‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 92


Kleya kind of apologizes. Mina kind of takes it well.


I received a fantastic fan sketch of Kleya from Osaaru! Check it out in the Fan Art section.

Since I got several requests to make black shirts, I revised some of the designs in order to work on darker shirts plus added the 'No Hacker' design as well. Check them out here.

And for those that are international and would like lower shipping rates, you can go to these instead:




New Zealand

Remember, this promotion/experiment will end this Saturday night! Thanks for supporting me!


As for the vote incentive, I re-did the first panel with dialogue that was circling in my head the entire time I drew it. I hope you enjoy it!


And, of course, thanks for reading!


Hahahahaha! The voting incentive is *exactly* what it should have been.


I agree, that just fit beautifully. 😀


I got my t-shirt. “Fear the Blob People” is awesome.


Comic: Oh boy, she’s in for it now.

Shirts: I really like that [s]villian[/s] Hero (I promise) shirt, I might just have to get it sometime.

Rank: Kleya is in the top 5! She’s made it into the game! 😀

James Smith

Panel six: her hair deflates when shocked and disappointed. Is emotion controlled hair a special feature?


I wish I could afford spending money on those t-shirts, but at this point I really can’t justify spending it on non-essential things. 🙁

I love how they look, though. Very nicely done. 😀