‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 372


Mina has basically sent a message every 5 minutes since she logged in. That also gives you an idea of how long it took before Danni was able to log in herself (and, of course, get logged out 10 minutes later).

For the names in panel 3, I literally used a name generator. I'd like to replace those 5 random names with my fans! If you're a part of the AneekaChannel or my Patreon, you can be entered into a drawing for those. See the corresponding posts for more details on how to enter the drawing. Thanks!

Input Needed:

As many of you know, I'm prepping for a Kickstarter in March to print Volume 3. Figuring out the rewards is the hardest part (for me), so I'd really like your input. Please fill out this new survey so I can know what to expect and what rewards I should consider. Thanks!

Also, last survey voted overwhelming for all 6 spots to be open. Thanks for everyone's input on that!
EDIT: Survey is closed. Thanks so much for participating!!