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Colors by Audrey with edits and everything else by me.





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18 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 539"

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Did she know, that would happen?


Was that the Bandit? The fireball looks somewhat different, but that may be due to Aneeka experimenting…


Hmm, the direction of the attack would not fit for Bandit. And that looks clearly Demoli.

So either Jane failed to kill all of the last group (maybe thier Demoli just un-treed himself?). Or this is repercussion for attacking all those players/trees.


Really? I thought the direction fit perfectly for Bandit’s position 2 pages ago. Even though it would be real interesting if Herve un-treed and decided to have vengeance for Jane possible killing his teammates, but I think Bandit is taking Jane down a notch here.


Well, didn’t one of the other team players say Herve would be back to normal soon?

Pardon me if I am wrong, but I vaguely remember one of the members saying something about that.

Also, if it isn’t just Bandit, is there the possibility that the other team has another Demoli or that a completely new team has stepped into the picture?

Or, portals. Because he must have mentioned that for a reason, so this could be it.

Yes, Herve is likely to un-tree, that’s why I was saying that it’d be real interesting if it was him. As for the portal: I think it was mentioned right now, because earlier Jane said she wanted to get off the Island. So, rather than attacking Dude I would’ve expected her to demand from him to show her where it is. I don’t know about other Demolis though. There could be any number of them watching their stream right now, because Jane has a bounty on her head, so more and more might be flocking towards her at pretty much… Read more »

Oh good, Demoli don’t have to kill with their energy blasts. That’ll be good for positioning purposes. It’d be kind of awesome if the Game allowed for 0 damage, max knockback attacks.


Now the question:
Is that a wild Jake attack to prevent Brandon’s demise?
Is that a wild Kat ability to prevent Brandon’s demise? (Highly doubt that one)
Is that a result of Brandon’s sheer level of (un?)luckiness? (I think this one! haha)
Is that a wild excessive violence fueled special?
Am I too fond of making random lists of conjectures on NAV comments? 😉


In the last panel if you look in the upper right you see a Sprite that looks to be blazing past her. Could this be a random encounter where that sprite caused the “Wooshing” and hit Jane?


I’m guessing some player has a vendetta against Jane, probably not the Bandit’s attack. Or else some *new* group is about to show up with a vendetta against Jane and everyone gets to fight again. XD


I like how this attack looks like a Spirit. Aneeka’s attacks are never plain like fireballs. 🙂


I’ve a question, has it been said whether or not the trees count as people to kill for morto? They are former players, but are they still technically alive and she’s killing them to maintain a high score?


I don’t think it was mentioned so far. Since Kat’s father rules this island and he liked to rival her mom, it may very well be that the Erbana score is affected, just so he can be even more OP against Erbana, but I don’t think that Kat would’ve been so calm in the face of Jane doing that if that were true. Also Herve’s attack should’ve lowered her score in that case, so ultimately I think that they don’t count towards anyone’s score, neither Erbana nor Morto.


I love how no one on here (yet) has actually been like, “OMG Jane died!” and instead are all working out every single possible explanation for what that is, who that is, why that is, and how that is.

James Kohos

Worst case, she loses her Esone…


You mean best case.


Hahaha, I admit I don’t like Jane enough to care whether or not she dies in the Game. Danni and her are like Road Runner and Coyote. 🙂
I don’t even care if she loses her Esone. Heck, she might have about 3 more Esones by now from Aza, Vize and “He-Man”, provided she didn’t destroy them by killing those players.


I haz no idea wot just happen.