She has the nicest smile 🙂

I’m definitely looking forward to how they sort out the problem with Jane. Her goal is to take out everything she can. I wonder how she plans on keeping teammates with that attitude…


I think it’s simple. Jane is a living weapon and a ball of hate and angst and rarrrgh. Point her at the bad guys and whisper in her ear…”They want to eat your little children.” then stand back. WAY back. And watch the fun!


Oh, come ON, what’s so bad about this page’s art?

I wanna know what they whispered. :’-(


(Potentially) first!
I think it looks good, with the exception of the last panel (still good, just not as). I think it looks a little like they were just cut and pasted onto the background.

The angle is inconsistent, is what it is. They people are profile-style, with proportions unchanged for what is (from the background) an angle from above. I.e., the people are drawn as if viewed from the side but the background is clearly from above, which renders the people inconsistent with the background. I think Bandit’s picture in panel 2 is also pretty good, though, as I think through what just happened from his perspective – he’s trying to work out what caused Kat to smile (what message Danni sent), not being as surprised as Dude was about her smiling in the… Read more »

Aha! I noticed the effect and you determined and explained the cause. I thank you.
Also, thanks for not ragging on my attempted “first”.

Iron Ed
I think you are partially right; I don’t think it’s as far off as you seem to be saying. The girls actually look pretty good, especially Danni. The boys are a little more off. What makes them look more ‘off’ to me is that their feet and lower legs are never partially obscured by the high grass they appear to be standing in. Overall I think the art and coloring are excellent. I particularly like panel three this time, although I don’t think either of them’s legs quite match each other the overall looks and poses are great. Now if… Read more »

The non-overlapping grass contributes, too, but I think with the way the grass is drawn there simply isn’t enough of it to be viewed from the more horizontal angle the characters indicate; i.e., it’s not dense enough, if you want it to be at the angle that the characters are drawn from. I agree that they guys are more off than the girls, though.


But then, I’m more of a geometer than an artist, so I’ll notice angles far earlier than I’ll notice other issues. E.g., the lightened circles around them (which I’m assuming is something artificial from the Game, because I don’t know what lighting effect would be causing that) could be contributing to the odd-looking panel as well.


Dude, you deserve the looks she gives you here. If the girl smiles, *don’t make her stop*!

The wide-eyed look in panel 3 and her “usual” look in panel 4 did indeed come out quite well, it’s mostly the big heads in the first 2 panels that don’t quite work.


Cowards 🙂


I’m really wondering what the audience is making of the dude’s fear of Kat. “seriously why is he afraid of the pacifistic healer character? I suppose she has a good glare but she only stunned Jane for a few seconds instead of killing her, Whats the big deal?”

kit ramos
because, he’s so creeped out about Kat in general. if it was any other ” pacifistic healer character” he wouldn’t be at all. but he wouldn’t put it past Kat to find some way to bend the rules and kill or at least seriously hurt him with out loosing her role. And unlike with Jane where you can least see when you set her off and possibly have a chance to defend yourself with Kat there’s no telling. Least that’s how he sees it. Personally I don’t think Kat would do anything to dude unless she had to.

*WE* know why the dud is afraid of cat, but the audience doesn’t. The obviously don’t have a clue who everyone suspects her of, you don’t want tok now what they would do if they did. So to the audience the Dude is strangely terrified of an oddly quite peaceful person who doesn’t seem like she would hurt a fly. Then again…that is how most people describe the person that just went on a killing spree when asked about him later….


Then again, with The Dude acting irrationally a lot, and getting spooked easily, the audience likely just thinks he’s overacting everything, hence being bullied (before giving the quest) and glared at making him jump doesn’t feel too far-fetched.


lol, the “dud”. Probably unintentional, but kinda fitting to what he does all the time.


yes ‘dud’ was a typo, one of many, I learned not to try writing messages from my cellphone. but I also admit as soon as I went back to re-read the post (and wished I had an edit button) that was the one typo I actually didn’t mind too much 😉


I bet she can attack you as long as she does not finish you. Keeping you alive and crippled with her powers while prolonging your suffering… Or something like that

Alexander The 1st

In fact, attacking but not dealing a fatal blow would lower her Morto alignment, so it’d be the best way to be peaceful.

As for why he’s afraid of her, even if she’s playing a pacifist character, that’s in-game; nothing says she won’t take her revenge out on him in L.I.F.E. or Reality, where she won’t be limited by alignment. :p


I think Lug meant Kat, not Danni.


Ugh, I need an edit button. I meant that Lug was talking about Kat attacking and not killing – Kat doesn’t have any Morto alignment to lower, so it wouldn’t be an issue – but I don’t think Erbana can do any damaging attacking.

Also, LIFE has “no attacks” rule, it was mentioned in the very beginning, when Kleya hit one of the NPC bullies.

Ethan Mitchell

Compared to what? Effective tactic for popularity or not what’s lower than trying to off your team first thing?

Alexander The 1st

Actually offing your team first thing.


Dude’s face when Kat smiles is absolutely wonderful. And the art is very clever, using the exact same pose for both of them. And then Dude ruins the moment anyway. Seems about right.


Fooby think Aneeka forgot to link from last comic to this comic :/

Alexander The 1st

So…now I’m curious to know if that was a group-Whisper, or if Kat wasn’t supposed to have picked up on that.

Mostly because Danni seems surprised that Kleya responded to that.

Also, I like how the Dude is consistent in his hiding away from people he’s afraid of.


The face in Panel 2 is Dude’s, not Danni’s.

Alexander The 1st

Ah; I see it now – my bad.

Secret kept hidden…Sort of.

Megan S

I love Bandit’s face in the second panel. Like he’s trying really hard not to smile at Kat smiling


Silly Dude, Kat can’t kill you or it’d damage her Erbana rating.

Assassination by proxy, on the other hand…Yet another reason to avoid getting on Jane’s bad side?


High level erbanas can’t allow anyone to die within a set range of themselves. So unless she went far enough away assassination by proxy would hurt her. And since she’s selected erbana as the “nice” route, and that chances are good that players would see her interacting with whoever she contracted to assassinate The Dude, she’d never do it because that isn’t nice.

Relevant comic: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-394/


I love Kat’s doom glare. Scariest “healer” ever.


Nicknames for Kat’s “Class” while in the Erbana Alignment:
Doom Healer
Flower of Doom
Not-So-Nice Healer
Nice Glare


I love Danni’s pose in the fifth panel! It’s beautifully done! And, man, the look Kat is giving Dude in the fourth panel is priceless! Especially in contrast to her look in the third panel. And her smile is so cute… I just have a lot of love for this whole page. 🙂


Don’t be taken in
By her welcome grin.
She’s imagining how well you’d blow up with TNT-laced skin.


I can smile… Being around you makes it very difficult though…


Just wanted to let you know, Aneeka, that the feet look nice on this page. I know you’ve been worried about that in the past, and they look good. 🙂


Oh no… I’m shipping Danni/Kat too hard now… Especially since after the previous page came out I thought, “now imagine if Kat smiles and hugs Danni because of this”, and half of my wild dream came true!

And Kat in the 3rd panel looks really cute to me for some reason, I love it!


Honestly, the stupefied surprise of Kat in panel 3 is just too funny. My favorite panel of this page

I have two points; Dude’s fear of Kat and Jane’s previous group. Dude’s fear of Kat… seems unfounded to everyone. I’d think that it’d definitely elicit a bit of thought on Kat’s part especially. If she does suspect him of being in league with bandit, we never got any indication from Kat. If she doesn’t suspect it, then his fear of her should cause her to question whether she can make people forgive her for her part in the apocalyptic cataclysm. She’s a pacifist healer who’s never done a single HP of damage to a character, yet somehow this Dude… Read more »
I forgot that Bandit and the Dude were teamed, so Kleya would suspect anything either does. Even with Kleya’s less than average social awareness, I still think that Kley would care more about tracking her popularity so that she can figure out hone in on the character traits needed to win over the world into forgiving her. It seems a bit too naive of Kleya to think that simply pairing with Saisuke will make everyone love her… It still bothers me that a perfectionist like Kleya has a goal of earning popularity, while at the same time not caring about… Read more »

The Dude fears Erbana?

Is that normal?