Wow, this public is pretty crass. I guess the whole internet a**hat theory is in full effect in L.i.F.e. They’re not even being subtle about the fact that they don’t care about the singing at an event that is specifically dedicated TO singing. Acting like they’ve been ripped off because they showed up for something other than what was advertised? Sheesh.


You have no idea how often I see that type of behaviour online.


… huh.

Did anyone else hear that? Sounded like something crashing down around someone’s ears.


Good to see that people still feel entitled to stuff because they go through the effort of watching you/reading your stuff/etc. 😀


I loved the incentive.

Wow, those people are being incredibly rude idiots. They came to an event advertised as Mina singing, and then started acting like spoiled eight-year-old brats because they didn’t bother to pay attention to context- they chose to attend the concert in hopes of seeing Kleya’s new Special and completely ignored the fact that that was not the point of the event. I cannot think of anything more rude than that. I also cannot think of anything that is more like the way people behave in an online environment. Oh, and a question: are there different servers for people who speak… Read more »

First comment, whee! Looks like Mina is finding out there are consequences for riding someone’s coat tails to popularity. Namely that they still care about her and not you. She may have had much smaller audiences before but at least they were hers.
Also since it is the first comment and all I just wanted to say that I am enjoying your story very much I hope you will keep pursuing it.


What century does this take place in? It seems people haven’t changed at all from what they are like today.

Another Commenter

Are we allowed to Wild Mass Guess here? Because if so, I just want to say that Danni is so paralyzed in reality.