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16 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 571"

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Alexander The 1st

“Mandatory” logout “required”.


they’re so cute <3


Tch, Kat, nobody likes sand in their pants.


Bandit’s impatience mirrors my own. It’s gonna feel nice to go back to LIFE. I’m a little curious how the art will have changed since we’ve been in this highly detailed environment for so long.


The whisper might just as well have come from Aneeka, right? 🙂
“Let me finish the Game arc already!!!”

I wish I could’ve seen the panel that should’ve been in-between the ones here, where Danni must have told Kat “Let’s switch positions before logging out, so I don’t have to sit next to the ever-so-clingy Damsel, because I am THIS close to kicking him again”.


Sand in the lap and what looks like a leaf (or some related plant matter) in the right hand… Is Kat setting up a trap, perhaps?


Exactly my thoughts: Either its a trap for anyone foolhardy enough to bother her while logged out (first thought) or perhaps some kind of random-event/intrusion ward?


You have *got* to give her more reactions than scowling.


Tch, Jimmy… it’ impolite (at best!) to tell an artist how to draw…


Nice people don’t scowl. People trying to be nice and failing miserably tend to grimace more than anything. Uncomfortable disagreement of eyes and mouth- the mouth says “good day” and the glare says “go die”.

Alexander The 1st

Kleya *can* smile (Or show other emotions), it’s just not in her character *to* smile (Or show other emotions).

Especially when she can’t do her usual hacking work, *nor* can she smile towards her dad.


Haven’t commented in a while. It’s brave of the Dude to sit next to Kat/Kleya when she terrifies him. He should have sat on the other side of Danni.


Yeeeeaaah, I think Danni overruled him in that regard. 🙂 I posted a theory about that above.


Looks like she’s planting it for later.

martin leske

ty for the page
wonder what shes going to do with the sand… its not really… plant like


Just wanted to say that this page is really lovely! The final panel is particularly nice!