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The Kido is awesome, but it does have limits.


I'm gearing up for the promised Southern Tour and hopefully no more hurricanes decide to show up. These are the cities I intend to stop at with the corresponding dates:

San Antonio, TX (Fri, Oct 6)

Austin, TX (Fri, Oct 6)

Houston, TX (Sat, Oct 7)

Baton Rouge, LA (Sat, Oct 7)

Tallahassee, FL (Mon, Oct 9)

Orlando, FL (Tues, Oct 10)

Ft Lauderdale, FL (Sat, Oct 14)

Jackonsville, FL (Sat, Oct 21)

Charleston, SC  (Sat, Oct 21)

Raleigh, NC  (Mon, Oct 23)

Charlotte, NC  (Tues, Oct 24)

Atlanta, GA  (Wed, Oct 25)

Nashville, TN (Thurs, Oct 26)

Little Rock, AR (Fri, Oct 27)

Dallas, TX (Sat, Oct 28)

Oklahoma City, OK (Sat, Oct 28)

Albuquerque, NM (Mon, Oct 30)


I'm re-opening an old survey regarding this trip. If you're near these cities (or would like to add one that is enroute), please fill this out below. I'll be emailing all those involved next week or so. Thanks!