‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 572

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Colors and everything else by me now!



And we're back to LiFe(ish)! And me doing all the coloring again, but since LiFe's coloring is rather basic, it's not too time-consuming.

Now to save up money so I can afford to hire a colorist when we return into the Game! If you want to help with that goal, please consider joining my Patreon or AneekaChannel. Or archiving diving once a day with the ads on 😀

Speaking of archive diving, here is where we last saw this location, back in book 3 (we're about halfway through book 5 now).

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They’re actually not recent, he just NEVER checks his email.


I really like how the ones who know how to play the Game put their hands for the logout in “sleeping” positions while Danni did not think about anything like this and logged out with her hand in the air. Hopefully she won’t get a recovery penalty for this or something like that.


According to page 567 the pose of the character model shouldn’t affect recovery, only whether or not they are in sentry mode.


Welp I’m not answering any of those


SOMEBODYY doesn’t read his messages! tsk tsk


You think his messages are a mess– you should see his Trash and Spam bins!


It’s still mostly spam. There’s a Red Queen’s race going between spambots and spam filters, and spam R&D is part of Marketing.


Yay! Goodbye pretty colors, welcome back pretty plot and post-apocalyptic VR dystopia! I think we can all agree this is a very good trade.


Let me guess – a record low? (It’s just annoying him that it’s ALWAYS at least six digits.)


I think most of those messages are going to be about how he treated his team in that fight and/or how he got owned by an herbana early on.


Looks like the fans broke the spam filter again.

Tim C

Sounds like he needs an AI to sort through his emails and compute sentiment over a large volume of free-form text feedback…


… you should see my inbox. AFTER all the filters and mailing list sorting rules.

Sonja Nachtbringer

This is me any time I log into my Yahoo email account.