And the next one is even sadder? Guh, thanks for the gut-jerker. Artwork is amazing, as usual.


Sad indeed.

Danni is not doing a better job than D so far, but who can blame her.

Poor beaten weary little girls.


When I visit this site,my Avast antivirus keeps saying they blocked an infection.Maybe someone hacked into it and planted one? Also,when I tried using the contact link at the top of the site,the verification has a problem.It tells me to verify I’m a human and ask what 16+1 is and I input 17.But it says it’s wrong.I already refreshed the page and it’s still the same.


I’ve been getting the same warning message from Avast. *Did* someone hack a web comic about a hacker?


I just read this whole thing in one sitting and I’m finally caught up! *stretches after some odd hours of laying in one position* This is such a compelling story… I love it! It’s going to be hard waiting for updates now, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to them! 🙂


Haha me too! XD The story is really compelling and addictive~ Eager to see how the characters build ^ ^


Did she break her leg (ankle)? I thought it was because of the ending that she could no longer dance. (though it probably happened during the ending…)


I could imagine it was more along the line of a spine injury leaving her paralyzed perhaps?


Seems like it, since when that fan asked what was up with her random retirement, it showed her lying down and a heart monitor behind her…


The reason I think it was her ankle is because… Well, just look at that top panel. It practically screems an ankle injury.


Could be something akin to a severe ankle injury, which may have required surgery. Athletes often have surgery to cut down on recovery time from an injury. Perhaps something in there got infected, which lead to even worse circumstances.


If you look through there’s red coming from her head going down to her legs. It’s not just around that ankle.

I still hold to the idea that either during a show or a rehearsal an accident happens that caused her to break her neck. That would both paralyze her, and require her to be on a ventilator to keep breathing to live. Thus the heart monitor and why she can’t move.


Kleya and Dahni are synching word-to-word here.

I want them to be best friends and stay together and support each other forever and bet the best team the Game is it too much to ask PLEASE


She lost it? As in she went insane (somehow) or she dondid it as the black swan?

Stomme poes

Hm, could be as minor as a break, but I suspect it was something more unrepairable.
Although since I assume the world pre-destruction was more medically advanced than where we are now…

I guess Kleya can only sympathise, as she does has a purpose right now, or at least a goal: become a hero.


Hmm. Did she lose her world because of what happened to the world, or because of an ankle injury? It’s just that the first image implies to me that she hurt her ankle, or that it symbolises her not being able to dance anymore.

Just noticed other comments asking about her ankle as well. Glad I’m not just crazy and looking too deeply into the image. (Although I probably am still crazy)

Superior ???

The first panel is just perfect, it’s just dark enough and the red vortex centered around Dani’s ankle conveys the mood of a crawling and all-encompassing despair just the right way.


I don’t think it was the ending that caused her retirement because in an earlier panel, they show what looks like her hospitalized and Aneeka mentioned that her manager cried when she retired so my guess is that all went down before the ending. It looks like she broke her ankle, but Danni always makes it seem like she has debilitating medical needs. Perhaps she lost her foot somehow or broke it and suffered damage to her internal organs or something.


Why does no one think of a degenerative disease? Or something similar? She may have indeed broken something, but the break may have only been the beginning.


…Why has no one (myself included, really) thought of this?! You, sir/madam, are a genius!


Think Kleya knows that, Danni. I think she knows.


No life has meaning to it.

Nothing has any meaning.


Or everything does. It can only be one or the other, you know.


I’m pretty sure (given the way her lower foot and calf are highlighted with running red streaks) that it’s not a bone fracture, but some kind of severe muscle/ligament damage.

That would explain why she had to retire, as tendon/ligament injuries are very, very hard to recover from and often leave heavy, long-lasting effects on the victim even after they’ve “healed.” Most bone fractures are, by comparison, easier to fix.

Or, you know, it could be none of the above. ^_^


Great page! Two persons with the same, sad problem…

Is Kleya floating in the air in the last panel?!

IIRC, Danni has previously indicated that she cannot perform any worthwhile work in the real world. Her only chance at earning her way is in the virtual world. So it seems that she is (at least currently) far more debilitated than just a broken leg. That said, the reason she had to stop dancing is not necessarily the full explanation of her current profound disability. They might be distinct impacts on her life. It is possible she might have lost her dancing for one reason and later became a complete invalid for another reason. However, my first guess would be… Read more »

A remote possibility is that it was not a life threatening injuring but that she was recovering in the hospital that Kleya destroyed (or at least Jake thinks that it was her that destroyed it). Another possibility is that her inability to walk made her more vulnerable during the ending.

Kessy Athena

You know, if Kleya were a flesh and blood person and not protected by protagonist plot armor, I’d be worried about her trying to harm herself. Especially during the reality section.


There’s a ligament in the front of the ankle/top of the foot (I forget its name at the moment) that never heals quite right after injury. If you’re a dancer, or any other kind of athlete for that matter, and you tear that ligament, your career is pretty much over forever (unrelated note, this exact injury happens in the beginning of the anime “Rideback”). Of course, that alone doesn’t explain the rest of Danni’s situation.


As someone who cut short a potential career path by tearing a tendon from the bone in my pitching arm, I can understand Danni’s pain all too well… Even after 8 years of rehabilitation, 2 surgeries, and constant physiotherapy, some sports injuries just never fully heal. Aneeka, your comic is giving me the feels again 🙁


Man…I really hope Danni isn’t to angry with Kleya about her involvement in the whole “hackers event”
These two could/should become really great friends. I think they REALLY need that

Hello-Yello Aneeka! I finally found this webcomic after years of searching for it. I was a avid reader of this comic till right about Kat upgrading her lopsided head. Then I lost the webpage cos the page I had used to get here went down (q..q) and I switched computers and I for got the URL to this page. Then the other day I was reading another webcomic I frequent (Exterminatus Now) there was a ad for this comic and I recognized Kat’s slightly less giant head x3 I’m glad this comic has come a long way since then and… Read more »