Ah, Langusto d’Oliviera is named Vize then. 🙂

Looks like Kat plans on taking on 3 opponents at once (including their Demoli). I wonder: Since the Dude’s Special requires “excessive” violence, this might not mean he requires “a lot” of violence but rather “more violence than needed”, so 3 people attacking Kat might allow him to trigger it..

@Danni: Break a Leg! :p


Telling a dancer to break a leg, though metaphorically and in a virtual world, seems strangely inappropriate 😛


In the performing arts, however, people are notoriously suspicious of luck. In fact, that’s where the phrase “break a leg” came from, because instead of wishing luck, which would then backfire and make them have none, they wish something bad upon them that would cripple their performance, thus rendering exactly the opposite to happen, which is to say, that they would have good luck. So its almost literally the most appropriate thing that could be said to a dancer in a situation like this. 😛


True, but I wanted to be inappropriate, because her leg is already half-broken. 😛 Ok, maybe not half, but she probably got some tendons snapped.

Tendons heal moderately quickly with generally no lasting damage (at least torn tendons do, but I would imagine they would still be able to stitch a snapped tendon back properly even during the aftermath), so I’d imagine what happened to Danni to be more along the lines of a bad sprain or something. However, thinking about it, her statements about her Reality that we’ve heard so far makes me assume that she’s on life support or something of that ilk (since one of her flashbacks had one of her parents saying ‘Please let our daughter keep living’); given that, and… Read more »

While that is one theory on the origin of the phrase, there are others. Including that the curtains used to have wooden “legs” and “breaking a leg” involved enough bows(raising and lowering the curtain) to literally break a leg on the curtain.

Um, in other news… AWESOME PAGE ANEEKA!!


Actually, while performers in general will say “break a leg”, the dancers I know typically don’t for exactly the reason natc said. They often say “merde” instead. Both have sort of complicated origins.


Good point there. I think it was a “well made random special, without leaking trigger conditions”. So it could be triggered by people attacking Kat for all we know. But it could also only work on PvP Violence. That could make Dude/Kat combo quite powerfull (anyone focussing either will be hit by the special. She can just CC everyone).


Plus he’s already behind them AND they’re ignoring him (coward ran off, didn’t he?), so he’s in a perfect rear attack flanking position. So if it takes a moment for his Special to activate, he’ll have a higher level of safety for it all to happen…

…Or if he finds Jane & lures her into the fight, she could butcher them, attacking from behind…


I just realized that the screaming could have been to lure Jane.


Wouldn’t that mess with Kat’s perfect Erbana score though?


Maybe, but if it was to summon Jane, he probably doesn’t care about Kat’s Erbana score…


Thanks! 🙂

I have a bad feeling about this… Did Kleya use the wrong wording, accidentally giving Danni an impossible quest? I feel like it could be a twist in this situation but Kat was extra careful about quest wording earlier so she probably thought about this and choose her words carefully. Still can’t help but think she did something wrong and will be faced with the dilemna of wether or not to hack to fix it… I’m laughing my a** off at the redhead sword wielder. “She took out her own group’s Demoli, blocked an attack from our group’s Demoli with… Read more »

Danni just seems a bit surprised, as in “wait how do I do that?” It’s not an impossible quest, just a hard one. If she kills someone or if the group wipes before she can take one out, she simply fails the quest.


Neutralize can have many meanings, for example disarming them, keeping them busy long enough, etc.


I think Danni’s acceptance was the problem. The system might have interpreted her as accepting both the quest Kleya gave, and the ‘Get the blue girl’ that the other player said.


PS: What are you unhappy about regarding the page? If it’s your feet-drawing skills I am going to laugh. 😀 Be happy that they didn’t get wasted completely for once.

I like the child-like happy look on Betty’s face when he declared dibs on the Erbana. Is he still underestimating Kat or does he wish to be wrapped up as well? 😉


“But I have a sword, I can chop up any plants she tries to use on me…”

I’d say VERY underestimating the young lady who just took out 2 Demolis…


Well, plants can be cut, depending on his ability and strength and the amount of plants he receives, but Kat might do something different instead, e.g. making them sneeze like Jane, because spores can’t be cut just like that. Or maybe her Mean Eater can vomit the Demoli attack back on them, because mud-like substances can’t be cut effectively either. 😀


Love Kat’s face there.


If looks could kill that face would violate Erbana


Just had to say: great comment.


I really like the panelling in this page! 😀
So much going on! Things, people, stuff, running!
Great page 😉


Danni’s mind in the last pannel: “HOLY CRAP DID SHE SAY NON-LETHALY HOW AM I GONNA DO THAT?!”

Search a way Danni, or else…

One thing’s for sure, Kat is d*** good at making others obey her, far better than the mani if I may say so.

Tim C

I think Danni is actually being surprised by a pop-up coming up on her UI. She saw Quest Accepted before, but that doesn’t mean she’s used to it.

kit ramos

Yea, though interestingly enough doesn’t mean she can’t still hurt them, she just can’t kill them. but often times non-lethal attacks are thought of as the ones trying to minimize damage. So that certainly could be throwing her off.

or it’s also possible that her surprise has nothing to do with the quest, but she recognizes the name that the guy in the other group just called out.

Oooooh. I like that mentality, reminds me of my old days as dungeon master. -“Wait wait wat… You’re using a heavy flame attack? But I thought you said you wanted to keep that NPC alive!” +”Well yeah but I know she has 45 livepoints and at maximum I’ll do 2d20+3 points of damage… I said non-lethal I didn’t say painless.” That moment when one of the characters stabbed a guy, threw him off a skyscraper and shot at him as he fell, and just shrugged it off as “yeah ok I’m supposed not to kill characters for no reason, but… Read more »

Hoo, wonder if the new quest is gonna be all jumbled due to the game adding all of the words together to form it..


It might say
“Quest Accepted:
Non-lethally kill a member
of the hero group.”


I love this page! Danni is expressing a lot more confidence, and Kat is about to open up a can of whoop-a**! And I love the way the Morto charges in so happily 😀

As for what Danni sees in the last panel…could it be the return of The Dude / Jane?


My guess is this is already “taking too long to find that card”.

If the other group gets incapacitated before she does finishes the quest, that quest could become one the those technically completable but impossible to complete quests. She could still complete it because they would eventually get back up but when they do the main party would be long gone. Depending on how the game interprets quests, better option for Kat to say would have been something along the line “insure that someone in their group is non-lethally neutralized”. That way if someone else does the neutralizing the quest is still completed if Danni takes part in the combat. this makes… Read more »
Alexander The 1st

That *is* a nice touch on the most damaged person opting to fight the pacifist.

Good catch.


Nicely spotted Hydrocow. He is 79% damaged, so at least he knows she won’t just kick his head off or something like that…

In case noone remembers…
Here’s a link to the actual comic where Kat looks at their allegiance & damage levels…
…And here’s a link to Leilatha’s listing of all their allegiance & damage levels, so you don’t have to squint…


should have added a hedging clause to that quest like

“make a good faith effort to:


I wonder if were about to see Dani deploying the special Kat made for her. Surely the special was coded to be non-lethal by kat. After all I’m not sure how Danni can easily do non-lethal otherwise, is a light punch on someone charging you with a sword that happens to have one HP a kill, or does the game have a system for lowing hp to zero without killing?

Squire James

Grabbing someone and keeping that person from doing something counts, even if it’s just for a short time (she didn’t specify how long the neutralization had to last). I wouldn’t put it past Kat to continually give easy quests as the battle develops…


Hmm that’s a good point. Danni might not recognize that though.


Has everyone forgotten that Danni’s already hurt? She described it earlier as ‘a flashing light that gets bigger when she stands on the leg Jane sliced’. It also got bigger when she kicked Dude. I think she’s reacting to the game reminding her she’s already been injured and running/kicking is making/going to make it worse.


I didn’t think of that…but the fact that the background in the last panel is red might be a good indicator that you’re right.


What’s so hard about that? Just means she can’t kill’m


D overhears this and thinks Kat was talking to Him.
*Your alignment is now neutral
*Your alignment is now neutral
*Your alignment is now neutral
*Your alignment is now neutral
‘Did I help?’ *Targets are neutral-ized, *Danni’s quest complete.
‘Kat: ‘….Yes but please don’t do that again.’


LOL I don’t think Kat would like that… 😛


Finally, got through, have been enjoying your comic.
FYI for a bit one of the side banners was occupying the entire webpage and did not have the “x” to report it.


Sorry, just added Ad blocker so I could get in to answer, it was gone for a moment when I posted earlier. It was an Ad which had “adchoices” at the top of its banner, it looks like it was on the right side of your webpage. I turned ad blocker off when I got back onto your site so I can see which one it was. I see your comic then suddenly that ad blocks/covers the page. I know you get money from the ads, so do not want to use ad blocker when visiting your page.