*goosebumps* Will she dare it or not? I would like to see them battle just as much as I would like to see Jane backing down for once.

My bet is that she won’t attack the only other party member who consciously chose a villain alignment. Also making enemies of everyone around you is the fastest way of losing any multiplayer game.


Have to agree. In a strategygame I am playing, one declared war on all of his neighbours. Now he complains every few turns, about the alliances they joined and that he is alone now.

Never declare war on someone unless you intend to completely wipe them out and swiftly. and never declare war on multiple opponents or those that have an alliance unless you can take on both (or all depending on how many are in the alliance) at the same time. reminds me of a Civ based game i played once…i pissed off ALL the NPCs and they all tried to gang up on me…too bad for them i had better resources and more troops 😀 once they finished their attacks i went in and took over their cities one by one and… Read more »

Never start a fight you aren’t going to win. Sounds like military tactics to me.

Ethan Mitchell

Ah Bandit. Never were much for subtlety were you. Why don’t you just motion for her to come at you with the bird while you’re at it?


I think this is more of a remark towards his alignment. If she kills him then their team is more likely gonna be aligned as a hero team and she wants a villian team. The reason she would try to kill the other girl was cause she would had changed the teams alignment.

Fire Hazard

Poor Jane 🙁 She just wants to kill people.


I don’t think she wants to so much as that is the kind of role she’s playing.


So if his fighting style made him popular… does he throw his clothes at enemies? That would surely make him popular with girls… XD

Alexander The 1st

Now I’m reminded of the xkcd Fillion battle.

That said, Demoli does seem like the alignment that would leave the most tattered clothing from explosions, if that’s a thing.


Usually he ties his bandana around his eyes and that raises his other stats to compensate. Demoli seems to be a relatively new strategy for him.


Yeah, looks like Jane is re-thinking that ‘kill a party member’ plan…. The viewers must be loving all this, though. DRAMA!

I expect Paddy is still in charge of handling the channel feed, switching back and forth between groups of players, now that they’ve split up. Should we assume that what we see in the comic is what Paddy is focusing on?

Yeah, this is a great opening for a Cardista-Demoli-Morto-Morto-Erbana party. A boogey who is trying to kill everything, an inexperienced newbie who still kicks hard (and has a unique combat style that the boogey is apparently not ready for), a cocky bad*ss fighter with good imagination and large-scale approach to destruction, a skillful wildcard nobody was or ever will be expecting (because nobody knows what Erbanas can do), and a comic relief sidekick (sorry Dude, them’s the breaks) They’ll draw in the viewers alright 😀 And even if what we see right now is Paddy’s show, I don’t think it’ll… Read more »
Scott McCarthy

“n inexperienced newbie who still kicks hard ”

I keep wondering why they did not try and use Danni’s new player status as a draw, I mean there can not be that many people who are completely new to “The Game” around, so they should be able to market that to draw in viewers as it would be different than everyone else.

Alexander The 1st

It’s possible they have an archive of old streams of early game stuff, so the audience in general just doesn’t want to see more of that – they want to see min-maxed awesome powers.

Sort of like asking people who watch WoW raids to watch someone go through the grinding to get to max level to get to the raids.


Question is, is he comic relief, or ‘red shirt’ ?




He is the guy you trip to serve as a distraction and hope the baddies go for.


So much for 100% morto. She probably -lost- path points for this debacle.

My heart weeps at her lack of ability to murder party members. 😛


actually she is still aiming for 90% but has a hard time with it do to her not wanting to kill kids.

and here is my proof


lol yeah, she’ll orphan the kids, but won’t kill them…. Kinda mixed feelings here.

On the subject of “Jane needs to kill everyone/Katt can’t let anyone die”, I’m reminded of an old piece of 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons lore. To sum it up: there was a Lawful Good priest who refused to ever cause harm to anyone, instead using an enchanted staff that would paralyze attackers for about an hour, allowing him ample time to escape. On his travels, he was joined by a friendly wolf who became his loyal companion, scouting for him, warning him of ambushes, etc. What the priest didn’t know was that the wolf was both intelligent and evil,… Read more »

I had never heard of that. Guess I have a new NPC!

I just went and looked it up (I knew got a few details wrong). It comes from “The Complete Book of Villains”: “I remember that dog. Our healer found it wounded on a path in the forest. He nursed it back to health, and it followed him everywhere. The thing was a telepath. The healer was a pacifist who would not harm a creature, even in self-defense, using only an enchanted whip that stunned attackers. What he didn’t realize was that as they traveled, the dog would double back and feed on the stunned creatures the healer left in his… Read more »

Alternate title:
Jane’s Sad Day.


Alt alt title: The day it rained on the jane parade


Wow, Jane just lowered her weapon.


And then Jane proposes an alliance?


Is it just me or does Jane look like shes pouting in the last panel, what with the hunched shoulders and depressed attitude? Almost as if the next panel will show jane throwing a temper tantrum.


*puppy eyes* “I can haz killing spree?”


Jane is going to have to find and kill *a lot* of NPCs to make up her score.


Hmm, if a lot of the trees are transformed NPCs, could she meet her quota by starting a forest fire?


She looks so defeated and sad.. 🙁