5'' in the Game. Kat is just an inch shorter than that.Β  L.i.F.e., on the other hand, offers no alternatives to height. Everyone is the exact same in that area.

I also received fan art! Inuneechan did an awesome rendition of a happy, dancing Danni. πŸ˜€