Q&A Sessions Begin!

All of the original comments are also on these pages (except this one since it's new, even if it's dated as old)

Craig Rawe

ooh, been wanting to read these, missed them the first time. Thank you!

Hi, I just started reading and ” you might say ” I’m working on getting to the current. The only thing is tho, I can only vote once a day but miss all the old incentives and still want to see them all. Pg 46-48, 50-52, I tried to see them but could only open the Dude The Great page, Which was good too. Can you explain where in the Extra tab I’ll find it? I must just be missing it. Also, when I vote, I’m seeing all the other comics links but not your incentives there ether. Also, on… Read more »

Also, I wanted to get a list of your other stories. My friend just showed me this existed two days ago and while I haven’t really read web comics before, I find it addictive and I’m voting every chance I get. Thank you.

Your “HAPPY” reader. Ha Ha.
Also, I don’t know how your supposed to do it (leave a name) but I made up LilliMay years ago and it’s one of my handles for games and characters on the net. You can leave this part off if you want.