I’m sorry guys, but due to Kat’s stubbornness I’m going to have to change the team’s colour scheme to that of a grapefruit.

Start thinking of citrus puns and one-liners!


Pink and yellow, eh? Poor Paddy. 😉 Would Kleya be willing to consider some gradient tones between the two?

And poor Bandit. Although I have to agree with Danni’s assessment. This is, after all, the guy who took credit for the two AI griefers who caused the death (real world death!) of Danni’s last partner.

I am left wondering if Brandon knows how immature his attitude toward the Game is, or if that’s just part of his act?

yes, but the question about Bandit’s grief bots is…does he know what they caused to happen? really know? I am not sure he knows they harassed a person to death. I can’t recall if someone told him that…and I doubt his bots would have cared enough to tell him should they have processed the fact fully. face it, Bandit seems oblivious to anything that he thinks is just a trivial distraction. with Brandon its hard to tell. we don’t have enough knowledge of how he is when not assuming his public persona to know if its all an act or… Read more »

Personally I think he was told to create them by TENka, so I don’t hold it against him.

But if he wasn’t forced to: Who cares if he doesn’t know?! He created two AI for the sole purpose of screwing others over and making their lives miserable.

sounds like something a bored programming genius might do. oh wait… ;D lets consider another fact. the Life models he uses for them are black haired beauties. tells you something about him doesn’t it? since there is another person we know for a fact has black hair in real life? I just think that he doesn’t know the extent of the chaos he has sewn. he might be rather contrite once he realizes how much damage he has created. he may be an arrogant toerag(thus why he would create grief bots), but I don’t think he is completely vile. just…unknowing… Read more »

See, this is why Kat wants to draw her own avatar. Every proper artist type wants to add more frills to her simple vision.


Yellow, pink, and WHITE, maybe, but a two color outfit isn’t going to look good without Paddy being a design genius. Although, he probably knew to prepare more than one design beforehand, and pallet swaps are easy enough. Ahhhh, I can barely wait to see everyone’s new looks!


Lime green and Yellow. You’ve played persona 4?


One-Chie has black and white in her design, and her hair is dyed red-brown.
Two-Soejima is a bone-fide design genius, haha.

guaron A

I think she wants pink and yellow because those are among te least threatening and hostial colors,they actually give off akinda friendly vibe, remember she wants to be accepted and to be a hero. Can you think of any other colors besides pink and yellow that scream nice without any hint of the opposite?


that…has some merit. yellow is seen as a happy color, bright and cheerful. pink is…cute? affectionate? something. not really sure what qualities would work here.
anyway, other bright colors won’t have the same effect. she wants her design to scream some things. like don’t take me seriously, and I am not a threat.


Actually… I doubt we can say for sure pink says “nice” in the NaV world, unless it is confirmed as such by Aneeka. Meanings of colours differ with culture and time. Just a few centuries ago, for example, pink was just another shade of red, and as such, colour of blood and war. Terracotta Army, likewise, was coloured pink and red, among other colours. And if we look in Japan, cherry pink is still considered the colour of deceased samurai.


Oh, and I can’t agree with adding blue–Primary Color Kat, personally, would be… bleh.

She is right to not like it. Useless externals like long hair and a tail are a huge disadvantage in close combat. And NO CAPES!!! (remember the Incredibles?). I couldn’t help but notice that the ‘more Kleya-approved’ version is also distinctly flat-chested. Maybe nobody ever told her that heroes often have sex-appeal? Though I fear such might lead to a fan-service atmosphere, NaV is better without that. Using fan service is often a cheap shot and a statement of sloppy writing (inability to write character-true in-universe comic relief). After a short roundup I fear NaV is only one of four… Read more »

PS Sex appeal is in no way requered for sexual tension or love interests. Remember the ‘kissing scene’ from the Kat-Bandit battle? The tension was dripping out of my screen. Well written characters can do that, no graphics required.


huzzah! indeed, no need to have the ability to flaunt assets(hahahahaha) when you have good writing. sides, Kleya in real life is distinctly lacking in curves. and I suspect she was always such. she strikes me as the type to be on the thin side and like being so.


Yellow is her fav color and pink is her mother’s. you can see why she drew her first avatar in the extras.


It just looks that way from the front since there’s no shading. Earlier occasions where she was in profile (the only one that comes to mind atm is the server crash) show she does have assets, iirc.

The Merry Lurker

My guess is she doesn’t want villain colors.


I like the design! Why the pink and yellow fascination? She want to try out for the x-men?


knowing Kleya it prolly goes back to the guilt of what happened to her mother. bet you those were colors her mother liked.


Oh, I really like Paddy’s design! Especially the tail!


That avatar is neat, too bad it’s not really her style.


Am I the only one who hopes they somehow convince Kat to use the version Paddy is showing Kleya. The version you did for Paddy’s vision is awesome!


Kat’s avatar possibilities look great! And I can see why she would not want a black / red color combo, but really… Red can be a heroic color as well.


@Aneeka I imagine it did feel like drawing a whole new character. not only is the color scheme kinda different, but it shows her being something we all know she will never be. gregarious XD

Techno Gray

I feel New-Kat’s hair and tail are a bit dark…


I like how those ears point a bit off the the side, while the ones she made go straight up.
You seem to really know how to make her drawing skill not look that good.


What if KAT is Bloody Mary?


i think @The Merry lurker is right, she doesnt want to appear to be “evil” and “villain-like” so she is choosing the most brightest colors and the fact that its her and her mother’s fav color also helps her decision more. I have to admit though, Paddy got some skill lol


So.. Looking again at the two versions, Kleya wants short hair, longer gloves, and an asymmetrical waist wrap, and didn’t include a tail. (And only pink and yellow).

I think a third color would really help, and the suggestion above of white sounds good. I also like the tail.

Do Game avatars ever have nonhuman facial features? I was thinking a more cat-like face could be interesting… Kind of like this:

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

Since one of the other players is a snowman, I’m pretty sure they can make the avatars any way they want, so long as it makes some sense.

Snowmen have weird faces, by the way. Imagine if someone tried eating your nose?


what if her color scheme is related to how she makes her specials?

Hey, I’ve been reading your comic for awhile, but this is the first I’ve commented on it. Just want to say I’m enjoying it and throw in my two cents about Kleya’s thought’s on the Kat Paddy drew up. There has to be more to her rejection then just not wanting villain colors. Since, well I can see black as “villain-like”, I just can’t see red like that. Maybe they don’t exist in this universe, but so many iconic heros have red prominently featured in their color scheme, Superman, The Flash, Spiderman, Wonderwomen, etc. Red just doesn’t seem like a… Read more »

Maybe red was her signature color before, or maybe it’s her father’s favorite color….

Is Jane going to get a makeover too?