Wonderful Drawing!

I also liked Dude showing up.

Wow, so he is actually afraid of her, but yet he does not mind sending the Dude to push her buttons, that is bit of an unfriendly and manipulative treatment of the Dude. The best thing that he can say to Kleya is something along the lines of `Good, you are back; we were afraid that you would be trapped in your Kido and have no one to rescue you. How did you escape? And are you alright? You left pretty upset.’ That would ease the tension (provided he can say it with enough sincerity, not an easy task for… Read more »

Agreed. I really hope and really doubt that he approaches her nicely about this.


I dunno, I’m kind of looking forward to him turning the big reveal into some kind of joke. Like a surprise birthday party! Wherein Kleya blacks out and disconnects from the shock and horror. Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t accomplish anything beyond prompting her to reset her account, but it would be stupendously funny, in a hardcore trolling sort of way.

I’m glad this story doesn’t run on suggestions!


I am guessing that Kleya liked him in the past, so maybe there is a side to her that likes the comedian attitude, maybe we have not seen it yet. But what I have seen so far, I would have to agree with you; if Jake did something like that, she would reset.

Alexander The 1st
If he’s aware that she apparently was masking using a keyboard/mouse interface for the game, and if he’s aware of her territorial approach to being the best (Dude: “He’s the best hacker around!” Kat *In thoughts*: “That’s *my* line!” dialogue from when the temporary game server area was uploaded, not to mention her use of Specials that do ridiculous exploitation of the system), then I’m pretty sure he’s aware trying to pull a “nice” or “worried about what happened to you during the shutdown” is going to make things worse; at best, it’ll trigger her paranoia of “I can handle… Read more »
Hmm, I guess anything that puts her on the spot will probably backfire (and would not be very friendly). His best option for answers, any answers even if they are not the answers, is to help her to become nice; but to do that, he needs to know that she wants to become nice; which in turn depends on his friendship with her; which requires her to trust him; and to gain her trust, he needs to be nice to her… Okay that is a simplification, but there is still a circular problem here. It is a pity, I think… Read more »

I think she knows who he is.

When they first met each other, she thought to herself at his speedy initiation of his special “only one person can do that”. And in the very discussion you quoted, coupled with she presumably knowing that Jake should be with TENka, The Dude more or less tells her that Bandit is indeed Jake. Additionally, if she ever met Brandon in real life he is fairly easily recognised even for someone with as bad social skills as her.


*giggle* Imaginary Kleya is sooo cute! So are the chibi versions of Bandit and Dude. Miniature chibi’s of everyone might be a good idea if you are looking for stuff to fill out a store. (You know, to go with the t-shirts, posters and eventual figurine)

I doubt Bandit is going to get the time of day from Kleya. He’d do better with his L.i.F.e. official persona… Or better yet, a L.i.F.e. avatar that looks as much like him in Reality as possible. He’d be best off not trying to hide that he’s playing Bandit, but if he can distance himself from the character, she may accept that. I happen to think he’s also Sasuke’s user, but she’s got some emotional baggage there, too, so he probably couldn’t easily use that persona to approach her (apart from the extra challenges of trying to have a sensible… Read more »

I think she already suspects his identity, and she will confirm it in an instant by checking some old secret they share.

And I don’t suspect Paddy has good enough logs to make the connection and ask Kleya about the shutdown. I think nobody other than Kleya and Jake has anything but wild and inaccurate speculations.


Wait, could he contact her legitimately? Would they have their contact information (plausible since they are now in a group together)? A simple message “I’m worried. Are you okay?” would be a good place to start.


Seems like a pretty accurate representation of what would happen in each case.


The bit with the Dude made me laugh out loud.

I haven’t commented in awhile. *sigh* Until now I could always say that Bandit was knowingly working for the evil empire that helped framed Kleya. I suppose I suspected that this wasn’t the case but I never liked the man from the moment I found out those two nasty AI’s belonged to him. However, I suppose I have to admit that he honestly seems to know nothing about how the robot uprising happened after all. Just because you turned out not to be irredeemably evil though Bandit, don’t think I’ll suddenly think you are a good guy! >.< On another… Read more »

It certainly feels like you got exactly what you were going for. Only you can say for sure, but it feels like we’re getting a glimpse into his thoughts from the first of the chibi panels.

Also, the site has not been liking me this week. First it wouldn’t let me comment on this page, followed by not letting me see it anymore, and then it refuses to re-load to it when it was supposed to go up. Somedays computers really hate me.


Remember you’re not crazy until you start answering yourself without meaning to— Oh … wait >_>;


Sanity is over-rated.


Im loving the vibe from this one! 🙂
Im so hoping for them to get along in some sort of villain thing and then he pushes for her to be good. Would be both romantic and shocking!

Rodrigo Mello

I don’t think this comment is elaborate enough to be accepted by Aneeka, but since she’s going to read it anyway: VERY funny. Loved this page!


I’m pretty sure none of possible approaches Jake can take could possibly work. It’s Kleya who’s distanced, on her own initiative, and she’s the one who needs to do the legwork to come closer to the edge of her bubble, so to speak. Jake trying to break in will only do damage. He’s as close as he can be, now he can only wait.

Which. Makes sense, given that /Kleya/ is the main character, you know.