Okaaayyy, so I guess that means Danni’s kick was really soft and she fell simply because she lost her balance through the minor recoil after this. Man, two pages ago it looked like that kick could have sent Jane flying into the next treetop.


I was under the impression that she kicked jane. Jane took a swing and either hit or miss and in reaction to that Danni jumped back.


on previous page you can clearly see that Danni is wounded…(she fell because she wanted to get away from that Sickle.. or whatever that is ) + Jane is experienced player unlike Danni, so she knows how to take a punch without “flying into the next treetop” 🙂

Danni got a minor scratch. Jane definitely took a heavier hit than her. And in an area where the gravity is so low that Danni has the time to remark on how she is still falling (when she fell only about half a meter), a heavy kick to the face has to send the opponent flying. And judging from the angle of the kick the next treetop would be a good estimate. I believe that in the Game you can sort of steer like you can in the mists, because otherwise there is just no way for Jane to recover… Read more »

Jane did NOT take heavier hit.. Danni is a Dancer, so i dont think she kicked straight.. it looked more like slap by foot (that Jane may have even dodged..) than kick that would send her flying 🙂
and i hope it is not HP-based game 🙂


Of course Danni didn’t kick straight. That’s why she should’ve hit Jane’s chin, which would have meant instant K.O., unless it’s HP-based. Also

1. Jane did not dodge, because the comic displayed a “sound effect”. And here: it shows that Danni CAN kick indeed. 🙂
2. The tournament was HP-based. Just watch Kat’s battles. So it’s likely that the Game has HP, too. But the most recent comic implies that injuries are possible, too, which makes me wonder whether the chin is a vital area or not.


Watcher: But what’s the point of erbana?

Game Dev: Flower power, man.

(Erbana is literally the highly-intelligent hippie class)


Alignment, not class.
(the difference is, anybody can use it, not just someone who chose to make it their go-to solution)

Also I want to play it SO MUCH


Ooh a peace bloom stopping Jane. She’s going to be mad.


I don’t think the “peace bloom” is having an ‘active effect’ on Jane, but may be causing more of a shock that someone just blew a flower into her face. Maybe even set off some memories that are normally repressed? Seems like that would be more something that would happen in NAV.


I love the incredible and diverse power of Botany


Flower Power!

Some kind of Erbana hippy magic?


I’m figuring the “dandelion” seeds are actually some kind of hypnotic or sedative, since otherwise Kleya could have just grabbed Jane’s arm, interrupting her swing and knocking her off-balance long enough for Danni to recover.

Alexander The 1st

I don’t know, a hypnotic or sedative seems like a Mani tool to me…I’m calling it being an exploit of the emotions system in the game or triggering in-game allergic reactions or something similar.

Then again, all of these are short term tactics to dealing with Jane, so…I wonder what it will be.

Kessy Athena

Well, since we seem to be going with the hippie theme and flower power, maybe it’s a “special” dandelion? You know, the kind that will leave Jane giggling madly and talking about all the pretty colors….

Alexander The 1st

You know, now that you mention it, Jane in the last panel seems more sad than angry…so maybe instead of giggling madly, more sobbing madly at the flower seeds flying off into the air that she hallucinates as her children…

Sort of like Scarecrow the Batman villain, only…a hero? Hey, Scarecrow’s power doesn’t *technically* kill people… :p


It could also not be a special at all. It could be that Kat hopes to inspire Jane to be peaceful by admiring the beauty of nature.

…Yea, I think your explanation is way more likely as well.


bad*ss Erbana GO!


Nice save Kat. D***, the weird gravity did not do Danni any favors, but at least she got some back-up when she needed it.

Do all Erbana actions have to do with flowers? I mean, I guess it makes sense for the concept but still, the symbolism is going to get old really fast if Kat’s go to solution for every problem is grab the nearest magic flower.


I think that’s why the fans were so upset – because they have the notion that Erbana is boring. But then, we’ve been told that no one has seen Erbana played *well* in a long time. With Kleya’s knowledge of the fine points of the game, I think she’ll be able to make it super interesting.

It’s easy to think that a novel written without the letter “E” would suck, or nobody can write a good poem with 17 syllables, but those constraints become powerful tools if you’re really a master of your craft.

Karen Lynn

“Have a flower, nap!”


Allergies! My only weakness.


NOTHING interrupts a violent killing then a sudden…allergic reaction to plant life shoved right into your nose and eyes….>.> Nonviolent, annoying as all get-out, and if it works really well, you can use it repeatedly.


No sound effect, either? I vote “PIFF!” 😉


I like how even Jane’s eyes aren’t fully blacked in after getting hit with the seeds.

The shadowing on Jane’s nose plus Kat’s hand covering most of her mouth kinda makes it look like the line for her nose is a small smile though


Finally we get to see the Erbana powers!!! Can’t wait to see next update XD


I like Erbana! Not direct, very sneaky. Just the sort of thing Kleya’s needed to learn.


That’s a tree flower… Her father turns people into trees. There must be a mechanism for that. What better than a booby trapped plant that you brush against, releasing the script via the seeds? Poetic…

I admit, last page I was curious about Kleya’s actions. I know that Erbana can’t let anything die within their range, but I wasn’t sure if that included plants and animals. (I’m still not clear on that, to be honest.) So when she picked that flower I immediately thought that killing it like that wasn’t following the route. But if that’s a flower in the seeding stage, then she’s technically creating MORE life than she’s taking. Though, I guess this all hinges on Erbana including plants under life, I suppose. Given previous pages detailed them gathering plants, I suppose that… Read more »

Ha! Take this! Pollen attack! Now you’ll be forced to sneeze for 5 minutes straight!


*Looney Toon voice* No! Not.,.Not the daffodil!

I can’t remember the animal that was losing all the bets, but I’m hearing the voice of that animal from the gambling bug skit, with the background music- kind of like when they show a Rube Goldberg/Acme style machine.


Mary Jane with her sketchier eyes and whole expression looks… worried? sad? suprised? having a flashback? going to sneeze?


Reminds me of old magic, “I’m attacking with everything I have!!” Green player”fog” Other player “D**it!”. Loving the comic.


You have to also remember that it has been so long since anyone played Erbana out of fear of the Virus that even those who do know how to handle them would have gotten rusty and out of practice regarding them, and a good chunk may have never encountered an Erbana at all.

What I’m trying to say is being an Erbana, there probably aren’t many strats for handling her class since it is the ‘Taboo’ Class.

an enigmatic feline

her mother was a famous erbana player before her death. It’s safe to assume that kat has some strats that she is aware of.


Well of course Kat would. I was referring to a player engaging an Erbana Player in PVP. At this point folks are out of practice or just plain never played or played against one in recent times due to stark fear of the class being rolled to begin with. With the game being lucrative and only allowed to be played by select individuals, it leaves an even greater disparity. If even before the end people did know how to deal with them, those strategies have become unpracticed and dull by now.


Yup. This is why I’m thinking Kat’s gonna get super popular – out of sheer novelty if nothing else.


Allergies. You now have them.


The coloring on the last few Game panels is lovely – great job Jemma !

By analogy to sticking flowers into tank cannons IRL, I would expect the dandelion to temporary stop Jane from performing any acts of violence. On the flip side, the dandelion seeds in the last panel somehow remind me of “Grave of the fireflies”…


i wonder if jane’s got hayfever…