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No one really wants to know the secret, right? 😉


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Nick Cooper

I like the idea that Jake is intentionally keeping the group a villain group because Kleya needs to learn to control her temper. He is trying to teach her a lesson knowing that it will likely still upset her, just because he wants her to learn she can’t throw a tantrum and get her way.


Yeah, but what Jake doesn’t know is that there are two problems with this new plan:
One is that Kat actually already knows this lesson. As far as we can tell, she wasn’t trying to get her way through hacking, she just… snapped.
And the other is that the only way they can keep the group’s villain status is by making Dude a villain as well =D not that there’s much point to it, seeing how Kleya and Danni worked it out fair and square, without any threatening or pressure %)


Yeah, the one who needs to be shut up in this issue ironically isn’t Kleya, but D.
I guess even with a backdoor password built into his virus nobody’s too sure what D is capable of and willing to do.


Huh… okay, while before I thought that Brandon is overreacting a lot, now I actually see his point. Who betrayed once can betray again, huh?
*I don’t know if it’s exactly betrayal, it’s just that I’ve been there before*

But I laughed so much on this exchange of “not my girlfriend” – “stop trying to deny it” between the lines 😀


Ok, I didn’t expect that one coming. You really do like to keep the tension up. 🙂
“Just allow her to live a peaceful LiFe” would be too boring.


I want to know ( ???? ?)

I guess Shanghai memories got stuck a bit too deep into Brandon. Can’t blame him though, but when you are dealing with a superior force, sometimes it’s better to take your chances than not to. Even if Kleya wasn’t so “overpowered”, there are always ways to apply appropriate levels skills for the good of something. Yes, she might’ve gone koo-koo back in the day, any entitled person does, but if she indeed wants to fix it – there’s more good to be done by fixing than by getting killed\imprisoned. But since Kleya controls D, actually controls, not “disables with an… Read more »

Yay, he got it!
…although yeah, Dude kinda has a point there…

Nah, course we don’t. 😉 We can guess a bit though. First up, whatever the plan was it was almost certainly to do with “the virus”. Almost the only things we have seen Tenka people talk about are A: Kleya and B: “the virus”. We also know that D is quite capable of shutting down the entirety of Tenka city. We also know that Tenka wants everyone to think it is just an anti-hacking program (heh) and from the most recent reality section it seems pretty apparent that he/it has an impact on everyday life in Tenka city (or at… Read more »

Hey, nice guess. Sounds quite probable to me.
But, um… the route you mean here is Demoli.


Yeah I did, thanks :). I’m not good with names. I meant to go back and check before posting but forgot 🙁


Recently a friend wanted me to suggest her some webcomics she hadn’t read before, but which I thought she’d like. NAVi easily made my Top 10.

Here’s my own description: “You know how the world ended, right? Well, have no fear, LiFe is back online! Just find a working computer and a headset, and you can be among people again! That is, unless you live at a safe city, then you’ll have to toil on the farms. Main character may have caused the world’s end, at least she was blamed for it.”


Jane probably would, just for the potential mayhem of association.


Good one 🙂


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I laughed at the vote incentive when I realized that ‘Dude, you are not helping the situation’ could refer to himself.


“I like my ignorant bliss.” I like that line. How do you know you’re ignorant unless someone points it out to you? If ignornace is bliss, why aren’t more people happy?

I like Jake’s smile in the second panel. His smug little look at getting Brandon to back down just makes me laugh. I really really hope Jake’s plan to keep the group villains fails miserably. He’s entirely too smug for his own good. Don’t take that the wrong way. I love his character but I get a certain kind of glee watching a smug character’s plans tumble down around them. Plus Kleya just keeps getting kicked over and over again. She deserves at least one win for her side. Brandon also makes a really good argument here. No one is… Read more »