Dude the Great vs Kat – 40

The End!

Hope you enjoyed the silly story. Now back to NAV on the 17th!

If you're not familiar with Dude the Great, go here. This particular storyline starts here.


Also, I'm holding a meetup in Brisbane, Australia at Nominom (

There will be another meet up in Sydney, either on the 27th or 28th. Details to be announced later.


Nikary Flare


Now the question is – can D be stopped by the fourth wall? 😀


Probably not. Dude certainly wasn’t stopped earlier…


Okay, so Bandit is next, huh? Looks like you’re saving the best for last:
Dude the Great vs. Ms. Dude the Great


BAHAHAHA If it was Dude the Great vs. Bandit, it’d just be a battle from One-Punch Man.


Hey, if you ever need stuff for future kickstarters, that would make an awesome picture frame. This image of D around the box. ^_~


I read this in Brisbane at 10:30 PM… I did not get the memo, d****it. Welcome to hot-land Aneeka. I hope you’re enjoying it.


Finally! The end! Now the story can continue!

Aaron Lehmann

I really enjoy the NAV story, but stuff like this is why I stopped reading megatokyo.

Way too many Dead Piro Days and Shirt-Guy Dom days.


Can’t wait ^^