So his special power would appear to be “dramatically overwhelming random encounter” or something like that. Definitely fits the comic relief motif.


Nah, its more like his luck is over 9000. Whether that is bad luck or good luck is questionable.

Alexander The 1st

His luck is so min-maxed that it overflowed and became a huge negative number.


In the Dude’s case? Whatever is funnier, while still keeping him alive.


Such a fickle thing.
Some people wouldn’t have any luck if they didn’t have bad luck.
Others? Other people had their mother run away before they were born, and would probably consider those people lucky.
Still, The Dude can probably aim for a tree.


Aw, the Dude didn’t turn into a giant after all. 🙁

But bet you’re happy that you can finally show off your feet-drawing skills. 😉

Also it’s interesting that the Dude is apparently such a fast runner that this thing wasn’t able to catch up to him for quite some time.

Sooo, I wonder if the Dude’s finding a non-native monster has something to do with his luck card. Whether it’s good or bad luck is still in the open though. Maybe the saliva of that monster can be used for healing.


Well you have to be good at your core competencies, right?

Also running is the time honored Plan C of the Order of the Stick.

Arcanist Lupus

I like the implication that the Dude has been screaming nonstop since he left the screen.


Leave it to The Dude to find not only a monster, but a monster that shouldn’t even be there in the first place.


Oh I see, he went to get something *slightly* less murderous than Jane 😛

Liquid Gold

They’re just love nibbles…really…

Fire Hazard

Of course Dude’s main strategy is to pull aggro a la Fansy the bard


Is the tree dissipating or is just a cool game effect? (I am not sure if dissipate is the word I am looking for, maybe dissolving/disintegrating/recycled(in terms of the computer resources used)).


I think what you’re seeing is ivy growing on the tree trunk.


Where the h*** did THAT come from? o.O
Run Dude, RUN!!!

Alexander The 1st

Another island.


Dude screamed so loud that behemoth thought it was a mating call.


Hey, with them having to jump into the trees, she’ll be able to gather that one plant we saw earlier without breaking any rules.


She was already gathering it before Dude showed up; that was why she was in the tree, and Dude tried jumping up one.


It’s like Chewbacca and Snarf had a feral, bloodthirsty child.


Well, it IS the Dude we’re talking about.


Oh my g-d.

Best reaction to a random monster 10/10


Based on the author’s note all I can think is:
“Guess who’s back; back a-gain;
The Dude is back; With a friend”

I don’t know if it was intended to be an Eminem quasi reference but ill take it anyway.

Agreeing with the above posters, the Dude seems to be blessed with Luck, neither good or bad, but definitely strange

Thai Axtell

Oh a wild poke’mon has appear


it gives you luck! Luck? cool.
no no your supposed to ask what kind of luck! omfg that mistake can have crap consequences ya know…


@ Alex: the beast isn’t native to this island and its 1/3 G here. might explain The Dude avoiding tooth and nail 😛

my prediction is its gonna try to eat the last 2 on the ground and get bound too lol


By the previous pages, it seems like D might’ve spawned this without Kat’s okay, and Bandit is sufficiently plussed about the fact that “Kat” has spawned a non-native animal into the game world.

This could get bad.


Its not that D spawned it it so much as the AI whom runs the game who was made by Kat’s dad spawned it. D just gave her a heads up it was inbound.


Maybe this is The Dude’s power. It would actually be a quite useful Special to spawn a bloodthirsty monster during a fight; even if it didn’t kill your enemy it would at least introduce chaos, and give you the opportunity to run and/or hide.



Tim C

That was my immediate response as well, and I didn’t even play EverQuest.

In actuality, though, I think Kat’s going to tame it. She might still have malerve if The Game doesn’t clear people’s inventories after the tutorial.


The dude did say that his special required excessive violence.


If it’s not native to this island, perhaps there is a wY to explain its presence…

Did the Dude find a third team, one with a friendly pet?


Okay, sure, it’s a monster that’ll prolly try to kill one or more of the characters, but it’s a fluffy kitty and I want to cuddle it!
*tries and fails to cuddle fluffy monster through computer monitor*


Ah. The Dude.
Doin’ what the Dude does best.


Dude! What did you DO?! I mean….DUDE!


I just love The Dude. He is an inconsistent odd man with a knack for causing trouble in the best way.

Ethan Mitchell

Dude, thy name is Butt Monkey, and a butt monkey shalt thou be.