OOOOOH, clever move on his part.


I really hope our new side-story with Annie will give some more clues about Kleya’s past.


Nice plot twist! So they’re taking the “retaliatory” aspect of her special as a sign it’s not her? Speaking of specials, Kleya/Kat had better get her special first in the next match against Bandit if she wants to have a good chance at winning!(well, she’ll win for sure if she gets it) Even though the last battles were handicapped or had problems in some way (poor avatar, being hacked) Bandit still seems to fight well.


I’m guessing that the ‘her’ they are talking about isn’t known for letting others harm her, she’s to aggressive for that. So unless ‘she’ has turned over a new leaf then Bandit is right and it can’t be ‘her’. Of course, going by Kleya’s internal monologues I’ve got a feeling it is ‘her’ and that she has turned over the new leaf.

that one guy

Let’s list all the mentions of people on this page that have yet to be confirmed, and their possible answers!

1. Insane user = Bloody Mary? Possibly Kleya’s mom?

2. They don’t want HIM getting involved. = Saisuke?

3. Bandit doesn’t think it’s HER. = Hacker Girl

Arghh! I can’t wait for more! This is honestly one of my favorite comics.


<3 Dr. Grace. He's so clever.


“She’s not masochistic.”
“And how do you know that?”
“I… uh… can we change the subject now?”


so Bandit found out how it works, ’bout time someone did.

One of the reasons I do get so uncomfortable commenting in this comic. While I do understand Kleya has a major advantage in terms of overall skill and hacker or player-power over most of the players here, I am finding it annoying that everybody’s first experiment is to perform attacks that cause such issues. Sorry, I play videogames a lot, and the first sign not to attack and to start prepping some crazy dodge tricks is that the other person is standing still with a smile on their face. It’s like the judo pose of videogaming. That said, people don’t… Read more »
Tim C
I disagree. In most of the video-games I play, but that’s mostly Player-vs-Environment. In player-vs-player combat, there’s rarely an opportunity for that sort of ace in the hole. If someone backs off and stands still in a fighting game, I expect that they’re prepared with a mid-range attack as soon as I try to close the distance, so either I answer with a long-range attack or by closing to close range as quickly as possible. In either case, I’m attacking. If someone backs off and stands still in World of Warcraft (back when I still played, and if I were… Read more »
I apologize, I mainly play turn based games, where most enemies make this big announcement “COME AT ME”(Legend of Dragoon, the one enemy with straight red squares, cannot remember his name. I think he joins your team near the end of the game and that was the first fight), laugh and hold their weapon behind their head(I’m not entirely sure where, but I distinctly recall one game with this, might just be imagining things. I think it was a flail.) or, in the case of Wild Arms 4, make some big announcement(Every single one of the last bosses except the… Read more »
Tim C
Your examples are all from single-player games, though, except for Soul Calibur. The game designers in those games script their bosses to tell the player how to beat them – they’re playing to lose. Players are (usually) playing to win, so if a -player- acts the way a scripted boss does, I assume they’re either a rookie, bluffing, or both. They aren’t normally able to adopt a stance that counters all attacks – if they are, that’s a problem with the game’s balance. They also aren’t playing to lose, and so would be adopting the counter stance in a position… Read more »
Maybe I’m really dense, but I don’t see why you’re apologizing for that comment… what you just said was a valid point. Indeed, it’s something experience learns you the harsh way in video games… One of the possible explanations is that The Game is the only fighting game left in this apocalyptic world, and if there was a long time since the last really talented and vicious enough player (2 years that Kleya was playing dead, if memory serves), it’s possible that people just lack that kind of experience. But because I love to shoot myself in the foot, I… Read more »

I’m just going by patterns. People didn’t tend to like the way I phrased things normally as I try to avoid the black/white “One person is good, or this action is evil/wrong” that people have been doing. Last time I did that, people outright ignored 3/4ths of the posts’ statements to instead claim that I was wrong just ‘because.’

Thank you for your politeness and thought in your statements.

I don’t think it’s that obvious the special is working like that, you really have to think about it, and it seems most people try to attack fast, since they don’t want the opponent to do anything. Just hit hard, hit fast, win fast. Thats a normal behaviour for gamers in deathmatches, right? After seeing how the special works my first thought was, that trick should get old rather fast, but if your opponent doesn’t know, it should still work once, thats all you really need anyway. There is also the big question, how experienced are her opponents? Danny saw… Read more »
No, it isn’t obvious in the slightest and I do give credit that you realize that it is not and still thought about my statement without just directly denying it. My complaint is that peoples’ first experiment is always to attack, and not to attempt to observe or prepare a dodge. Especially given that all of the specials’ hitboxes seem to be based on the graphics and as such have a relatively clear area of where you need to go to avoid being touched. In most Deathmatch games, if I see something I haven’t ever seen before, especially something with… Read more »
One thing you’ve got to remember is that we only saw 3 matches completely. The others were just shown to us with the user getting hit. Its probably possible that in some of those matches, the opponent waited a while and tried to figure out what the item is. But the match is still a time match and so after a while, they probably decided that it was a broken special or to trust their luck and try and win. The first match we saw, the person had no special ability, just raw strength. His goal is to hit hard… Read more »

I’m not sure that glancing at the stats is really a cheat… Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know the in-Game tools, but it seems quite possible that those are available for who knows where to look. If it really was a cheat, Kleya would try with all her might not to do it…


ya i had forgotten bout that. thanks for the insight, been a while since i played straight up fighting games. i think the last one i played where it was easy to do that was the dbz fighting games.

Scott's Folly
I can see your point, but I’m not sure that the reasoning follows all the way. I’m not much of a gamer, but I do fencing and I can recognise the apparent tactic. It’s fairly common, particularly in epee, to wait for your opponent to attack and then hit them with a counter-attack or parry-riposte. They’re off-balance and concentrating on their attack, so they may not react in time to parry, and even if they do you learn about their preferences. This scenario also makes sense from the attacker’s perspective: you know your opponent’s waiting for you, so you can… Read more »

Bandit has the advantage of having seen it more than once.

Squire James

Remember that The Rules forbid the participants from watching each others’ matches, so most of them go into battle unaware of Specials used in previous matches. An open question goes along the lines of: do they actually “see” the participants’ stats, or is that something only Hackers get to see?


d*** kleya has so many ppl after her, i know she knows Tenka is involved but i bet she must of pissed off other groups


Well, first loss except the times he fought Kleya…

Tim C

Naw, he “won” both of those. The first time because Kleya was bullied into forfeiting after the match, and the second time because the fans voted him to victory after the match was canceled.


I like how contestants aren’t allowed to see others’ matches, yet he is.


They aren’t forbidden, it just usually makes it impossible with the back-to-back format. I think a lot of people have friends watching other matches and feeding them info like Mina did for Kleya about Bloody Mary


Page 121 makes it seem like it is forbidden. Bandit mentions that the rules state something when his boss makes him watch the fight.


Hmmm I always thought that was it was forbidden to leave the death match area /deliberately delay a match (both of which Bandit did to talk to Dr. Grace)


Interesting idea. But doesn’t that still mean that watching the deathmatch is more or less forbidden? Because if you can’t leave the deathmatch area, you can’t view the other matches. Not because of the back-to-back format.

Though, I also would expect fans to tell the player about their upcoming player. So, even if the player can’t watch the match, they would still have an idea of what they are up against.


wow a lively discussion indeed…yay fan speculation!!!!


Zounds, aneeka, you have GREAT commenters. (they go nicely with your comic 🙂 Congratulations