Fire Hazard

That close-up of Bandit’s mouth is HAWT!


“Don’t worry Dude, I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to hurt you…really…really…bad”


“You’ll be surprised what you can live through…”

kit ramos

that is what I was thinking when I saw that part.


I wonder how the game recognizes verbal commands…


We’ve already seen NPCs which can hold a pretty decent conversation, rather than repeat the same sentence over and over. Heck, we know AIs like D can actually make their own judgement calls, and understand complex verbal commands. And, given that the game was made by the same people, before the end, it’s reasonable to assume the game itself has a sufficiently advanced verbal recognizer.

Alexander The 1st

“Bug report: Quest given by another player turns out to be bugged, and the quest flag won’t trigger properly.”


Also, Bandit being *helpful*? To someone *not* in on one of his conspiracies?That’s…

…What next? Bandit changes to Cardista alignment?


Well, Jake is not a bad person… I think.

kit ramos
Well it’s not just Dani he’s helping out here. though more indirectly on the others. Plus he’s probably helping himself out to some degree. I mean it doesn’t help his group out any if Dani does end up getting caught in that trap. And also Jane may also give out some quests that he’d rather not have Dani get sucked into, possibly because of said conspiracy’s. he also gets to play the role of the smart suave guy that saves her from some big potential pitfall he might be able to use that latter if he ever does need to… Read more »

It comes through quite clearly that it is Bandit talking xD


True, tho having it mentioned in the pop-up text thing does help…


I have a felling Danni is about to have a headache from the wall-o-text Bandit just sent her way.


Bandit seems so sinister in that panel for some reason.


For some reason….


He’s totally pure Good


I love how totally scared he is of the tiny little flower-loving pacifist girl.


I love how you totally think he is scared of the tiny little flower-loving pacifist girl. Because he’s actually scared of her because he’s 99% positive she’s the hacker chick. the big ugly mean girl who thought life was a game and in the process destroyed human kind. Wouldn’t you be scared if she were grabbing you right now, even if she WAS dressed up in a pink leotard or something? =D

Though to be honest, that is a pretty hilarious scene.


To be honest I would be scared too if I suspected her of that. Their post apocalyptic world seems to need computer to run. Who is to say what she could do after what already happened? And she has a bit of a temper.


I didn’t have a problem working out who was Whispering. Now that I’ve seen it done once, the color coding makes sense.

Poor, naive Danni… there is no such thing as *just* a quest; any one of them could change your life (or at least your popularity stats). 🙂


Worst case, Danni will be given a quest that involves killing someone. Since Kat is Erbana, she can’t let anyone die, so they won’t be able to both succeed in the game. I think.


I just read through the entire backlog of NAV and I really enjoy the story so far. I’ll looking forward to see where this goes and how Kat redeems herself.

So the Erbana route is incredibly difficult due to having to collect lots of plants to do anything; the Kesti route is incredibly difficult due to having to ask everyone you meet if they’ve got a quest, and if so, carry out their wording to the letter (with some quests being impossible – I wonder if you have the opportunity to refuse a quest if it’s likely it’ll take too long or is worded so poorly as to make it impossible); so it’s likely there’s a big catch to Cardista as well. Then again, the Guide to the Alignments in… Read more »

Wait, Demoli is ranged attacks?


Another problem with the villainous alignments is that you’re not likely to have any longer-term team-ups or assistance, because everyone who meets you will be aware that you get your power-ups from betraying and/or killing other players, and while it may be cool to /watch/ for the audience, most people will be much less enthusiastic about being the victim than they are about being the audience…


So. Kind of bravely, or kind of defends?



I’d say kind of both )))


He bravely runs away.