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you might not be able to officially carry over bounty’s but I’d guess with how infamous bloody marry is, it was reissued for her.


Yup. While bounties may not carry over, grudges certainly do.

I know this is pretty off topic, but making an Archive binge (wanted to see if any of janes puppets looked like the old BM avatar) I noticed something: It might be that D, Tenkas Anti-Hacking System and the Virus are one and the same being. – It was heavily aluded that the AH System and D are one and the same (back when Danni got hacked, D attacked, but Tenka said it was thier AH system) – Tenka might only tell everyone outside the Virus is the AH system, because they do not want to cause panic and it… Read more »
I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while now. D, as an AI, seems to respond to what Kat wants more than what she tells it to do which leads to accidental hacks. It’s particularly protective of her emotional state, even shutting down and deleting part of the game because she didn’t want to be a villain. So it would make sense that D is also causing problems for everyone that says something bad about her. You also forgot the fact that Bandit could get around the virus with a backdoor Kleya installed in the anti-hacking system. Page 324
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I thought this was generally assumed to be the case for a while actually, I am sure people were speculating about before. May have just been me.

Awakened Aardvark
My theory is that D was created as an experimental, learning AI to assist and defend her code. However, some code spread outside of her control (stolen from/by her father, a company she was working with, etc). The person (maybe a government, or somebody working for the government?) who ends up with it, uses it either offensively or defensively (or its just hit as collateral). As a hypothetical, lets suppose they tried to hack into the police databases. The police IT dudes respond. D is now defending Kleya’s code from the police, and probably overdoes it. Things escalate. D, the… Read more »

Uh, at this point I thought that was a given?


Happy new year! Really awesome comic, Aneeka, in all regards. Keep up the great work, and get well. May starting the new year sick, be your biggest problem! 🙂


I find it interesting that people are positive the two characters are the same person

That said, I wonder how this bounty thing works. Is it just an informal part of the game or is it built in? 🙂


Well, all of the characters assumed it early, which led to us (the audience) assuming it. It was later confirmed by Sandra, indirectly, that Jane used to be Bloody Mary to the team itself. Jane herself confirmed it, again, indirectly, at about the same time.

Because of this, the team knows it is true and does not object when others assume Jane to be Bloody Mary. Others assume it automatically because of the dolls special, which was apparently a trademark of Bloody Mary.


I’m thinking that maybe Jane just wants people to think that she’s Bloody Mary to boost popularity.


I wonder if Kat’s going to agree… Danni needs quests, and all Kat would technically need to do is leave the area. On the other hand, Danni is a vulnerable newbie whose life is literally on the line here, so Kat probably won’t want to leave her. Not to mention cheating the game’s alignment rules like that is not very NICE…

Okay, that’s an interesting twist. As for the bounty I agree with kit ramos: I think that the old bounty is gone, but a lot of BM-haters created a new one the very moment she entered the Game. But that doesn’t explain what the other party actually wants from our “heroes”. What do they gain from telling the main characters about the bounty? Popularity? Some money from those who offer the bounty? And oh my god I LOVE how that girl emphasized that there is a “nice” bounty on Jane’s head, mocking Kat’s intention. Though I’m still kinda surprised that… Read more »

I wonder how Jane is going to respondd when she finds out that Kat is her strongest defender in the group?

Oh, and Happy New Year and get well soon! 🙂 I was lucky enough not to be sick. Btw: I got an idea for when you need time to create a buffer, like when the Dude’s adventure was happening: Maybe you could create sprites of your characters in a couple of different poses, but with much less detail than now, and write some silly non-canon adventures for those. Kinda like “8 Bit theatre” or “Bob and George” or they could look like Anime chibis (i.e. with oversized heads). With sprites you will be able to reuse more stuff. Maybe some… Read more »
kit ramos

Hehe, that would be fun to see the gang turned into chibi’s but also aware that their avatars are much different now and that they seem suck that way.


lol, I assume you mean “stuck”? 😀
What’s the problem with them being stuck that way? Isn’t that a good thing if you want to create Chibis?

Btw: Lookie here 😀


Aneeka’s already had a similar idea, in the form of a stick figure filler story – Dude The Great:


Yes, I did mention it above.


Or if everyone tried drawing their own avatars, like Kat’s big-headed one in the tournament.

Wow… I’m actually not expecting to be this early. Anyway, when will you even going to go show and tell like the whole story, I like the method of yours (Foreshadowing/?) but sometimes but curiosity sometimes go asking ‘WWW’, When, What and Why? (I’ve actually finished this abbreviation just now.) And probably her name ‘Mary’ weren’t suppose to be Bloody (Making puns) and if I found that Jane or Mary or maybe even Bloodier Mary is actually related to Kat… Should I be surprise here? Not sure if I am supposed to be surprise. Anyway, I only answered What (The… Read more »
Thing is that even after all this time… I’m not sure exactly what it is that Kat did in the past to make everyone hate her so much, what effect it actually had on society, what drove her to it or why she feels so bad about it. That makes it somewhat difficult to sympathize with the main character, just knowing she’s trying to repent and prove she’s changed for doing SOMETHING but we’re not sure exactly what. But at the same time, a lot of the readers here seem to clue into the game itself a lot better than… Read more »
Things Kat did: *Fight an entire army. *Implicated in leadership of hacking group that sent mechas and cars on rampages around the world. *Implicated in environmental disaster involving destruction of the atmosphere and volcanos. **Apocalypse involving loss of most of the world’s population and arable land. In my view, at best she was a child prodigy whose programs and talents were framed for the apocalypse. At worst, she was complicit in the apocalypse. Either way I give her a lot of leeway because she was definitely a kid. As for her guilt – her mother died during the apocalypse, details… Read more »
Honestly, I think at least half of the reason that the audience finds Kat sympathetic is that we aren’t certain that everything that Kat is hated for is her own work. We know that Kat blames herself, and that she has a very different attitude from before. The problem is that there is very little evidence pointing to what Kleya actually did. When someone is straight faced saying that someone hacked the magnetic field of a planet, the information available to the public can be regarded as somewhat fishy. Kat did something, that we do know. Now whether she was… Read more »
Kat created some kind of security program for TenKa. She then showed Bandit the backdoor she left in it because her dad encouraged a show boating “im better than you” attitude. Well, that program she wrote was using the DeConstructMe logo. Said logo was refered to as “the Virus” by normal people in the reality arc, and was in some way related to Kat letting D off the leash for a second. In the same arc Bandit pointed out that “the Virus” responds to “Original” TenKa employees. Said logo is also on one of Kats screens in here reality home,… Read more »
The idea that D was widely used for security and left systems vulnerable to other hackers after going rogue is interesting. So is the idea that D got more destructive as Kleya felt more threatened. Jake seemed pretty sure that Kleya was behind the destruction of her mom’s hospital, but maybe that actually happened after her mom died, if she went on a rampage out of grief. I still don’t understand quite why Kleya’s dad got grabbed if they wanted to know about Kleya and the cyborg interface… unless perhaps they assumed her dad was the one who got the… Read more »
i like your theories on D, they fit nicely with mine. re: her dad though: i’ve been wondering if her dad wasn’t the true villain behind the events that lead to the apocalypse. i think the fact that he was the greatest mani player ever to be very telling and ominous. and in the first(?) reality scene when she expresses fear of “him” finding her, it’s showing a picture of her and her parents except dad’s torn out, but the general population seems to think him dead? idk, maybe he just didn’t want to be known as her father anymore… Read more »

Well, Bloody MARY JANE the killer is in trouble, it seems…


I spy a loophole.
Bounties can’t follow you once you’ve died. But Mary got banned and never died. Therefore, the bounty’s still on.

Iron Ed

I hope you are feeling much better now, Aneeka!

Stomme poes

hm, I’m curious about the colours:
originally everyone looked white, and according to Sandra, that’s because Tenka’s servers (I assume then also the game servers) only have “white” and “asian” as skin options. Sandra’s own server allows her to show her own colours… but here in the game we see the other team have a range of colours.

Was it that the L.I.F.E service is really the only one that can’t show a proper range of colours?


L. i. F. e. avatars are just a typical “take a base and choose for each feature one of the pre-made variants”, which is why the options are so limited. However, GAME avatars are custom drawn, so they can look like anything.
This is my understanding, anyway.

By the way, I don’t remember “asian” option ever being mentioned… Sandra even said “ONE skin color” o.O


“Bounties can’t follow you when you die?”
Uh, HELLO! This is the INTERNET. Hate, bile, and revenge will follow you from ANYWHERE.


The new incentive is really beautiful. I hope for Kat that she can look like that more often in the future.