‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 373


Kleya burned through several playmates. Jake was the first one that could keep up with her.


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Confession time is near. I can feel it in my… er… I can’t think of anything…


I can feel it in my glands!




My intestines!

Alexander The 1st

In your spleen?


In my concussion!


In my cyborg implants!


page 372 still needs to be linked to this one, i.e. the yellow arrow isn’t lighting up.


I’m glad she figured it out, but I wonder what the telling clue was? Just his skill with the Game? (Even the fact that he can send messages as his Game persona? Or can anyone do that?)

By extension, she really ought to be able to figure out that he knows her identity as well, unless she insists on thinking she’s that much smarter than anyone else, which would be very dangerous.


Mannerisms, style? She is hiding and trying to change her style to the exact opposite on purpose, and Jake still recognized her. He himself isn’t hiding, and if he is roleplaying, it doesn’t seem to be very creative: most likely the same persona he always had. Especially seeing how he tried to appeal to her by doing her favorite route… Jake isn’t exactly being subtle.


Meant to post this before, but this has quickly jumped to the top of my favorite comics list. Became a donator because I love the story so much so far!


Desire… to strangle her dad… intensifying…

Kessy Athena

Seriously, it’s like he’s competing for the title of worst parent ever.


Oh, I’d say he’s no competition against parents who pimp out their little kids into prostitution and child porn. Which is a real thing that happens.

But what he’s done is more than enough.



Pah! That’s loser talk. Kleya simply reprogramed the system and hacked it so she had an invincible avatar. She’s a rebel that makes her own rules.

If Jake can’t manage to out hack her then he deserves to lose. In an online universe, the ‘rules’ are whatever you make them to be. Why follow the maze to get out when you can just hack the system that lets you fly above it? You can basically be a living god online with enough skill.


Her dad reminds me of Ki’s dad. (Has the Wanted Child’s name been confirmed yet? I can’t remember off hand if it was mentioned in Servant Lord)
He probably shouldn’t, but he does. And it makes me crave more. MOOOAR.

/rabid fan
*also adores the comic, as always*


I really hope they are nothing alike. I was under the impression that Ki’s dad was not evil, and it wouldn’t make sense for it to be true from what has been established about him in the book. And no, We know neither Ki’s nor Kleya’s real names. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we never learn them, actually, as both of their real identities are wanted dead.


I still don’t get how she figured it out. Afaik there were no clues about him so far. Was it the avatar he used? Or some special thing he said?

Stomme poes

Jake’s kid face is great!

Nowadays it looks like they’re looking dorky in their Oculus Rifts, lawlz 😛


Ok, there is a teeny, tiny little ad at the top ad bar. Looks like a vertical ad shrunk to fit, too small to see what it is.


It’s a rather strange moment to have an epiphany concerning’s Bandit’s identity.


I get the feeling from her expression that this isn’t really an epiphany, she looks more resigned. Like she’s picked up on clues through his mannerisms and personality (or more likely his playing and programming style) all along and she isn’t looking forward to whatever confrontation they are bound to have.