I can see where this is going.

Dude has a Special that is excessively violent, and as far as the other team is concerned Kat is the only person stopping him from using that Special by just being there. She’s probably going threaten them with this by saying that if they don’t walk away, she will. Once she’s out of range, Dude could go all out with his Special.

It would be nice to see Kat pull up a replay of said Special and throw it into the face of the other team as she’s pulling off her gamble.


I think you might have gotten it wrong, the Dude did not say that his special is violent, he specifically says his specials “requires” excessive violence. Like a fish require water to swim. The specials themselves might not be violent at all, eck, they might be geared toward putting a stop to the violence but they can’t be used without it.


ya didn’t it say In the game trials that it was a randomly triggered special not one that he used when ever he felt like it. the trigger could be violence


Good catch, I had forgotten that despite re-reading that part recently.

Wow, thanks for changing the layer of the speech bubbles in panel 5 to be above the Dude, I didn’t expect them to explicitly desire Jane’s permanent death. O_O Sorry that your mouth-drawing skills went to waste because of my curiosity. The “I promise” bubble has 2 borderlines btw. To Bandit I’m all like: “Yes, Captain Obvious, she’ll make plans with someone who doesn’t have a 100% b**tard-alignment whenever he’s around her. Go back to your two NPC-bullies, you can make plans with them.” And for Dude I am wondering why his “I’m cool then!” is bold and with a… Read more »

I agree, the “I’m cool then!” comment didn’t make much sense to me. I’m guessing it ties into his fear that Kat is going to massacre them all, so he thinks he has a few tricks she doesn’t know?


I figured his “I’m cool then!” meant “I was cool during the game trials (then)!”


I got the impression from his “I’m cool then!” that he was either worried Kat was getting angry at him, or he was excited to learn that someone who intentionally avoids popular things didn’t watch his replay because that would mean he’s popular.


Kat at the end there

“Of course it does”

Alexander The 1st

Leave it to The Dude to rely on a ridiculous overkill attack.


I love Bandit’s exasperation there. Made me crack up. =D


Heh,”excessive violence”…

That’s not the answer Kat wanted to hear, Dude! 😛


“What is my not-girlfriend saying?”


After the third read, I understood.


…Okay, on second reread I’ve managed to remember that red is Dude and pink is Kat.
Is he upset she didn’t watch his replays because he looked very cool in them? Awww.

Bandit, try and whisper at her yourself. Maybe you’ll figure something out despite being Demoli.


I feel like everyone should be reminded about page 136.

It might be important right about now.


Kat thinking; He’s got a random Special. Not very complicated, but it’s designed well. Well enough to not leak how the Special is triggered…

No-one’s told Brandon he’s fired yet, have they…?


Snort! Bandit is jealous!

Squire James

Now I can see a good reason why Dude forfeited in the Trials (in addition to the valid reasons he gave). His special triggers when the “violence level” passes a certain threshold, and elsewhere he admits he’s pretty weak without his special. Kat was standing there using a special that basically forbids violence, punishable by immediately losing.

Dude seems to have some level of “hacker vision”, so perhaps he knew he had no path to victory anyway!

Rowen Morland

Was he in on the idea that Kat might have been HER, when the trial were happening. Because I can imagine him being too intimidated to want to tangle with her directly.


Pretty sure he didn’t know Kat was Her at the time, he was shocked when Jake told him after the later fight.

Also, I don’t think Dude has hacker vision, he just knows the game.


He acts like that’s a bad thing.


Jake’s jeeeealoooous >:3

Hey, I missed the update. It didn’t show up on the homepage. At least, not for me.


Still not showing up, actually.


You know that kind of mistake when you’re talking privately to too many people at once and end up sending a message to the wrong person? I’m waiting for Brandon to mess up any moment now.


Found this comic through an ad on EGS, iirc. Just got up to date. Nice read!

Minor nitpick though: on page 3 the bot tells Kleya that citizens aren’t allowed to nap in the library. Kleya being an outsider, should that be reworded? Perhaps use persons, as you do on page 35?
(also: “in designated-only areas” ==> “in designated areas only”)

Please keep doing what you’re doing, it is good fun!


it would if this world wosn’t made before the hacker intinces it may be old code lord know i do it to