‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 502

Colors by Audrey with a bunch of edits by me once again. Everything else is by me, too.


Memory lane:

Dr. Grace and Kim

Not the girl you're looking for


This probably won't improve readers' opinion on Bandit...

For fun, vote to see Kat's thoughts on Bandit's latest idea!



Dude insisted on driving, Danni claimed shotgun, Kat wishes she hadn't agreed to go, Bandit wishes Kat would talk, and no one wanted to sit next to Jane but she didn't care anyway.

Dude insisted on driving, Danni claimed shotgun, Kat wishes she hadn't agreed to go, Bandit wishes Kat would talk, and no one wanted to sit next to Jane but she didn't care anyway. Also, first time drawing a car. Woot!

Aneeka Meetups!

For all the meetups, I'll have a stack of NAV books and be carrying the glow-in-the dark black bag with D and Kleya so I should be easy to spot.

Denver, CO:  Cherry on Top (3000 E. 1st Ave. #106, Denver, CO 80206) on Sat, July 2nd @11am.

Sioux Falls, SD:  CherryBerry (5107 South Louise Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57108) on Mon, July 4 @1pm.

Alexandria, MNPike & Pint Grill (110 30th Ave W, Alexandria, MN 56308) on Tues, July 5 @11am.

Minneapolis, MN: Yogurt Lab (309 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55455) on Tues, July 5 @4pm.

Chicago, IL:  Giordano's () on Wed, July 6 @12pm(noon).

Novi (near Detroit/Ann Arbor), MI: Blossom Berry () on Thurs, July 7 @7pm.

London, Canada: Petit Paris Creperie & Patisserie (130 King Street, London, ON N6A 1C3, Canada) on Fri, July 8th @3pm

Toronto, Canada:  YoYo's Yogurt Cafe (417 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1X6, Canada) on Fri, July 8th @8pm.

Rochester, NY:  Yotality Frozen Yogurt (1380 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620) on Sat, July 9th @2pm.


Can't wait to meet you all!


I would really hope that he reconsiders that. After all, if he is wanting to help her, then killing her, and thus booting her from the group, seems a poor way to do so. Also, if he wants to encourage her to change, then making her attempts to be a hero completely fail, and thus reinforcing the idea that she’s much better at the villain role also seems like a bad idea. He seems much too concerned about Dr. Grace, Kim, and the affect they might have on Kleya’s situation in the long run, and not concerned enough about how… Read more »
Kate from Iowa

Yeah, but who knows what they can see when it comes to looking at the code. If he whispers to her and gets caught, everything goes belly up anyway.

When it comes to looking at code, I feel like Jake and Kleya would be the ones who can see the most, and he would know how to communicate with her without them being able to observe it. After all, nobody knows the game like Kleya does. That’s why she was so invincible. Dr. Grace and Kim couldn’t look too closely into the code, because otherwise they could have known how her specials work without asking her, and yet she can see how other specials work. Jake should at least be able to get a message to her, that he… Read more »

Yeah, well, they can’t really work together if they don’t trust each other… and they don’t.

That’s a major oversimplification. The fact is, they’ve known each other for an extremely long time, and have worked together often in the past. They both know the other person’s identity, and the way they’ve been interacting, neither would be surprised to know that their identity has been discovered. While she may not completely trust him, if he explained what was going on, she would likely know him well enough to believe that there were people searching for her. As such, she might be wary, but should still go along with his plan, while keeping an eye on him to… Read more »

… Is Bandit TRYING to get tree’d, or just plain shredded by someone for being so obsessed with saving Kat by what might be the worst method possible?

Or, is this an actually viable plan? If he kills Kat, it proves she’s not perfect, and keeps her out of the limelight, while also keeping them… Who am I kidding? I might not like Bandit, but I don’t think he’s this stupid!

Either he’s going to wise up and change his target, or he’s going to be interrupted by a returning Jane, or something else.


You get treed for using an AoE attack that destroys the environment. He knows what attacks are safe to use here.

kit ramos
I think he knows what to do not to get tree’d here but I don’t think Killing Kat is a good plan. especially if you don’t tell her why your doing it. Even the most docile animals will fight fiercely when backed into a corner. putting her into a situation where she’s got no other way to survive but to hack is surely going to cause more problems then it’ll solve on multiple levels. Not to mention the very people that he’s so worried about paying to much attention to kat will wonder in either case why he’s suddenly so… Read more »
Jeudi Violist

…and then Bloo—Jane saves the day!

(I know I’ve been calling this ever since we met her, but sooner or later she’s got to save the day.)


I for one like him. he’s doing what he can to protect Kat, while also trying to find proof that she should be protected.


I’m fanatically shipping Bandit and Kleya 🙂 All the tension between them is just romantic tension!


That’s delusional. Backstabbing and killing your girlfriend in a game almost always turns out to be an egregiously bad, stupid idea.

He just. Thought. About KILLING her. Even though she did something that would strongly suggest that she’s not the same person. This isn’t about protecting her, this isn’t about romance, this isn’t about his obligations to Dr. Grace or Kim. This is about him being a jack*ss who doesn’t share his plans with everybody and CONSTANTLY assumes he’s smarter than everyone else in the room because he’s good at playing a video game. He’s an egotistical sh**head who honestly thinks it’s always best for him to take control of the situation, because other people can’t take care of themselves. If… Read more »
3-I, all of that is pure biased anti-Bandit conjecture that has no basis in the story, and doesn’t even adhere to the situation or the viewpoints of the characters. Please recognize that your opinion does not fit with the storylines as they are currently revealed to us. Everything he wants to do is, so far, entirely logical. From what we can cobble together he can’t work with her that he knows of (so far) because he’s afraid of tipping her off that he knows it’s her. He’s also morbidly afraid of her enemies and persecutors finding out it’s her through… Read more »

There was no logic in what he did, it was just one of his stupid selfabsorbed plans, just like the bully AI girls

This attack does not help at all, what does he even think he can achieve with that? Getting someone killed so Kleya loses her 100% will prove what exactly? He is just a backstabbing and nothing more and or less.

His actions are pointless, there is no way they lead to the results you proclaim are wanted by bandit.


Here’s the thing, If Bandit Kills her, then it’s very possible that her esone/skill levels will not be affected by the other carnage around her since her PK is removed from the fight. Thus, she keeps her 100%, he can talk to her, and it shows everyone that she’s not perfect.

The only gamble in this situation that I can see is whether or not she defends herself through hacking.

kit ramos
While I’d agree that he doesn’t have a lot of time to think though this and that he does need a way to make sure dispel the belief that she’s the one still there are better ways of doing that. even if she is starting to turn over a new leaf pushing her into a corner is not a good idea here. plus him suddenly pking someone on his own team isn’t going to get those people he’s worried about figuring this out more suspicious especially if she some how survives the attack, or worse she doesn’t but then in… Read more »
Oh, please, he’s had days to think about this. NONE of this is conjecture; it’s based on every thought process we’ve seen him have thus far. Every interaction he’s had with Dr. Grace and TENKA has been about him hiding what he really knows, trying to find a way to weasel his way out of things, and assuming he knows better than everyone else. And logic? The LOGICAL thing to do was not to risk D destroying the game. The LOGICAL thing wasn’t to attack Kat to protect Kleya from being seen as “too good at the game” based on… Read more »



You keep dividing the dialogue text over multiple pages. This is really annoying to read when we only get one page every couple of days. It would be better for me as a reader to get 2 pages at once on Friday if you insist on breaking up sentences like that. I always have to flip back a few pages in order to read the whole sentence at once anyways.


This probably won’t be a problem for those who are reading it in the printed editions, for which she probably is designing these panels. It’s better she design it well for the book, I think — and besides, this way, it leaves us with even greater cliffhangers!


Poor Kat. Though the fireball looks amazing. I definitely love Bandits expression in the last panel though. He looks like he’s just discovered that ice is wet if you melt it.


G-d d*** it Bandit. You just figured out that your last plan was stupid. Don’t screw it up now by making up a worse one!


Plot twist: Bandit was the actual psychotic super-hacker and Kat was the scapegoat for it all

Evidence: Just look at that face


I can actually believe that



I believe it.

Chiu ChunLing
Or, when Kleya appeared to have done whatever she appeared to have done, she was claiming credit for having done something in a game and didn’t realize until later that someone had done that in real life and blamed it on her. This seems like the most likely scenario by far to me. After all, how could she (or anyone) have hacked the Earth’s magnetic field unless someone had created an actual device of some kind that could catastrophically alter it? Nobody is claiming she built that herself. But Bandit is serving as a prime example of how being willing… Read more »
Aneeka, what you do to Bandit it evil! 🙂 He is getting stupider by the second and Dr. Grace and Kim will start suspecting him of being a double agent. He really should sleep more. But man, the last time I saw eyes like his was when I played Yandere Simulator. In case of girls it’s kinda cute when they’re all like “I love you, so I have to kill you.”, but in case of Bandit I just want to hit my head repeatedly on my desk. I am still of the opinion that the best way of keeping her… Read more »

A’ight. Wow. Okay, yeah, that’s it; at that, I have to take a page out of John Oliver’s handbook.


“Are you *F***ING* KIDDING ME!?”

(Note that’s at Bandit, not you, Aneeka.)


Kat might even possibly go along with this plan if Jake were to explain it to her in advance, but everything they do is monitored. (She does really like that 100%, though.)

Jane is still likely to kill someone , so maybe Jake will get to avoid this particular bit of evil.

I don’t know why everyone is hating on Bandit. He is stuck in the middle, both within himself and between the Tenka higher ups and Kleya. He both loves and hates her and is hoping she has changed, but intellectually knowing someone has changed is different from knowing it in your heart; which I think he now knows. Based on the links Aneeka has provided, I think Dr Grace would not kill her as she has changed from the Destruct Me Leader, but not everyone shares that view. The Prez in particular would kill her and I’m suspicious that the… Read more »

I have a suspicion of who Kleya’s Dad is, but I’m going to leave it under wraps.

I think the man would want to put himself in a place that would eventually attract Kleya, if she ever ended up in the game.


Pffff, Bandit, you know you’re not going to kill her. Stop kidding yourself. I think you are going to jump in there and protect Kat with an explodey shield or something. You know you want to.


Wow, for a minute there, reading Bandit’s last statement, I thought, “You do that, and I am done with the series.”
Like my ill will towards a potential evil act from Bandit could spell doom for him.
Yep, for just a few seconds, I had that much hubris.
Go me!


Scary thought now?
That flash of hubris?
Yeah, that is what Kat deals with, every second of every day.
That is what everyone is terrified of.
A person that ego driven that they flipped the board on the entire planet rather than lose…
And suddenly you realize why he figures that this is a situation where any plan makes sense. ANY PLAN.


Of course that assumes she truly was responsible I have my doubts. It seems more likely that the company that runs the game is either really responsible or took advantage of a natural disaster, one they perhaps made worse by kicking off a witch-hunt that made everything much worse.

No no, you guys, that would work. She’d be bigger than ever. She keeps her 100% at the cost of her life. That 100% is not about being the best, it’s about not letting anyone die. If bandit kills anyone while she’s around, she’ll have failed… if bandit tries to kill her, then she comes off looking like the one who will always save others at the cost of anything. It’s an image thing, which works especially well with how she’s been sacrificing her fan appeal to stick up for her friends. Better yet, in an attempt to kill Kat,… Read more »

Does kinda make us wonder what Bloody Mary has been up to all this time, doesn’t it?

Yep, I’ve kinda been waiting for the perfect page to call her appearance right before she does. Coincidentally, this would be a quite good moment for her to appear. Bandit getting PK’ed at the very moment he thinks about PK’ing Kat… would have some poetic value. But I don’t think it’s time for her appearance yet. First we have to see if Kat survived the blast. There’s also still a fight going on. The best moments for a jump scare are at situations of idle tension or relaxed peace, they have less effect in the middle of the action. Although…… Read more »
The problems with Jake’s plan: 1) Danni. She’s still way too inexperienced to survive all of this without support, and of course too proud to tell people that her literal life depends on this; 2) He’s going to lose his only channel of communication with Kat. Seriously, I doubt she’d keep the Kleya avatar, too… on the other hand, there’s Mina, and Kleya made promises… yeah this is going to introduce additional complications. Kat really doesn’t need additional complications. She barely began recovering. Other than that, I guess it’s not bad? Y’know, other than the whole ‘antagonizing Kat even worse’… Read more »
I suspect that talking or whispering is not an option for Bandit, because Tenka monitors literally everything he says in Game or Life, but yes, the plan he pursues is stupid. You don’t check whether or not a mine is still active by stomping on it repeatedly. I mean, aside from the danger (as shown with the power outage), you can’t even get a definite result in case you don’t get blown up. But hey, maybe Jane’s plan of killing Danni works better at gaining her trust (as both her and Sandra are planning on doing). I wonder how many… Read more »

He did wisper stuff to Dude which already gave away that he knows Kat has some precognition thing from the code, when she foresaw the attack of the enemy group and summoned that crazy looking flower monster to suck it up.

Yeah, true, I’m not sure what to make of that yet. They know she can predict moves in hand-to-hand combat, but having the Mean Eater ready in time was on a different level entirely. But if Tenka would not be able to hear his whispers then he would have the option of talking to her instead of e.g. writing a message to the whole group after the power outage just to contact her. Maybe Tenka will inquire about the Mean Eater at some point, but he can justify his whispering to her as “don’t let any innocent bystanders know that… Read more »
Or… he makes sure to talk to Brandon SO MUCH that Tenka doesn’t bother to read his chats. After all they are very, very tight on time. Any chats to or from Kleya would be read on a server they can monitor would be read. But not chats with his best friend. Not even in-game ones. That means that The Dude could carry messages to Kleya… but only on the sponsor server. And THEY have even more motive to go ballistic on “the face of evil herself”. TENKA at least has a powerful issue they know they need her help… Read more »

It’s official. Bandit is a moron. Jury back, verdict given, judgment to be served. Brand it on his forehead, make him wear a dunce cap. MORON. All capitals. With fourishes.


I like how “Brand it on” is close to “Brandon”. 🙂 The Dude would be the most humiliating person to receive the Moron mark from.


Brandon, brand it on Bandit.

Word play!!! ^^


You can Try.


“Sorry Kat, I have to kill you to save you.” – yeah, not exactly a good pickup line there Bandit.


eeeeee! I’m so happy he finally knows she’s good now!
WOOT WOOT! Also now he’s going to try to mess up her hundred percent to help her without anyone knowing? I LOVE HOW CONVOLUTED AND TWISTED AND MESSY IT ALL IS!
the next updates are gonna be h*lla interesting <3
SO many great developments this time XXD


To be frank if he wants her 100% to loose he could commit a suicide as well 🙂

Autumn Fyre

oh, haha, I just finished saying that.


Then he wouldn’t be able to use his position to continue help hiding her identity.

Arsenic adict

I can’t beli… scratch that, I totally can believe it, there you go:

The official dedicated site to the official set of rules for Calling Shotgun.

That’s the internet for you.


I actually think it’d be cool to see Kat die 😀
I’d miss her cute character design, but with her popularity and skills, she should be able to make it back into the game easily, now with the Bandit as her nemesis. Also, if Kat was out of the game for a while, Danni would have to learn to defend herself real quick.


Noo Bandit don’t kill Kat! I know you’re smarter than that! (Also I just picked this comic back up after *forgetting* about it for a while [life got busy D:] and I am LOVING it! It took me a while to find it again but I’m so glad I did. First I tried finding it via the L.I.F.E. title but that wasn’t working so I googled Virtual Reality Webcomic and looked at the images until I found Kleya! <3 and I came back just in time because I live in Wisconsin and am so excited to come see you in… Read more »

Well that’s gonna leave a mark


Was Dude trying to protect Dani like people were suggesting? He’s in front and she’s pushing him back.

Autumn Fyre

. . . or he could kill himself.

Dear Bandit, Hey there Jake. What’s that? You’re trying to protect her, and not let her do crazy sh** at the same time? Here’s an idea! DON’T DO SOMETHING THAT WILL DERAIL HER SO BAD SHE COULD (conceivably) DECIDE TO SAY F*** IT TO THE WHOLE NEW LEAF THING! (Really though, he calls HER impulsive and stubborn?) Also, at this point, a 2nd attack at your teammates? Even if you don’t care what the fans think (I would expect confused), once MIGHT pass as an accident to the people you are trying to hide her from. Twice, and this time… Read more »

Again, I stress. It’s only been a couple of seconds for him since this situation came up. We’re the audience, we cannot condemn someone who thinks faster and more accurately than we do under pressure for not having some amazingly perfect gods-blessed plan that solves world hunger and fixes the apocalypse.

It is a plan that would work. He hasn’t had time to sit down for a strategy meeting.


Bandit. Stop. Just stop. Your last brilliant idea was a pathetic failure. All you achieved was digging a deeper hole.


First off I completely understand Bandit’s thinking and honestly can get behind it.

Second off Dancer girls legs just don’t look right. You might want to take a look at that before you release the physical book because that needs a touch up.

I love the last panel. Bandit has been thinking about killing someone somehow these last few pages to knock Kat down from her pedestal of 100%. Then he saw her take this hit, which he never expected her to do, and now he has an option he never thought was possible before. He can kill Kat. I love his face upon realizing that the unbeatable is now beatable, and it may be his easiest way of protecting her from the eyes of the those who would hunt her down. Given the look of shock on his face and the fact… Read more »
Aneeka, Greetings and salutations from Denver. It was fun talking, and oh, the art of D & Kat walking – fantastic. I also liked what little I learned of what the future holds for the story. Which isn’t much (alas, zero plot, zero setting, and zero character details was revealed) but I don’t need much. I now expect that I shall watch this story for as long as the updates continue. In all fairness, I do have a mischievous streak, but not so much that I’d drop hints to fictional futures for the characters (a bald lie if there ever… Read more »

Hey, Aneeka! That forehead in the second to last panel goes out a little too far. Trim it more round sloping to the right and you should be good to go… (I’m sure you know what to do).


I just want to point out that Jake hasn’t actually done anything yet. The thought has occurred to him, but as yet we don’t know that he has resolved to follow through on it. It is simply the first option to come to his head.

Now, it is quite possible that he will try to kill Kat here, as it is one of those things that he might do in the world of Bandit-logic, but then again he might decide on something else. Soooo… just wait until the next comic before throwing out condemnations, okay?



Dude, err, Bandit, that’s like, probably the riskiest thing you could possibly do right now. In every possible way. I think the only thing close would be pissing off/trying to kill Jane.

I do wonder, though……if an Erbana dies, does it could as part of losing their 100%? (Assuming it does, but it’d keep her from going nuts on him in-game, so it probably is the only way to keep her cover and % as intact as possible. So long as she doesn’t go “Bandit! What the h***?!” in a violent manner.)

Craig Rawe

The vote incentive Angry D… can we have that as a poster or T-Shirt please? That looks great!

Thursday Violist

Just had this thought:
It would be so creepy/cool if, as Jane killed another player, she recited the nursery rhyme “Hush little baby, don’t say a word”.


AAAHHH! I’m going to Chicago for a trip with my summer group. Problem is on Wednesday we’ll be at a university for lunch T?T and we would be at Giordano’s (I don’t know if there is multiple places) tomorrow…..

Such a coincidence, even if it was a day and a few hours off.


Hey Question. Am I the only who is thinking about kat getting killed then winning the tournament and getting the space created by her character “death” again and again? I mean… Kats have 9 lives!

Trying to approach this from Bandit’s perspective…I can see why the idea would occur to him. He desperately wants proof that he can show his superiors “look, she’s not perfect,” and if Kat dies, well, clearly she wasn’t Kleya. From a game strategy standpoint, of course, it’s really stupid. Kat is the only character capable of healing, and even if The Game does allow you to heal over time, offing your own healer is a terrible idea. In fact, this was a terrible idea from the point Sandra revealed the plan to have Jane attack Danni – if the watchers… Read more »

that expression X_X