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Mina has basically sent a message every 5 minutes since she logged in. That also gives you an idea of how long it took before Danni was able to log in herself (and, of course, get logged out 10 minutes later).

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Bandit’s message: “Hey, Kleya, I noticed that you were kind of upset a little while ago, and I wanted to make sure you’re not going to end the world again over it or anything. Can you message me and let me know? Thanks.”



Hahahahaha! Oh man, I hope so. That would be awesome and totally in his character.


i I have a feeling its more confrontational than it I’d humorous considering that he’s been trying to blow her cover for a while now and hasn’t found a proper format to do so.


Actually, from what we saw of him after the duels for the 5 openings in the Game, he *doesn’t* want her captured…though he does want to know why she did it. (And we still don’t know the full extent of what “it” is…or why she’s so afraid of her father…)


Ok, so the stairs really were difficult after all? Or was it an ironic mouse-over text? To me they just look like a bunch of parallel lines. Shadows on stairs take some work, but everything else in LiFe looks harder to do (e.g. the library on page 2, your characters in general, even with the current background I’m not sure if it’s easier or harder).


Are you implying that Danni also sends emails every five minutes? Otherwise I can’t see how to calculate Danni’s initial login time compared to Mina’s.


Mina sent 55 messages one each 5 minutes so 275 minutes.

Danni has been logged 10 minutes (given for the grace of “they”), then Danni logged in 275 – 10 = 265 minutes (or 4 hs 25 min) after Mina started sending messages.

We also could add the one or two minutes before the grace was conceded (she talking with the fans and her mother).

Alexander The 1st

In her defense, “The Bandit” is not a name.

Regardless of whatever rules-laywering Jake is using to justify being called The Bandit in L.I.F.E.

Breep 1

hmmm well I suppose he could had entered the first name as “The” and the last name as “Bandit”

Just saying it would be fun to f*** with those kind of stuff oh what to put in for the name


Ben Dover
something that others might appreciate. hmmm but yeah you get the idea

Screwing around with ID tags seems in-character enough. Screwing with official IDs is always fun. Went on a Japanese light novel reading spree once and came across a scene of 4 schoolkids at the dining table exchanging their official government-issued IDs just to make sure they won’t stab each other in the back for what they’re about to do next in an online game. Plus they’re supposed to be unhackable. Last girl just throws her up and it reads her nickname instead. Priceless. Though to be fair there’s been a running gag going on of very few characters actually knowing… Read more »

It’s worth noting that the middle schooler in question might, in the worst case, end up dead if her real name were publicly known.

EVEil otaku

Plus there’s the fan theory that her parents own the company that makes the hardware, simply because SAO and Acccel World are set in the same universe a few years apart and haruyuki fought kirito.


Four and a half hours…

It will be VERY interesting to see what the message from Jake says.

Kessy Athena

Well, having nothing better to do with myself and being possessed of the freakish tendency to treat numbers as toys, I figure that implies Kleya got messaged by between 100 – 250 random people. Doesn’t D have a built in spam filter or something? 😉


It’s those top five stalker types who worry me most… But yeah, Kleya needs some better filter software. (”How am I to tell who is real or who’s from TENka?” Really, Kleya? You could just ask D… Or add a mod to your message interface to display that information automatically.)

That’s assuming everyone who reports to TENka has a TENka login identity and uses TENka software. In situations like this, there could be people planted in every city and surviving habitat who aren’t officially with TENka, but for reasons of whatever (loyalty, bribery, fear of being excluded, hatred of hackers) would report to TENka in a heartbeat. Kleya has to assume a DEFCON 1 level of paranoia because there are people who will kill her on sight, no pause, no hesitation, no question. Heck, the average population just went after programmers, on the fear that they *could* be hackers…and now… Read more »


Gamila WALRUS.

I laugh every time. You literally just made my day. 🙂


It is clearly a valentines message.

James Eck

Wow, in a system that moves people with more messages to the top, I’m surprised more of her fans haven’t sent a message a minute competing for the top spot. Mina was just doing what she had to to stay ahead.


Maybe it is just one way to look at the mails. It might be a custom change Kleya made for herself.

Tim C

I doubt Kleya would have put that much thought into the way she receives messages. Before today, she never really bothered to check her messages, let alone write a custom filter for what she sees when she does check them.


it’s not even that bad. it gives her a measure of how despereate who is to contact her.
the fact that the bandit only sent one message … already says a lot about him.


well if the messageing system is standard to being the most messages on top the only ways to stand out is to be number one or the last one sending onemessage is more likly to get noticed when everyone else send like 20 unless hhes feeling up to trying to compete to the top but he has wa job at TENKA he has things he must do so one is the quikest way to get the massage seen


Remember that he knows her – and I think she would not appreciate him being forward enough to send more than one message. Also, he probably has a good idea of what happened, and therefore isn’t very concerned about what happened to her. It’s just an excuse to start talking.


Wait, Aneeka says there are 5 random names to replace. I don’t recognize 6. Which of the top six past Mina do we already know?

James Eck

My best guess is that there are actually 6 that we don’t recognize, but maybe Aneeka has a purpose for the others. My second best theory is that “Ann” is in fact Annie, but she doesn’t seem like the stalker type.



(I want stuff to happen so much oh my gosh I have so much faith it will be good stuff)
(not in the sense of necessarily good for characters but om nom nom)


Hi, I’m a new reader. I found this comic a few hours ago and I love it.